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  1. What steps can Geocaching HQ take to improve geocache quality?


    · Remove the number of finds from every page. A high number doesn't equal geocaching greatness but that's the implication.  


    · Display the number of hides on more places. 


    · Display the favourite point ratio and not the total number. A cache with 100% favourite points is better than one with 100 points but only 20%.


    · Stop discouraging caching purely for the numbers. The current promotion (hidden creatures) is a prime negative example.


    · Rotate reviewers and have community involvement for appointing them. Reviewer bias discourages some great hiders


    · Have reviewers for different type of caches (puzzles, power-trails, T5s, ...) who actually understands this category and give useful advice to the less experienced hiders. 

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  2. On 07/10/2017 at 2:10 AM, pastacache said:

    Some words from Germany:

    Geocaching isn't dead yet, but I believe, our hobby is really in danger.

    I think geocaching is neither dead nor in danger: 
    "Does this have an impact on me? To make it short: No, it won't. You're still going out caching, there'll be plenty of stuff to do and in your daily play-time you probably won't notice a difference."

    On 07/10/2017 at 2:10 AM, pastacache said:

    2.) nearly all geocachers I see are >30 years old or really young kids going caching with their families -> no youth = no future;

    if there are young geocachers, they are giving up quite fast and stay below 100 finds

    I started 2003 in Germany and people have always taken up caching later in their lifes. Let's face it: When you're young, things like climbing, rafting, mountaineering, kayaking, MTBing and adventuring in general are far more tempting than a low-impact hobby like geocaching

    Yes, yes, I know there are adventurous caches but just go to the usual geocaching event and then compare the audience to the average climbing gym audience. If that doesn't convince you

    • let me know when you found the GC equivalent of Matilda Söderlund, Hazel Findlay, Danny MacAskill, Leighan Falley or Sasha DiGiulian.
    • GIFF vs. Radical Reels



  3. 3 hours ago, noncentric said:

    Nope.  Of the 50,000+ accounts, more than 2700 of them record more than 100 finds per year. I'd wager that a large portion of the 50,000+ find more than 1 in the year, not just stop at 1. I'm not sure where that data came from, but it's pretty clear what the graph represents if the blog post is read.

    That's correct, the 50,000+ accounts had 1 or more logs in the calendar year (Remember: It's only Australia). It's also true that a large portion have found two or more caches however if you reverse above data 95.3% of the Australian cachers have found 100 or less caches in a year. That alone doesn't mean much in terms of growth/decline  of the game since we all know there are a very few, very crazy cachers and then it tapers off (it's an exponential function - see Top 10k Finders).

    The question is how many of the low-find geocachers leave or stick to the game?

    If you're interested in the low-find population, have a look at the blog-post about Geocaching Stickiness. It is a bit older and focuses on Australia however it gives you an idea what is happening

    The data is sourced from project-gc.com



    7 hours ago, cerberus1 said:

    Your profile doesn't come close to matching up with what's here, with no finds, no hides ...  not even a validated member.

    Curious why I should take you seriously.  :) 

    Although my credentials have been verified (Thanks Jon :)) you shouldn't take me serious until you fact-checked what I'm suggesting. My old reviewer account on the other hand would look a bit dodgy.


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  4. Quote

    P.S. Maybe the original post could be added to the Is Geocaching Dead thread. I have a feeling this thread will be closed soon.

    Upon request by L0ne.R here are the blogposts:

    ... and some charts from the linked posts:

    Players in Australia 2015 vs. 2016:


    Loss of cachers year to date 2017:


    Google Trends Chart - Outdoor activities in comparison:


  5. Hi there :)

    Yes I know - there's already a thread (Is Geocaching Dead?) however I only quickly scooped over it and didn't read the 404 posts. A year ago I wrote two blog posts about 

    There's also a follow up post to revisit the numbers if you're really keen on stats - http://www.hiking.melbourne/2017/10/the-nosedive.html - but I'm interested what everyone else is thinking:

    Do you agree with this assessment and if yes what's your theory why this is happening?


  6. ...so why don't we call them Mundanes?


    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    I..., lacking imagination, ...


    Based on this you would have to call a lot of geocachers Mundanes ... just have a look at all the uninspired caches around you

  7. Here's the easy takeaway:

    1. Something hidden in the ground using an existing hole and not requiring digging to find does not violate the guideline.
    2. Something by being pushed into the ground and not requiring digging to find does not violate the guideline.
    3. Something that requires digging to hide or find does violate the guideline.
    4. Any cache in violation of the guidelines can still be listed on GC.com with prior permission from TPTB.

    For no. 2: If that would be the case you could ram anything into the ground >> pushing something into the ground isn't allowed as well since whatever you push is a pointy object (although it's kind of accepted by many cachers)

  8. I just rechecked the shipping: $20 is the cheapest rate for registered post. If somebody want's to dare unregistered post for $4,30 I am happy to mail it. I don't want to make money out of shipping - if somebody shows me a cheaper way I'll use it.

  9. I think the biggest problem may be that Groundspeak didn't invent it and hasn't figured out how to make money off it yet. Or else they are just waiting to pleasently surprise us all on Monday - like they often do.
    I heard there is something in the pipeline which should replace Wherigo ... just a rumor.
  10. Dear Reviewers: This is crazy.
    It's not. The huge difference to a Wherigo, boat, T5, whatever cache is that you have to buy a product of a certain brand to find a Chirp-cache. It's basically the same thing as placing a cache in an amusement park where you have to pay to get to GZ.


    As soon as someone provides a solution for the iPhone or any other non-garmin device, it would be a just another special equipment cache.

  11. no cellphone supports ANT wireless, so you will not see an iphone or android app that will use chirp

    The iPhone 3GS and 4G actually uses ANT to communicate with Nike+. In theory the hardware is there to talk to either a Oregon or a Chirp. So far nobody made it work.

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