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  1. Oh that drives me nuts when they don't run things like this past an editor who knows how to spell. I hate-watch our local news station because they are so bad at this type of thing. I'll give them a break for the occasional truly breaking news item, but when its the 10pm news on something that happened in the middle of the day (and then repeated on the next morning's 6am news!) I scream at the TV
  2. I think this is nice. 24 hours in, and I already know I'm not going to qualify for it, so I don't get that angsty/antsy feeling as time ticks down.
  3. I attended a breakfast event in the morning, then grabbed 5 newly published puzzle caches and one multi cache. Since I'd only had two caches in all of August before that, it was a nice break to a bit of a drought for me.
  4. If we are worried that Joe is the type of person who would host an event just to get another country's souvenir, why are we not worried that Joe is the type of person who would set up a sock puppet account in said country, have that account "hide" a cache in that country, and then Joe can "find" that cache? Personally, I'd rather have an event that no one else showed up to on the map than a completely bogus cache on the map. I'm only affected if I am also in that country on the same day as the event, vs winding up looking for a cache that never existed.
  5. I'd say you're jumping the gun a little bit if you're wondering about 2020 souvenirs, still more than 10 months away, but they actually have announced one, the Hello 2020 souvenir is earned by finding a cache or attending an event on January 1st, 2020. See the site Isonzo Karst linked to above.
  6. I think jennergruhle means something along the lines of "I have put out some cool, creative caches that have already earned lots of favorite points, so people will target them during this promotion. When they find my caches, they will also add favorite points since they deserve them. In this way, I'll earn 25 points from each of these cachers."
  7. Thanks. That's not the answer that I wanted to hear, but I guess it's the answer I get.
  8. There is a set of caches in South Dakota which has all 81 D/T combinations, but I've heard from some people that some of those ratings are not as "precise" as they should be. I haven't tried them out, so not speaking from personal experience.
  9. I have the Android App set up on my phone. When I open (or try to open) a cache on my phone, it defaults to using this app. That's all fine and good for when I'm out caching impromptu, but causes some issues when I'm trying to look at Archived caches. For example, if I look at the Geocaching Puzzle of the Day site, and I see a link to an interesting-sounding puzzle, and tap the link, the app tries to open it. However, if the cache has been archived, I get the GC# for the cache and the message "Invalid code. Please check the code and try again." I can check on my PC that it is the correct code, just an archived cache. Is there any way for me to change some settings so that the app will pull up these archived caches? (Example: 1/23/19--GCNB7Z- name that musical - archived 2/24/10) Thanks!
  10. Oh, I've seen them and they are definitely on my list of targets for next year. I just need some Saturday free enough to head down to that corner of the Cities. I'm definitely interested!
  11. 1. Continue working on getting my Non-Traditionals/Total caches ratio up to 50% 2. Add 3+ countries 3. Add 12+ counties 4. Break 300 multi-caches 5. Hide 6+ new puzzle caches
  12. And if it's a ten-year-old thread they're probably not expecting an update.
  13. You may also want to look at GC2AC9K- Liesegang Bands ~ Hard Rock or Golden Oldies?
  14. And then after you go out and find that cache, the smiley face will show up back at the original posted (not corrected) coordinates. This is good for solving geo-art that contains mysteries, but bad for using the map to brute force other mysteries
  15. I've had this problem too, at different zoom levels. Usually zooming in or out fixes it temporarily.
  16. I'm sorry on4bam. As I read my last response now, it seems rather snarky. It wasn't intended that way.
  17. I did mention that. Every sentence in my original post that has a question mark is about how/why the system works the way it does.
  18. Yes, I use GSAK and I know that I can do that. However, I was not at the computer where I have my GSAK data stored, so I went with the search function. My question isn't how do I answer my original question, but why does the Groundspeak search function sometimes return less results than it should, based on input.
