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  1. An update to my own comments from 7 August 2021: The updates on my iPhone do not apply to my wife's iPhone or iPad. Her 2 devices would still need to be manually updated or have the app deleted and re-added to sync the lists. Seems the issue may be with the refresh function on the handheld devices?!? kribnkrew
  2. I've had the same issue, old iPhones (6+) and new (12 Pro Max). The only way to correct this other than individually re-deleting each cache from a list on the iPhone app is to delete and re-install the iPhone app, then list contents are in sync on iPhone app and web based host application. If I delete from the iPhone app to begin with the web side is updated, no problem. Ideally, should work the same in either direction.
  3. Same issue here on both of our iPhone 12 Pros, premium
  4. Same result trying to scroll in Trackable Inventory, stuck on page 1. Using Win 10.
  5. Same here. Picked up 65 caches over the weekend, need to edit a few but edit function not working...… Same results as others are reporting.
  6. As a TB owner, I prefer to have the visits logged, better all than none. I have several TBs sitting in someone's backpack or sock drawer and despite the cachers' vow to take the TBs on cache travels, no visits have been logged. Sometimes a friendly reminder gets the TB moving again, sometimes not. I'm due to send out some secondary reminders, wish me luck. If they are getting visit logs, at least I have some assurance it has not gone missing. So - in answer to the original question - No traveler logs occur automatically, if you decide to pick up a traveler visit to your heart's content and drop somewhere appropriate (CAVinoGal has a good method), or just leave in place and discover.
  7. I only solved my first Geoart puzzles this past year (2018). When completed these displayed at the posted coordinates as was intended to display the art work. Now, with the new map, the completed Geoart is displaying at the corrected coordinates - on Windows with IE and Chrome and Fire Kindle with Silk. Our IOS devices continue to display at the posted coordinates. The toggle option sounds good to me as well, then cache hiders and finders could display according to their own preferences. If someone has already uncovered a solution that achieves this outcome and does not include using additional 3rd party products - please share. thanks kribnkrew / Bob
  8. Similar hopefully related problem? On my iPhone 6+ the compass function in the geocaching app, the GPS and distance displays lock when the compass function is activated. The directional arrow points in the right direction and rotates fine. If I switch back to map and then back to compass, the GPS and distance are updated but again locked. I have turned location services on/off/on, compass calibration on,off,on, rebooted the iPhone several times and uninstalled/re-installed the app. My wife's iPhone 6+ behaves in the same manner. iPhone 6+, IOS 10.2.1, Groundspeak app 5.0 The compass function was working fine in Roatan Honduras last week and fine here in Ohio in January
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