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  1. We found a couple of caches that desperately needed some maintenance - we did what we could in the field but they needed more than just field maintenance. I contacted the cache owner to offer an adoption as according to his profile he longer lived near enough to readily maintain them... I am still waiting for him to reply to me, despite my sending a second mail - it's a shame really as the locations are worthy IMO. Also ppl who pick up trackables, don't place them and refuse to reply to emails to discuss why they have not yet placed them (one of my trackables has been in someone's paw since the end of March and no response has been forthcoming).
  2. If the log is large enough and I trade something I will record in the log and if I remember to make a note of it whilst out online too. I always record if I drop or pick up a trackable although not always the name of the trackable in the logbook - many don't have name tags/notes with them so I don't know what they're called until I'm home and logging online. I always make a note online re any trackables I've dropped/moved on in my logging of the cache. I don't think its too important to log trade items but do think it is imperative to log trackables to keep track of them (and notify if they're missing). Just my thoughts on this point...
  3. Just to add my thoughts - since I started caching in Jan this year, I have introduced my cousin and her family to caching too. I love micros and nanos are a particular favourite because they can be such cunning and sneaky hides! All my hides are currently micro or nano (I do have some small and regulars that I've not yet placed). The challenge of finding them is often much harder and I personally, am more excited about finding a cleverly hidden micro/nano than a larger tupperware filled with "junk". My cousin on the other hand loves a small or regular as she loves the trades; she's actively avoiding micros because there are no trades in them. Even when I do larger caches I seldom trade but will always swap TBs and coins. I do take the point about pointless micros - but the same can be said for pointless regulars! We found a regular at the back of a tip!!! (We were on holiday and didn't know any better until we neared the cache location). I do have a question tho about placing regular caches at home - is there a high rate of muggling? I've not been able to come home since I began caching but can't wait to get home to SA and do some, especially those in places I've walked past 100's 0f times!
  4. Hi, I'm a South African living and working in the UK at the moment and have recently been bitten by the geocaching bug and more recently have been bitten by the geocoin bug! I wish I'd found geocaching earlier but will be keeping an eye on this thread as that new coin coming out with Pilgrim's Rest looks great - I was lucky enough to come across one of the eragonSaphira & GRC Mint geocoins which travels with me to each and every cache I visit. I can't wait for my next trip home to explore a different side of SA.
  5. I'm South African and we have lots of nasty snakes, scorpions and bugs and much larger dangerous creatures back home so we learn to be aware of nature and snakes in particular from a young age. My partner, who's British, has never seen a snake here in the UK but I've had the privilege of meeting an adder whilst doing a CITO event at Seven Sisters... Poky stick for feeling in holes and the like, a good torch to light dark spots and proper boots if you're out walking.
  6. My partner disagrees with my level of addiction - he says I should really aim to get down to 9/10 and he is a limiting factor on my addiction! As a female, growing up where I did, I am hesitant to walk alone in rural areas/countryside... so I guess he is correct as he is seldom free to cache with me in the week. D11
  7. 9/10 - My partner describes me as Obsessed. My boss (who also caches) describes me as keen and enthusiastic. I go caching every weekend and sometimes during the week if I can fit it in with my work hours. I experience genuine panic if something comes up on the weekend that will prevent or limit my caching time. My work colleagues warn me on Fridays to take care not to sustain any injuries whilst caching in the woods/country etc and ask about the most exciting cache of the weekend on Mondays... I look at how many caches are in an area when planning a holiday and spend at least an hour a day looking up caches to do/reading the forums. Friends and family are prepared for walking and caching when they come to visit/we go to visit and I can't wait to go home to South Africa again and do some of the caches there! The only cure for my addiction that I can think of is to continue caching! But I love it and this addiction is good for my health (apart from the bruises, scratches, nettle stings, and mozzie bites)! D11
  8. I like geocaching - my partner (who got me started and does it with me) thinks I have an obsession... I like the terms keen and enthusiastic! In the 6 months that we've been caching we're both fitter, have visited some fantastic places - some almost on our doorstep, and we've had an entirely new experience in an annual holiday spot. I've also got my cousin's family and a relative of theirs hooked on caching - and discovered a common ground that I share with my boss (to the amusement of her admin staff when we start going off about caching). I will openly admit I have an addiction to geocaching. I believe the appropriate treatment for this addiction is to continue caching! Thanks for the positive note
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