  19. I was just curious about how many of the 50 US state names I have accounted for in my finds, so I was using the Play/Search/Filters search function on the site. Since that would be a lot of searching, I set up the filter to be "Caches I've Found", and Geocache Name Contains fields. Trying to save myself some time, instead of entering the entire state name into the GNC field, I would just put in the first three letters. Also saving some time, I thought I'd check for both ND and SD by setting GNC equal to "DAK". My results were two caches I have that each have the word "Dakota" in them, but neither was a "North Dakota" or South Dakota". Fair enough. Then I checked on both NC and SC by making GNC equal to "CAR". I got back five caches, each with the word "car" in them. OK, but then it struck me, that I was pretty sure I did have, in fact both a NC and SC cache. So I set GNC="CARO", and yep, three caches were returned, including a NC and a SC cache. That didn't make any sense to me, but I thought maybe it was due to "CAR" being a common English word so I tried setting GNC equal to "PEN". This search returned a single cache called "Penalty Shot". When I put GNC equal to "PENN", however, I get three cache finds all with the word "Pennsylvania" in them. So why does the three letter search not give all results? The system isn't just looking only for a three-letter word, since DAK brought back 'Dakota' and PEN brought back 'Penalty', but why didn't CAR bring back my 'Carolina's or PEN bring back my 'Pennsylvania's? I realize that the system is only looking at the start of words--no internal strings-- but why were the CAR and PEN searches incomplete?
  20. After I got to 100, it wasn't particularly fun anymore and then my daughter's wedding gave me a good reason to admit that there were other more important things to be doing.
  21. Of course, Mar 14, 2016 made about 12.6 times more sense to be the pi day with the souvenir than Mar 14, 2015 did. And in Europe, they only get to celebrate pi day in years when there are 31 days in April.
  22. I’ve got a couple of examples of Challenge caches that I discussed with my reviewers and had declined. Although I was a little upset at the times, I’m now thankful that the reviewers spared me from the record-keeping that would have been required on my part. The New Year’s Resolution Challenge-Find this cache and log it (make the resolution), then find and log a cache for each of the following 31 days (complete the resolution). My original idea required the finder to actually log finds on each of the following 31 days- and I thought I’d follow along and make sure that the actual posting dates matched the find dates and extended for the 31 consecutive days afterward. Now I look back and imagine what a nightmare that would be to have to follow up on that, and remove finds if someone missed a day. The Lottery Challenge- Find a cache with posted coordinates after the decimal point matched the daily Lottery numbers. Minnesota (and a lot of other states) had (has?) a daily lottery where three numbers, each in the range of 0-9, were picked. So if the 2/26/18 winning numbers were 4-5-4, then if you found a cache at N XX XX.XXX W XX XX.454 today, you would qualify. Another one that would be a pain for me to verify, as well as some logistics issues for cachers. Both of these were proposed many years ago, I think even before the changes that took place in early 2013. I’m very glad that my local reviewers convinced me I didn’t really want to do these.
  23. Not a DNF, but had we shown up a couple hours earlier it probably would have been. About a year ago, my son and I were visiting Salt Lake City for a competition he was in. After practice on Friday morning, we grabbed some lunch, and since we both like touring State Capitol buildings, we headed up to it. Found some nearby parking, and were walking up to the Virtual in front of it when he pointed out how unusual it was that there was nobody around. Usually, something is occurring at a capitol building—school field trips, protests, government workers on their way somewhere—but it was pretty quiet. We gathered our info/picture for the virtual, and went in the building. There was no one around telling us we couldn’t --it was practically deserted in there, too. We gave ourselves a self-guided tour of the building and then headed back to our car. That evening, we learned that there had been a bomb scare at the capitol building earlier in the day. By the time we got there, the State Police had determined that what was thought to be a bomb was not, in fact, a bomb, and they and all the media had left. Of course, most of the workers had been evacuated earlier, and, since it was such a beautiful Spring day, very few had come back.
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