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  1. Usually the Nuvi won't hold more than 500 caches which is also the max size of a pocket query.
  2. I would vote against having the coordinates in the notification emails. A new cache such as most of Vinnie and Sue Teams PUC caches for example require some reading before actually hitting the coordinates. IF coordinates were to be listed a terrain/difficulty indication needs to be included as well, to prevent a cacher going directly to a location without reading the cache page, just to find that the cache is on top of a 200 foot tall pylon out in the middle of a river…
  3. If you are talking about a cache listing there's a filed for that in the Edit Listing form. Put the URL to the picture you want in there and you're done. You will have to have the picture on a website somewhere, it can even be uploaded to the cache listing under 'upload images'. Once you have done that you can see a link to your picture on the cache listing page. Click this link and then right-click the picture. Copy the picture link and paste it into the field mentioned above.
  4. Not that I know. I however use Outlook to pull Groundspeak emails out of that account and forward it to other accounts.
  5. lrosell

    Site slownes?

    Around here it only takes an hour or two at the most to get a Cache approved. I've had some that have been approved in 5 mins from submission. so why wait , people want to go Caching today not tomorrow. 5 minutes??? Don't your reviewers have a life out there?
  6. I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself... I suspect that its the devil in you that makes you do these things! Or maybe the residual effects of your radiation exposure at Psycho Urban Cache #9 a couple of weeks ago! Oh now you tell me... I examined the radiation suit you let me borrow and never did see rips in it. No, I suspect your assessment and analysis must be correct…
  7. lrosell

    Site slownes?

    On the contrary, the ICMP echo times of the severs are astonishingly short! This is true, but HTTP request is not. Finding the site seems not to be the problem, getting something back in return does.
  8. Check out this thread... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=198654
  9. lrosell

    Site slownes?

    I feel so much better... Wonder if they are working on Sundays? I queried the GC server and its response time is very slow, something is going on with it for sure. Maybe Microsoft-Tuesday hit it late…
  10. I use a TomTom HP iPaq in my car and I love it. I used it for the first few caches we found, nowadays solely for roadside navigation. Car GPS, such as the TomTom and Nuvi CAN be used for caching but they are not very effective. You would be way better of with a handheld GPS and let the TomTom do what it does best; road navigation.
  11. *SOCK!, THUD!, THUMP!, BIFF!* I guess I deserved that! I know, I know. And we all know, that there are no bad cache types, just quite a few badly placed containers here and there. But that is the box of chocolate of the game; you never really know what you're gonna get! As we are getting ready to go out today I scrooled through the GPX files Mrs. R prepared and it seems to be a fairly nice mix of cache types. Including a downtown not-micro cache by our dear reviewer no less (this bugger has bugged me a while since I filed a DNF on it some months ago...) I'm can't wait to see what the tide brings in; I love them all, nanos, micros, small, regular or shipping containers. We just love Geocaching! Gone Caching!
  12. In response to http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=198484 It is sad to read so much hate targeted against micros when a true geocacher know that it is micros and nanos that are the real geocaches. I mean really. ANYONE can find a stupid ammo box in the woods, especially since 98.42% of them are usually hidden under a very unnatural stack of wood. Unless they are hidden under an even more unnatural pile of rocks. Even my half blind 81 year old mother can find these silly things. The real challenge is to with stealth, planning and courage retrieve a nano hidden in a fire hydrant outside any give Starbucks without the present muggles even realizing what just happened. Or even better, to retrieve a cache located under the armpit of a fishing muggle, without him ever realizing what what took place. That my friends, is a real cache. And of course, a Real Cacher! Ammo boxes, Tupperware and pretzel jars in the woods – Bah humbug, I scoff in your general direction!
  13. lrosell


    What more specifically do you have problems with? Is this your first GPS?
  14. www.geocaching.com works. Or you can buy the green 'official' labels from Groundspeak.
  15. Also check out Amazon.com, they usually have very good prices on the 60Csx.
  16. lrosell


    give him a break. Difficulty/Terrain. Duh..... Didn't try to give anyone a hard time; I honestly couldn't think of what it stood for.
  17. lrosell


    The Free Dictionary suggest the following for D/T; Acronym Definition D/T Date and Time D/T Deed of Trust D/T Design and Technology D/T Detector/Tracker D/T Distance divided by Time D/T Downtime D/T Downtown D/T Due To
  18. I don't see a picture. Just text. Hey! That was MY joke!!!
  19. There is no fee charged for finding or placing caches. People can if they choose to, pay a very small fee to get access to some bells & whistles that are in the "nice to have" category, but not necessary to geocaching. Get your facts straight. Millions in revenue? You would know the books of a private company... how? Besides, revenue is irrelevant. Now, if they were making millions in profit... I'd say, good for them! You're certainly free to comment on how you think gc.com should be run. There are even forums for that. But you don't get to dictate it, any more than you get to dictate how Target runs its stores. As for services that were once free now costing money - name one, please. All member-only services have always been add-ons to the basic service. Nothing's ever been taken away and made MO. Get your facts straight. I feel that Primr Suspect made all of the major points that I was about to, but got there first and said even better than I could have! Thanks! Well said! I would also add the following: From the moment that I first read the OP's post, red flags appeared on my inner radar screen, because there were -- whether they were intentional or not -- in his/her post, a number of distortions and misstatements of fact and instances of pure hyperbole. Prime Suspect has already addressed a number of them, but let's skip the content of the issues/points themselves and, just for a moment, back out the the meta-level and take a look at the OPs post and the sum of her/his distortions, misstatements, hype and mis-assumptions. It is primarily here, in doing so (that is, in stepping back and taking a look at the whole post at the meta-level) that most of the red flags appear on my radar screen, and the biggest sense that I get when re-reading his/her post is that he/she seems to have a major sense of entitlement, and that further, this sense of entitlement seems to have affected the writing style and behavior of the OP to the extent that she/he gave in to the urge to engage in distortions, misstatements of fact, broadcasting of mis-assumptions, and hyperbole, all in the name of service to his/her cause. As a result of this... I am rather disgusted and disappointed, so much so that I must forthwith go downstairs to my Revigator radium water dispenser and dispense about a pint of cold refreshing radioactive water (footnote 1) in my large ceramic mug, to better wash the bitter taste of disgust from my mouth. Footnote 1: This particular batch is quite refreshing, invigorating and revigorating, for it exhibits about 235,000 pCi/L (picoCuries per liter) of radioactivity, and, due to a particular modification which I made to my radium water dispenser, is quite high in the extremely rare and short-lived radioactive trace element astatine. Vinnie, that makes my brain hurt... Just like your caches do!
  20. That's another problem. There seems to be something going on on the website at the moment, only affecting certain browsers and / or OS. My Vista IE7 is messed up but a XP IE7 works fine. They usually fix it in a day or so and then it messes up again after a week or so. Can't wait for next version of geocaching.com.....
  21. What type of GPSr do you have? Many of these can project a waypoint based on the bearing and distance. That's no fun....
  22. A flash light is handy too. And one of those little retractable dentist mirrors. I got mine a Dollar General along with swag for about 19 caches. Put us out about $22...
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