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  1. I gotta do it sometime. Put me down as a 'likely to attend'.
  2. Corned beef? With St. Paddy's Day tomorrow I've got corned beef in the crock pot right now, too.
  3. I had a great time, guys and gals. Thanks for letting me tag along. See ya next month!
  4. Some bugs' sole purpose is to be discovered and not picked up. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=64332
  5. Thanks for getting it back in circulation, Neo.
  6. My one TB took 40 days to get picked up. I wasn't worried. I knew it would move eventually.
  7. I'm game. Where at? Do you suppose Lake Serene/Bridal Falls is snow free yet?
  8. The owner of the bug I found hasn't responded yet. I hope they didn't quit in frustration.
  9. If they're not going to be able to log it for some time then another option is to just grab it, log it into the cache where you found it (to give it credit for its miles) and then electronically 'retrieve' it again.
  10. Burn schmurn. These roads get closed to keep kids form partying up there. As a former Wenatchee kid I'm familiar with how things go over there.
  11. Just what I was thinking.
  12. This morning I found a TB that hadn't been logged since April 2006 - almost 2 years missing in action. Wasn't even listed as being in the cache. I sent a note to the owner right away letting them know that it was back in action. I'll wait a day or 2 to log it in hopes that whomever placed it logs it and gives it its earned miles. It's a good feeling knowing that someone's long lost TB is found again.
  13. Beautiful!!!! My other hobby is amateur astronomy. I was watching. I'm not skilled with photography but here's a couple images with my point-and-shoot digital held up to the eyepiece of one of my scopes.
  14. Or a good filtration device. Small streams are plentiful at lower elevations. I've come across rattlers outside of the areas shown on the map, but as TotemLake pointed out, they're quick to retreat from humans just like black bear. Robinego, I grew up in Wenatchee and our cat used to catch rattlesnakes and bring them into the house to show them off like mice.....and this was right in town. Funny story if you've got a minute. One day (~circa 1972) my little brother and I were rummaging around in our enclosed back porch while my mom was out there doing laundry (the washer and dryer were out there). We got into some stored firewood and found a small rattler, probably dragged into the house by the cat again. Mom FREAKED!!!!! Not out of fear of the snake so much as for fear it would bite one of her kids. She promptly pulled off her pump, and while wildly shrieking, "HELP, HELP! A SNAKE! HELP, HELP! A SNAKE!!!!", she proceeded to beat the snake into 3 pieces with the heal of her pump. I always wondered what the snake would have been saying if it had a voice. Probably, "HELP, HELP! A MOM!!!!".
  15. Beautiful sunny day up there. I was a little surprised to be all alone on the mountain. A springlike day throughout Western Washington today. I hope we all got out in it for a while.
  16. Finally made it up to Sugarloaf today. Snagged all 10. I didn't even have coordinates for "Where's the Other Cul de Sac, Dang It!" but blind luck and a little geosense prevailed. Now I'm tired and hungry and just a little bit whiny.
  17. How many participants would you expect at this event?
  18. square_peg


    Except that it might unfairly stereotype Persians. But in general, marauder is a good description for the type of muggles we want to avoid.
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