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  1. We'd definitely be up for a trip to Ireland!
  2. "Cannot download/access new PQ's from download page. They disappeared when I clicked them to download, I got a message that the file was not available for download and it disappeared from my list." Same thing happened to me? Rather irritating as I am now without my PQs and cache data for the weekend's caching?
  3. Hmm just ran three PQ's prepping for tomorrow; all had to be downloaded off the site as had more than 500 cache details. The first two downloaded without an issue... the third disappeared when I clicked it (exactly the same procedure as the first two) with a message appearing: "that PQ is no longer available"??? WHAT?? any suggestions? Re-ran the PQ and the same thing happened again!
  4. Thank you everyone for your replies. I have replied individually. We're in PMB for 7 nights, travelling across the country for just over a week and in Cape Town for 4 days. I am counting down the days!
  5. Thank you cincol - I do have a number of yours on the list and the one at Oribi earmarked to do with my mum when I collect a hire car for travelling cross country. As I grew up very near Roy Hesketh circuit I am interested to see the developments that have gone on in the area since I was last home.
  6. Hi I'm South African but have been living in the UK for the few years, having met an Englishman here... I was introduced to the world of geocaching at the beginning of 2008 and am now well and truly hooked. I'm coming home for a holiday and to share some of the beauty of our country with my partner. As such we will be staying in PMB (with my family) before heading down to Cape Town via Golden Gate, Bloem, Kimberley, Beaufort Wes, Matjiesfontein, Montagu and Cape Aghulas. My questions: are there any "must do" caches that you would recommend? Secondly, I am concerned about the safety of going out and finding caches in possibly isolated places particularly during the time we're driving across the country. Any tips or thoughts on this? (I am not only talking about the risks that people can be but also wildlife - something which is rather a lot tamer in the UK). Thirdly, how aware are the police in SA of geocaching? Thank you - we fly out in 11 days - I cannot wait to be home again! Di of DDR1711
  7. we'd love to be there and help out but will be out the country on that day making the most of our annual leave by taking it around the bank holiday.
  8. Not working for me either... last run on Aug 17th...
  9. Hmmm Bats - this is ridiculous! Having met both you and Sam at the recent uk mega I would be glad of both your company at any event that I arranged. Also had a read through of all the logs from his last event... no clues there as to his current attitude. If you need some local SA support let me know, I'd be happy to offer support. Di of ddr1711
  10. I use a MIO P550 (boutght 2 or 3 years ago for £250) with Tomtom loaded as well as cachemate. Having loaded cache locations/parking co-ords for caches into Tomtom as POI's means that when driving it alerts me to a cache even if I hadn't planned to do one per se. I've never had any problems with Tomtom apart from on really new sections of road when the maps haven't been updated yet. When using any navigational device such as Tomtom a degree of common sense is required! You can also set bicycle or even walking routes on Tomtom but they do stick to roads. I have set up mulitple databases in cachemate according to type of cache and area and have over 6000 caches loaded into the Cachemate at the moment (in different categories)... I am not technical! The one off $8 for cachemate is worth it! If you are a premium member ($30 for a year) you can create pocket queries and download entire cache page including logs and hints. But with playing around with the tools available have found this to work really well! Really reading through the forums and trying different things out is how I got to this manner of caching (and it beats hundreds of pages around!). Recently I've also started using GSAk and have to admit that it makes managing the databases I hold on Cachemate much easier to update and maintain as upto date. Prior to discovering GSAK I used a programme called POI edit to create a database of caches as POIs for tomtom.
  11. Picked one up from Blacks in Bluewater today and passed some information about the promotion onto the staff there - they were not well informed! As others have said, they were stored below the checkout desk with no promo info visible in store. Blacks in TW didn't know what I was talking about when I rang them yesterday although I wasn't there first caller asking about it! Similarly Millets in Tonbridge didn't know what I was talking about when I rang them yesterday and they informed me that they only sell one Garmin product.... Will have to see how they get rolled out over the next few weeks.
  12. Thank you Perhaps we could meet when next I get home and swap some coins (sometime next year once the home office decides to return my new passport!). Take care and happy caching.
  13. I'm not a big fan of change for the sake of change - if it works why fix it? I feel that comment is extremely pertinent here as it worked and now doesn't: As the screen shot above I am no longer able to search for a cache using any of the search options - all report that a location for "x" could not be determined! Also to add my two cents about some of the other issues people have commented on: without the counts for Friends that is a useless feature as I know how to contact my friends off gc.com and use it to see if they've been active. The change in colours makes it much more difficult for someone with a visual impairment to navigate the site. Having moved the inventory to the bottom of the page is rubbish! And the space where it used to be is now blank - what is the point of that?!
  14. Hmmm C&C, I'm a young South African living in the UK (not in London tho as I really don't like London) and my parents have had to postpone a trip to visit me for another year because of the exchange rate so I do get it about the exchange rate! Sadly I cannot come home this year because my passport is with the home office being renewed [] Personally I've never cached in London so couldn't comment but do have to say that caching in the English countryside is good! What was caching on the IOM like? It's on my to do list to visit at some point in the distant future (distant as I'd rather come home for a holiday!). If you do visit again in the future and would like to, mail me through my profile and I could try to meet up with you to exchange bugs if you have difficulty finding a suitable cache.
  15. I'm 27 and my partner is also in his twenties - we only learnt about caching at the beginning of this year and do it ust about every weekend and I do it on my odd days off work as I struggle to last a working week without a cache. Had we known about it sooner we'd definitely have gone for it! It's a fantastic hobby - tho I admit that I do envy the retired/semi-retired all those caching hours that they have whilst I am stuck in work!
  16. I always received an email about my bugs/coins being moved and have a personal coin that I log into/out of every cache that I visit. Since the 14th I've not received any emails about trackables movements but all other emails as usual. I agree that it's most frustrating! Hope that they fix it soon!
  17. Another successful week getting a mention on the drive time show - well done Geo.kitten!! Also a great advert for the mega event
  18. That sounds great Dave (re BBC Wales programme) Look forward to hearing that!
  19. He does probably get LOADS of msgs/emails but we've successfully had a mention last week and a mention this week if we persist and try again next week he may be interested/intrigued enough to find out what caching is and host geocaching as a topic on the show? (sent a follow up msg with a pronunciation guide for him! he must have missed that one! )
  20. Chris just read out my text - but couldn't pronounce geocaching!!!! :/ Delilah'd round my living room whilst planning my weekend's geocaching trip. Hi to my fellow geocachers who're listening
  21. Thanks Wazat - I did think of that and waited a couple months before I emailed. It might be worth seeing if nearby cachers may know him, I didn't try that. I am still hopeful that it may resurface and have logged as such on the trackables page. A different topic but I do only release the coins I wouldn't be too upset about losing permanently out in the wild! The rest of my collection is available for discovery.
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