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  1. Well, we are almost sold out. We are down to 18 Inept Coins left!
  2. You're welcome, glad they made it across the border safely
  3. okay, now activation is up and running but the coin does not show up on Geocaching.com with a custom icon yet... anyone know if there is usually a lag with this sort of thing? Talk about inept
  4. Coins were shipped out to the people that ordered them yesterday, however there is a problem at Oakcoins with the activation process. I cannot activate a coin I have here so something is up. Once I know it's fixed I'll update you. Thanks! Still have a few left BTW
  5. Coins have arrived and... Start shipping Monday! There are still a few left too.
  6. The coins made it through customs (with a slight delay) and are now on their way to me, hopefully they'll arrive early next week and I'll mail them all out as soon as I receive them. We still have a few left for sale, but not many!
  7. Well, as soon as I posted that it looks as though the site is back up. Purchase away
  8. our purchase site is currently down, looks like demand overwhelmed it . If you have been trying to order please be patient, I will post back here when the site is back up. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  9. Yes, they fit inside a standard hide a key container
  10. Thanks Jim There are about 40 coins left.
  11. Well we only have 60 of these coins left for sale, we expect to ship them out in a little over two weeks time. I'm really surprised at how quickly they've been sold!
  12. It's funny to see so many UK buyers of this coin. I'm originally from England and never knew the inept creed had spread so far We're already at 100 pre-orders so we've only got another 150 left before they're all gone! (oh no!.. or yay! depending on your point of view )
  13. Excellent, I think that should almost be the inept motto "Why do I even Bother" in Latin of course
  14. Announcing the CTCachers.com Inept Geocoin Coin specs: Width: 1.5" Thickness: 3mm Material: Black Nickel Number Minted: 250 Inept Features: Reversed website URL, upside down and backwards "Track me at" text, for the first time ever see the back of an emoticon's head! Coins are trackable and have their own custom icon Custom Icon : To purchase, visit our store at http://store.ctcachers.com/IneptGeocoin2008/ What does it mean to be Inept? If you’ve searched for 60 minutes trying to find a trail head (that you already have co-ordinates for) if you’ve ever taken the log book from a cache thinking it was a travel bug, if you’ve searched for more than an hour for a cache that everyone else finds in 30 seconds… that muggles stumble upon and that can be seen from Google Earth, you need this coin! You'll be surprised at just how many of us "inepts" are out there and you'll have this great looking coin to prove it! We’re working on a secret handshake but can’t get anyone to make a firm decision about anything yet. If your biggest claim to fame is that you haven’t killed yourselves while caching (yet) join us! Use this coin to wear your ineptness on your sleeve, or in your cache. Want to learn more about the inept people over at www.CTCachers.com? Come on over and visit us!
  15. CTCachers.com is not an organization, rather it's a community of cachers in Connecticut 175 strong and growing. Lot's of information, lot's of fun and games and of course, lots of local Geocaching knowledge.
  16. Hello, I'll be in England over the summer and I have a Garmin 60csx that I want to help me drive around. What map software should I be buying for my unit? Over here in the US, I use Garmin City Select, it shows me everything down to location of shops and so forth. Is there anything like that for the UK? Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi, I have a 60csx and Metroguide 5. I can select maps to send to the garmin unit but the box that enables me to send down routing information with those maps is grayed out. Is this a limitation of the software or am I missing something somewhere? Thanks in advance, Keith.
  18. Do you have a web address for lake powell? Thanks
  19. Just seen this GPS, it takes SD cards, has 1000 waypoints, topo maps and so on. Does anyone here have any knowledge about this unit?? WWW.BRUNTON.COM
  20. Check this out.. We've been getting some great reviews.... You have to find the final co-ords by using the same method Indy did in the Map room at Tanis in the first Indiana Jones movie (imagine staffs and beams of light...) Key to the Well of Souls
  21. I've had good feedback with this item. We'll be making some more of them soon hopefully... strictly for cache items though. Well okay, maybe I'll trade for a moun10bike coin.. haha
  22. I do detective stories where each puzzle gives you the username and password to open up another part of the story. They are very graphical... they have you finding real world clues too which is kind of neat. Smith's Chase is the first one in the series. it'll have you going to libraries, graveyards and cliff tops. Smith's Identity is the second in the series and see you team up with your partner "Brody" who leaves you voice mail messages along the way to aid in your puzzle solving. At one point you have to use a micro fische at a library in this one!
  23. This is easy, B'n'B, give me the person's username and I'll tell them!!! I may have to threaten to "bring the boys over", but I'll only use that as a last resort. Keith.
  24. Thanks for all the replies. Looks like I'm going to go with the 76CS. Battery life, and buttons on the top sold me since the sat reception between the units is the same.
  25. 2_ years of using the Vista have taught us the hold flat trick. The antenna on the 60CS sticks out from the unit and the 76CS does not have this. Do they both use the same system? If they are different are you saying that there is no benefit either way?
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