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  1. Also check out Sissy-N-CR's Store for magnets (and other accessories). Rhode Island Geocaching
  2. There are a lot of geocaching t-shirts and other geo-gear offered through the Stores at the Cafe Shop. And for your underwear needs, you can even get geocaching.com box shorts. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  3. Doc, the Hash House Harriers is sometimes called a beer drinking club with a running problem. These are the award patches that I was looking for yesterday. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  4. Speaking of milestone awards, RangerRick has been providing Connecticut Centennial Awards to the 1st ten geocachers to log 100 finds in CT. They look very nice. Those crazy Highpointers have milestone pins and patches, and those even weirder Hash House Harriers have their own milestone patches. It would be nice to have something like that for geocachers. Maybe some enterprising geocacher could make that a reality. I'm not really concerned about the stats issue or the cheater issue in regard to such awards. It's just for fun. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  5. In Rhode Island: The Witch Hunt. Rhode Island Geocaching
  6. quote:Originally posted by Bobthearch:Just a note. Archaeological sites, Historic or Prehistoric, on public lands are generally protected and removing artifacts from public lands is illegal. Private property is a different matter; you only need permission from the land owner. Just a heads-up Bob-the-arch Good point Bob. I should have mentioned that the bottle collector I know seeks permission before going onto property to collect the bottles. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  7. A friend of mine is an antique bottle collector who finds many of the bottles near old foundations in the woods and forests. Since I occasionally come across such areas while geocaching and hiking, I've started marking waypoints for these locations so that I can pass the coordinates on to him. Any geocaching-bottle collectors out there? (The only bottle collecting I do is the CITO type.) FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  8. Check out Suunto's Intermediate Compass Series. I personally prefer their M-3DL Leader Compass ($31.95) with the rounded baseplate. It's a good orienteering compass that fits comfortably in the hand. I also have their M-2D Locator Compass ($19.95). FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  9. FISUR

    Geo coin

    quote:Originally posted by krazykatzen:. . . It seems I have an "unofficial" geocoin. It is 4cm in diameter and made from bronze. The "head" side of the coin has a howling coyote with the text "WAYPOINT 15 . . . . krazykatzen, take a look at the logs of the cache you found, and you'll see that waypoint15 was the first to find it. That's a beautiful geocoin, and I know that there are more than a few geocachers out there who would love to add that signature item to their collection. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  10. In New England, there are miles and miles of old stone walls in the middle of the woods and forests. It is my understanding that the walls were made by farmers from the 1700's and 1800's. It is common for geocachers in the area to hide the caches in the walls between the stones. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  11. quote:Originally posted by suemac:. . . I like the idea of a general sig item page where everyone can put a picture of their item - kindof a sig library - like the browse the TB page. . . . Suemac, this might not be exactly what you're looking for, but check out the signature item pages by: (1) Team Huckleberry, (2) Aardvark-mi (hosted by MiGO), (3) PuzzleBug, (4) Moun10Bike, (5) The previously mentioned brdad, and (6) Team FISUR. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  12. Check out Prime Suspect's Mini Pens Tutorial. It might give you some ideas on how to down-size those homemade pens. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  13. quote:Originally posted by Planet:. . . I do have signature items, but they keep changing. There are a lot of threads about signature items and since I am not at home, I can't send you a pic, . . . . Planet is very creative in the world of signature items. Check out her Geo-Eggs, her beads, necklace and bracelet , and some of her other creations. Good job Planet! FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  14. Learned: 1. HTML. 2. How to create a home page. 3. Orienteering skills (map with compass). 4. How to use mapping software. 5. A lot about local history. 6. Where the great hiking trails are in the area. 7. How to use a pace counter. 8. Search & Rescue (SAR) techniques (still studying). 9. About nature (learning all the time). FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  15. Fun is good. Ranking stats are fun. Therefore, ranking stats are good. If there are any questions about this, I might be able to compose some type of colored diagram. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  16. I like DapperDanMan's suggested logo with the colored background. But do the colored squares, in the order and context presented, fall within the Groundspeak trademark? I think it might. I would recommend either staying away from the geocaching.com logo completely (like Cool & the Gang did), or getting permission to use the logo in its unaltered form (like GeoNap did). Either way, you can end up with a nice signature item. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  17. Both the USA and Canadian Geocoins can be tracked. However, of the two, only the USA Geocoin is tracked on geocaching.com. That's why you see the icons and stats right on that site. If you want to track the Canadian ones, you need to go to geocoins.ca. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  18. Behold the majesty of the Luna Moth which we recently came across while caching in southern RI. We were able to identify it with the help of other geocachers through posts the New England Forum. Team FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  19. quote:Originally posted by SUNHOUSE:Hey, what is a Geocoin ... Sunhouse: Geocoins are basically any geocaching related coins or tokens. Some geocoins can be purchased, some are homemade, some are trackable (on geocaching.com or other internet sites), and some are just meant to be collected. For some examples, see the section of our home page entitled Geocoin Designs. Team FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  20. quote:Originally posted by blazerfan:Thanks! This will come in handy. All that sweat, research, and hard work, just to be ''handy'' for an Underpants Gnome. Oh, the ignominy! Our team is now devoid of purpose. Submitted with great sadness, Team FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  21. For some reason, I find this thread to be extremely humorous. You have your allegations of corporate corruption and conspiracy, the lessons in low-tech hacking, run-ins with the law, and improvised geo-alliances. I hope that in a few months some of the participants in this snafu can laugh too. It reminds me of It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (but those guys had the right coordinates.) FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  22. One of my favorites is Little Boy Geo by Ruprex. That kid cracks me up. I would also love to find a Moun10Bike Geocoin. And some day I might hunt for one of brdad's Maine Sights CDs. Outside the United States, I like the signature bookmarks by SimonG. These are just a few of my favorite geo-things. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  23. But some are still out there. Rhode Island Geocaching
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