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  1. We're about out of team geocoins, and we're looking for new signature item ideas. We've been toying with (1) bandana maps (with a topo map), (2) geo-bandanas (with a guide to geocaching in the area), and (3) sundial geocoins. We would appreciate any other ideas. (Well almost any.) Thanks in Advance, and Happy Holidays. Team FISUR
  2. There are a number of caches on or near the East Bay Bicycle Path in Rhode Island. This rail-to-trail intersects with a number of parks, and as a result, makes for a great biking-caching combo. FISUR
  3. The USA, Oregon, and California geocoins are produced by Pressed Metal Products (www.pressedmetal.net). There are other companies out there as well that have done an excellent job with geocoins.
  4. An email has been sent with a list of the usual suspects to contact. FISUR
  5. The official California Geocoin Site does not appear to be completely up yet. However, you can find information about ordering the California geocoins in this thread. The deadline for placing your order is December 15. For more information concerning geocoins, geotokens, geochips, etc., check out the Geocoin Designs section of our home page. Hope this helps. FISUR
  6. The Cache in - Trash Out (CITO) bags were available for sale though geocaching.com in connection with the first CITO Day on April 26, 2003. I don't think that they are selling the bags any more. Maybe they'll sell the bags again in the Spring. There are some CITO bags in this photo: FISUR
  7. And what happened to my ''Charter Member'' title? Now I'm just a lowly ''Geocacher''.
  8. For stencils, check out CR's Store.
  9. In case my wife is reading this: 1. Western Mountaineering Megalite sleeping bag (6'6"). 2. Insul Mat Air Mattress. 3. Black Diamond headlamp. 4. Camelbak Transformer backpack. 5. geocaching.com Tech & Nature t-shirt. 6. Nissan Xterra (fully loaded). 7. World Peace. Any one will do. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  10. I don't believe that the geocoins offered by geocachetreasure.com are trackable on any site. My guess is if even if these geocoins were trackable, they often wouldn't get that far before ending up in someone's private collection. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  11. Check out brdad's Public Domain Geocaching Logos Page. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  12. Well said ScottJ. I was going to make a couple of points, but now all I have to say is ''ditto''. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  13. quote:Originally posted by scoobie10: I would have thought the same thing....if we didn't have a bunch of whiny a$$ crybabies in the forums who post just for the sake of picking a fight so they can puff up like a blowfish......behind their computer. In case you're categorizing me as a ''blowfish'', check out my posts over the last two years. I try to be helpful, upbeat, and to the point. And I believe that geocaching.com is the best site out there, in regard to geocaching or otherwise. I just don't like to be insulted. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  14. I really don't care one way or other about the IMG issue or the moderating issue. However, I did find CO Admin's first post on the other thread to be insulting and demeaning. Kind of like a sadistic grade school teacher talking to a slowwitted child. It probably wasn't meant to be taken that way, but that's the feeling I got after reading it. And that's all I have to say about that. FISUR Gump Rhode Island Geocaching
  15. webscouter, the GX is a public domain logo for geocaching which developed during this thread about a year ago. It can be used freely in the geocaching community without any concerns about trademark violations. For more information, check out brdad's Public Domain Geocaching Logo Page. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  16. btouch, in the Geo-Creations Section of our home page, we have a section called Geo-Creations for Sale. Although it is not a complete list, it will give you some places to look. Hope this helps. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  17. See rdill's list of wheelchair accessible caches. Rhode Island Geocaching
  18. quote:Originally posted by Rubeeslpr:I am interested in having some coins minted with our sig info on them. Please Please someone tell me how to go about it. Do a google/yahoo search for challenge coins. You should find some companies that can do the job. We used militarychallengecoins.com (aka: wemakecoins.com) for the Team FISUR Geocoins. The 1st 100 cost a little over $4.00 per coin which included payment for the die. Once you have the die, the next set will cost less. If you get the coins individually numbered or want special edging, that'll cost you more. Wanderingdragon had her coins made through D & R Military Specialties (militaryspecialties.com). They are very nice. About a year ago, Groundspeak indicated that it would make a die available for one side of the coin with a geocaching.com logo. This makes the initial expense much less if you want the logo. It appears that the USA Geocoin and Oregon Geocoin have these sides, but I don't recall which company mints them. (Nurse Dave, one of the creators of the Oregon geocoin, might be a point of contact in this regard.) Don't forget the plastic, wooden, and homemade geocoins that also impressive. Good luck with your geocoin, FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  19. quote:Originally posted by umc:. . . what about yours Fisur? Our geocoins are for keeping, not for tracking. We had 100, and we're almost out. (Time to start thinking of a new signature item.) FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  20. On our home page, Rhode Island Geocaching, we have a Bonus Geocache which is listed no where else. It's a great hike to the cache and an Oregon Geocoin is among the items awaiting. The cache hasn't been found in some time, but it's still fun having the cache available. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  21. Jeremy's right, I was referring to geocoins. But if you take a look at the Geocoin Designs section of our home page, you'll see that there are a number items designated by its creators as GeoTokens, including those by Team Huckleberry, SpiderTracks, Geogeek, Myarch, Cool_and_the_Gang, and P2 (Squared). Such signature items are very geocoin-like. I've also noted that on occasion a geocoin is referred to as a token. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  22. Some geo-tokens/geocoins are meant to be tracked liked travel bugs (on geocaching.com or other sites), while other geo-tokens are signature items. Some are both. It might be helpful if you described the geo-tokens you are coming across. Rhode Island Geocaching
  23. ''I always like going south. Somehow, it feels like going downhill.'' Treebeard (LOTR: The Two Towers) Rhode Island Geocaching
  24. In addition to the stickers at the Groundspeak/geocaching.com store, cache stickers are also available from Skydiver. Rhode Island Geocaching
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