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  1. New email answered, Invoice sent , Invoice paid
  2. New email answered, Invoice sent , Invoice paid
  3. Adoption papers sent, accepted, virtually moved to it's new home, eagerly awaiting arrival
  4. I used the coordinates of the nearest existing cache to my house for my coin bank, it's about .2 miles away. Haven't heard yet anything about it from my reviewer. What if the closest cache to you belonged to you? Could you put the coins there?
  5. email sent, reply instantly recieved, coin ordered and paid for!...........Smooth!
  6. I got my first two nudibranches open them up took them out ripped the package open to get me hands on them ..........and WOW these are even better than pictured!! SOOOO glad I went ahead and ordered the rest of these critters already. The ONLY problem I had with these cool little guys was my old eyes had fun with those micro numbers ..............."Baby, where my magnifying glasses" Thanks for such a cool coin!!
  7. I'm glad I'll have "all" of the when the new ones get there...........Just LOVE the glittery saddle white one
  8. I was the same way. At first I ordered just two. having not even getting the first two I had to order the other three. (and one of the cool glow in the dark seahorse patches too they were just too cool!!)
  9. Actually you have two from me
  10. I'd be happy to get one in any finish these are sweet
  11. I'll be looking for them for sure Nice!
  12. Indeed I must say I paid then walked upstairs and to the mailbox "very" speedy delivery. TY
  13. Ordered me a few of these. Can't wait to get them either they look really cool!
  14. I got my "shipped" email too and in the The comments for your order are: says Thanks for the purchase!
  15. I got all four and I can't wait to see them up close
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