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  1. 3 hours ago, grateful_tomato said:

    What is the record for the number of finds per day for one person? I just saw one account, finderfamily5, who logged 173 caches on one day. Might be more than one person, but still looks a lot. I'm new to geocaching and need about half an hour per cache on average. So even with a car to move between the caches, I think a realistic value might be something like 10 caches per day.


  2. 19 hours ago, Mister Doctor said:

    I want to make a case for obtaining 20 favorite points I believe I’m entitled to. Had anyone else been in a similar position?


    About a year ago, with around 300 finds, I trialled Premium membership for a month. At the time I received the 30 prorated favorite points that were due to those finds.


    I wasn’t in a position then to purchase Premium membership, but a year later I was gifted Premium for my birthday. By that time I had made a 500 finds, however I did not receive the additional 20 favorite points I had earned.


    I am aware of the condition that states that if your paid membership lapses you do not earn FP in the interim. However, I had not ever been paying member. I was exploring a free trial, and a trial by definition leads either to taking up an offer or not. At that time I didn’t take up the offer and so a paid membership never lapsed.


    It’s disappointing that the moment when I was able to be a paying member was also when my benefits were reduced.


    I am a strong advocate for cache quality and am keen to recognise quality caches I had found. I have 53 hides myself which have earned 728 FP and 3 Victorian Cache of the Year Awards over the past 2.5 years.


    Hoping to find a way to claim back these points


    Any thoughts greatly appreciated.


    Mister Doctor 




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  3. 21 hours ago, KayakGZ said:

    This morning, for new caches were published by NawthnRevuah in my area. I went for one this morning, and found problems. I sent the following letter to the reviewer:

    Hello, this is KayakGZ. Today, several new caches were published under the name "thefabledhami". I went for "Ocean Overlook" this morning, and found several problems with it. In fact, all four of his new caches seem to have issues, which I'll get into.
    First, "Ocean Overlook". It is located on Enders Island, which is a religious retreat open to visitors.  To get to GZ, the cacher must climb over rocks on which "stay off rocks" is clearly marked. No other way to GZ. He also suggests picking an apple off a tree. Enders Island is a nice place, and the presence of a geocache that encourages trespassing and theft is not a welcome addition. I strongly doubt that permission was granted.
    Nearby, "Rocky Undertaking" is located under a narrow, causeway-like bridge, wide enough for one car. I was under the impression that caches could not be placed under bridges.
    "Searching For Treasure" is located on Ram Island, which I believe in on private property. A few years ago, I paddled my kayak NEAR the private island, and was greeted by two unfriendly (guard?) loose dogs.  He either got very lucky in hiding this, or the dogs don't live there anymore. Again, I doubt permission.
    "Bookworm" is located in the stacks of a public library. Once again, I doubt that the library gave permission.
    Have the rules changed? Thanks for your attention.

    "thefabledhami" is a new cacher, with 16 finds and these four hides. I don't know why these slipped under the radar. 

    The problem is when a reviewer looks at the map unless it’s marked she does not see it’s a private island. Do cars use the bridge? If it’s a walking bridge it’s fine.

  4. On 5/10/2019 at 4:02 PM, The A-Team said:


    I expect that your local reviewer has been duly notified of this post and you may receive increased scrutiny for future hides.


    All of us should be providing all of the information necessary for the reviewer to make an informed decision regarding a cache. Lying to your reviewer (including lies-by-omission) can lead to a cache being published that shouldn't have been and cause issues with land managers or other entities, which can affect all of us. Give your reviewer more information, not less.


  5. Very simple let’s say my daughter goes caching with me we log the cache found with the gps. After I log my geocache visits I sign into her non premium account and load the same geocache visits file. She can’t view the premium cache but she can log it that way.

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  6. 9 hours ago, learn2mine said:

    What would be wrong with a Did not sign  log option! For the people who found the cache but didnt sign or couldn't sign it would not count as an actuall find and that way the reviewers could revoke Finds do DNS if the CO checked and it wasn't signed! I seen to see a lot of posted about people who log a fine but don't sign the log!

    If I don’t have a pen I take a picture of log book this is excepted by almost all cache owners. It’s up to the cache owner to accept it or not.

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  7. 5 hours ago, SP&S Fan said:

    A small child was nearly bitten by a rattlesnake while finding one of my caches.  Had she been bitten, am I prsonally liable?  Cache is located next to a public road.


    SPS Fan

    Absolutely not. It’s your cache not your pet snake. She could have fallen off a cliff it’s the finders responsiblity to be safe.

  8. We completed the Colorado State Star today and ended up on private land for #23-31. All of the northern point is on private property and the riders on horses were not happy to see us today. Does anyone know if permission was given?


    Do you care?


    You got your smilies, whether you signed the logs or not.


    One would think that someone with over 20,000 "finds" and 80 hides that you would be experienced enough to know to contact the cache owner. How the heck are forum pundits supposed to know what's going on between the cache owner, the land owner(s) and Groundspeak?


    Bringing this to the forum seems more like pot-stirring.



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