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  1. Even more: Every cache occupies a circle with the radius of 0.05 miles. If you look at it that way you've one layer of a hexagonal close packed molecule:
  2. In which federal state is the first German geocache located? Which was the first night-time only cache? ... mail me for the answers
  3. I made myself an individual page >> there's everything I need: http://www.guzbach.de/geocaching/gadgets.htm ... and you'll find a link "My TBs" there as well
  4. It's not a single reasen for this: In France there's another type of treasure hunt very popular. It's compareable to letterboxing: Cistes There're less people in France who speak English than in Germany (There are not even very many caches in eastern Germany) The French culture never adopts Anglo-Saxon hobbies/trends/behaviours/... as fast as the German does. There might be more reasons ...
  5. Looks like a brand new idea SCNR
  6. Yes, e.g. if you use the etrex yellow without a pc you have to mark a new waypoint. The etrex will use the coords and elevation of the point where you are or of the last know position. If you have a etrex yellow you can not enter a brand new Waypoint from scratch without a pc.
  7. I've to reset my odometer of my etrex yellow every 10.000 km which is ... often. The odometer of my car shows 360.000 km
  8. Now I agree with it should be approved: - 3 miles isn't really close and definitely not "there" - Like HoPri says. It has a wow-facor. Maybe the lighthouse itself isn't the wow-factor but the whole area together with the lighthouse and the monument is obviously worth visiting. If this cache doesn't get approved as a virtual I'd like to know why the following sentence isn't part of the guideline "There is currently a moratorium on virtual caches." To put it in other words: If there's still the option to submit a virtual then which one would be aprroved if not this one?
  9. Because the answer to this question would be "I dunno - there could be placed a micro at the place or near to it."
  10. That's still no reason why this one has to be a virtual. btw. of all the 35 virtuals I've found only one would be approved today: Top of Jakarta - There's no way at all to place a secure cache within 2 km in such an overcrowded city.
  11. This is how I use multi/mystery: multi: take the description of the cache and your GPSr and you'll find the cache mystery: have a look at the description before you leave home otherwise you won't find anything. There might be some exceptions but most of the times it works. Btw. have a look at this thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=91095
  12. º

    Rating For Caches

    taken from this thread
  13. I just tried it - nothing happened. Looks like the option is only available for your own bugs - maybe in order to transfer it to the right cache if someone messed it up.
  14. copy that anyone wants to help me evolving this site from German only to an international version: http://nightcaching.org
  15. The discussion in the German forum is always about the question where's the difference. What Do you think? btw. I'd say a letterbox-hybrid is somehow a cache which is designed to be found without a GPSr and has a stamp in it. The stamp seems to be essential for letterboxes. @cezanne: What about just letting our fellow geocachers from countries outside continental Europe post their oppinion? I don't think it's the best idea to post links to long descriptions which barely anybody reads.
  16. That's what I want to hear from the US-cachers ... if they think so but Markwells shorthand tells me something different than you're. So I guess you can't speak for all the cachers in the States. @Markwell: Wenn Deine Schuhe nass sind, dann musst Du zerknülltes Zeitungspapier reinstopfen
  17. In the German forum the always reappearing discussion about the cache-types came up once again. But this time Schnüffelstück made an suggestion about how to choose between the three mainly used types and this suggestion is really easy to use: means: Traditional => punch the coords into the GPSr and off you go Multi => Take the descrption and off you go Mystery => puzzle over it at home, solve a task before, first find another cache, etc. Some German cachers agreed with it but what do you think? Good suggestion or not? I think it's good
  18. Last weekend we had an BBQ Event Cache in Munich (Münchner Wintergrillen 2005) which only 4 geocacher attended - not very strange if you keep in mind that it was as cold as -13°C (about 8.6°F). Anyway - I was just wondering if there were any Event Caches with less attendees.
  19. Is a good multi the one where you get the most credits or is it the one where have fun in searching, solving riddles and enjoying a beautiful landscape ... Sorry - I forgot: It's all about the numbers
  20. I think there aren't so many geocaches in France since there's something very similar: http://www.cistes.net/ Anyway I'm also wondering why there isn't a French Forum ...
  21. º

    Atributes Question

    If the handicapped cacher can find the cache on his own I'd set the icon - otherwise I'd mention that assistance might be needed in the description and won't set the icon
  22. º

    User Name

    My Girlfriend wanted her name - Karin - as her username but it was already taken. However a email to Groundspeak did the job since the former account had no history at all, it was renamed. Anyway I read several times that an account with a history - that means at least one found or hide - wont be changed
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