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  1. This geocoin reminds me of the Totem Pole on the (1958?) Canadian Silver Dollar. Very evocative. Reminds me of the BC museum in Victoria I visited about 15 years ago.
  2. Gotta give a thumbs up to succotash for : "Cap and trade... can't we leave politics in the off-topic forum?"
  3. I think that gof1 was pointing out that this info shows that serial killers are usually men, not that menare usually serial killers...
  4. I like my eggs shirred. Thanks for the cointest!
  5. I just picked up my May09 copy of GAMES Magazine (big cube on the cover). One of the ongoing series they have in there is about creating various types of puzzles. In this issue, they cover geocaches, with a little example of a sudoku puzzle being used to get coordinates for a cache the authors placed. Just a little media coverage that doesn't involve bomb squads (although they are mentioned.....)
  6. Don't place caches in a location which will flood out during a nice January thaw, then refreeze into a solid block of ice until the true March meltoff.
  7. I have a personal geocoin I log into and out of each cache I find, so I can track my mileage. When I do this, I get two emails sent to my email account--one for the drop, one for the pickup. Since I'm the only one with access to this coin, I already know all the activity it has, and so I'd like to not receive the emails that are cluttering up my mailbox. Is there a way to turn off the notification on a geocoin? I'd rather not use an email filter, since I have other coins out "in the wild" that I want notifications about.
  8. All right. Misery loves company, so I'm glad to see I'm not the only one this is happening to.
  9. Moving away from the soap opera, and back toward the original question, I’d add one reason why I would not want TB drop notes deleted: We have a challenge cache posted nearby. In April there will be a major geocaching event in the Twin Cities, and in preparation for that, the challenge cache asks people to find caches within 50 miles which have not had a visit in the past 3 months. The cacher should confirm that the cache still is where is belongs, and that the log book is dry and has plenty of room for future finders to sign. Doing that for ten caches allows you to hunt the challenge cache. The challenge cache specifically says that the caches you find must have had no visits in the past three months, and states that TB pickup/drops do count as a visit (presumably, the cache is still there, even if the status of the logbook is unknown). So, when I look at the logs of a cache I think may be eligible, I want any logs from the past three months… Admittedly, if someone has posted a FOUNDIT after the bug pickup/drop, my objection becomes moot. I’d never thought about deleting my drop/swap notes before, but I may go back and do so now—as long as I don’t interfere with the past three months of history.
  10. There are lots of great caches here in the Twin Cities area--lots by KB, but plenty of great caches by others as well. I'm pleased to be able to cache here where there are always good caches to go after.
  11. My scariest geocaching moment took place yesterday, when I learned that the ice on the drainage ditch wasn't as strong as I had thought it would be. Temps had been in the +10 to -10 range for quite a while, so I thought I was good. I went through to my waist, then again when I tried getting out. I eventually pulled myself out of the water and up the hill. My car was parked nearby, so I hopped in and turned the heater up high. Drove home, stripped and threw everything in the washer as I went to take a shower to clean up/heat up. My wife had no idea where I was, and nobody was around, so I was on my own. Dumb idea. The scariest part was when I learned I had entered the wrong coordinates in my GPS, so I wasn't even in the right area!
  12. I hope that by bike you mean motorcycle and not bicycle. 540 miles in one day!
  13. I've been geocaching since April, and hit my 300th find this last weekend. I want to give back to the community, so I've put together my first hide. It's a puzzle cache, and I've made sure that there are no other caches within .1 miles of my final location (unless there happens to be a mystery/multicache I haven't solved). I've placed the cache, and am ready to send it to my reviewer. My question resolves around entering the coordinates. I see only one place to do that. Do I put in the coordinates of where I want the ? icon to appear, or do I put in the coordinates of where the cache is actually hidden?
  14. Reggie is my new dog, but I haven't taken him geocaching yet. He is a 2yo Black Lab/Springer mix we got on Sunday. As of Saturday, neither my wife nor I knew we were looking for a dog. Then, my wife was at a friend's house and met him and fell in love. The friend was dogsitting him for her sister-in-law, a veterinary surgeon. When Reggie was a year old, he was involved in a car accident, and his right front leg was broken so badly it could not be reset. The vet had a choice--put him down, or remove the leg and scapula. His owners couldn't afford the surgery, so they were going to have to put him down--but the surgeon said that she would take him and find him a new home if need be. So, Reggie had the surgery, then went to live with the surgeon's S-I-L (my wife's friend, who already had a Lab/Springer mix dog), and now he has joined our family. My wife and four kids (and me!) all love him, and he is a sweetheart. But, before I take him out on any hikes, I want to talk with our vet about his special needs--harness, foot care, terrain difficulties, length of hikes, etc. I'll post a picture when I can.
  15. Are you sure you're entering the correct numbers? It's pretty easy to slip with the joystick. The GPSr shouldn't care how the data got in, and it should read it the same way either way.
  16. Found a dildo today. See cache GC1B59 for my writeup.
  17. There is a challenge cache near me, for which I am a long way from fulfilling the challenge and logging the find. The cache is located at the given coordinates. This cache contain a geocoin which I would like to add to my trackables list. I know that I cannot just go to the cache and grab the coin, since I don't have the requirements for finding the cache yet. My question is: Would it be considered rude to go to the cache to "discover" the coin, leaving it there for the next legitimate finder? I realize that I'd be doing it for the petty reason of collecting a cool icon, but.....
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