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  1. In the woods, with tree cover, I'm having troubles with my Etrex Vista. I'm looking at the 60CS and the 76CS and my one decision point is sat reception. Is there a difference?
  2. With the assistance of a Dremel I just hollowed out enough of the inside structure to fit two decent size batteries, drilled out the headlights, soldered the LEDs to the battery with switch wires coming out of the back (you can see them in the photo). Ripped the old seats out and cannibalized a $6 toy car from Wal-Mart to get all the upgrades There's no sign of work on the underside of the jeep either so it looks pretty nice. I have to go get a life now, seeya
  3. Okay, I admit it. I have too much time on my hands. Here we have a White jeep, 20inch mag wheels, sport bucket seats, a thumping sound system and of course working headlights.
  4. They do if you do it right... same thing with the a's
  5. Funny, I just accidently solved Olive thinking it was another sort of puzzle Too bad I'm in Connecticut.
  6. How about finding this one? Here's the cache Veni, Inveni, Discessi Oh yes, it's another shamless plug
  7. This is a good idea. I have had to solve my puzzles a couple of times to get back the original co-ords! Same thing with final stages of multi's. I should probably keep better records at home but it's certainly easier to do it through the site.
  8. Cool latin motto, as a Brit (Londoner) transplanted to the United States I found it funny that I have a cache called Veni, Inveni, Discessi (I came, I found, I left). It must be an English thing or something Hey, at least our Latin matches up right!
  9. Here in Connecticut we generally have the highest priced gas compared to surrounding New England states. It hasn't stopped me Geocaching (and the Saab uses 93 octane!) I haven't noticed a slowdown in cache finds from others either, but I haven't really been looking.
  10. OK, so I should pretty much just keep doing what I'm doing. Try to get a day with good EPE and take a couple of readings and then manually average them. Sound fair enough.
  11. Hello, I have a Garmin Extrex Vista, I don't thin kit does waypoint averaging (at least in 2 years of using it I haven't found that option ). What unit do support waypoint averaging? Preferably Garmin units but I'm open to all options. Thanks in advance, Keith.
  12. It's a "feature" But on topic, I wonder if the slowdown has anything to do with the increased caching activity as the weather gets warmer, and new cachers register to play with their Christmaas presents. Does anyone know it the new site look and feel is more of a strain on the servers or less?
  13. To quote numerous people - "How many points do you need to win?" I think that this may have the effect of "quantity not quality" taking over when the placement of caches is concerned.
  14. I DNF 1 out of our 113 caches. There have been times that I was totaly ready to give up (usually about 30-45 minutes into a micro search). But whenever I try to quit I always have to take that one last look. That last look generally leads to another 30 minutes of searching. Two weekends ago, searching for a bison tube in a rock ledge that hadn't been found for 6 months! I gave up, saw some other geocachers come to try and decided to stay and search further. 30 mins later we were still searching to no avail. I gave up again, went to get my coat, but I felt I needed to check in one last place.. and found it. We end up finding things quite often after we've already quit I have walked away from 3 caches but have come back another day to find 2 of them. One still eludes us, but we were on a schedule and couldn't look further. Never leave a cache behind! (Except when you have a prior engagment )
  15. How about "Our god is less vengeful than your god" as a motto? The trick is not specifying which god you're actually refering to. Another motto, back on topic would be "Go outside, enjoy"
  16. Haven't seen that enough on our caches... hint, hint. Just placed a new one.. Hint.
  17. That was my intent with the thread. Who the heck really cares anyway?
  18. I don't know what other cachers are doing with ammo cans, but I'm just finding them and looking inside. And you never know what you're going to get. As to the Vendi, Inveni, Discessi, I'd rather see that in a log, (VID) instead of PDM. VID, I like that. I think I found a new TLA to use!
  19. Slogans can be in English, most of the suggestions have been slogans. Mottos are the creed that you, your family or your organization try to aspire to or live by. Mottos are always in latin.. at least all the good ones are
  20. I'm not sure what the latin is for I came, I smacked down, I left
  21. I just put up a cache GCMVPD - Veni, Inveni, Discessi - I Came, I Found, I Left. What do you think of that as a motto for Geocaching? It's obviously in the same format as Veni Vedi Vici (I came I saw I conquered). I can see that on a scroll underneath the geocaching coat of arms
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