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  1. Coins were shipped out to the people that ordered them yesterday, however there is a problem at Oakcoins with the activation process. I cannot activate a coin I have here so something is up. Once I know it's fixed I'll update you.




    Still have a few left BTW ;)

  2. That's pretty funny! Have you tried to fit that in a hide-a-key type container yet?


    Love your signature line, too. I'm forwarding this thread to a friend who feels exactly the same way. :(


    Yes, they fit inside a standard hide a key container :blink:

  3. It's funny to see so many UK buyers of this coin. I'm originally from England and never knew the inept creed had spread so far :D


    We're already at 100 pre-orders so we've only got another 150 left before they're all gone! (oh no!.. or yay! depending on your point of view :laughing: )

  4. Announcing the CTCachers.com Inept Geocoin




    Coin specs:

    • Width: 1.5"
    • Thickness: 3mm
    • Material: Black Nickel
    • Number Minted: 250
    • Inept Features: Reversed website URL, upside down and backwards "Track me at" text, for the first time ever see the back of an emoticon's head!
    • Coins are trackable and have their own custom icon
    • Custom Icon : icon_2_32x32.gif

    To purchase, visit our store at http://store.ctcachers.com/IneptGeocoin2008/



    What does it mean to be Inept?


    If you’ve searched for 60 minutes trying to find a trail head (that you already have co-ordinates for) if you’ve ever taken the log book from a cache thinking it was a travel bug, if you’ve searched for more than an hour for a cache that everyone else finds in 30 seconds… that muggles stumble upon and that can be seen from Google Earth, you need this coin! You'll be surprised at just how many of us "inepts" are out there and you'll have this great looking coin to prove it! We’re working on a secret handshake but can’t get anyone to make a firm decision about anything yet. If your biggest claim to fame is that you haven’t killed yourselves while caching (yet) join us! Use this coin to wear your ineptness on your sleeve, or in your cache.


    Want to learn more about the inept people over at www.CTCachers.com? Come on over and visit us!

  5. Hello,

    I'll be in England over the summer and I have a Garmin 60csx that I want to help me drive around. What map software should I be buying for my unit? Over here in the US, I use Garmin City Select, it shows me everything down to location of shops and so forth. Is there anything like that for the UK?


    Thanks in advance.

  6. I do detective stories where each puzzle gives you the username and password to open up another part of the story. They are very graphical... they have you finding real world clues too which is kind of neat.


    Smith's Chase is the first one in the series. it'll have you going to libraries, graveyards and cliff tops.


    Smith's Identity is the second in the series and see you team up with your partner "Brody" who leaves you voice mail messages along the way to aid in your puzzle solving. At one point you have to use a micro fische at a library in this one!

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