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  1. Can someone please explain in plain english what the difference is between grabbing a TB and Retrieving a TB? It seems someone has retrieved one of my TBs without loging the cache it was in as found! Is my TB pysicaly in the cache but moved virtually? If so what's the purpose?java script:emoticon(':blink:', 'smid_24')


  2. Your first problem is GPX Sonar is for Pocket PCs, you have a Palm Pilot.

    There are two main methods used to get cache information.

    One is the use of CacheMate. CacheMate is known for being the quicker method to get the information onto your Palm.

    The Other is the use of GPX Spinner and Plucker.


    The two most helpful guides I have found to date are:

    CacheMate: http://www.mdgps.org/modules.php?name=cachemate

    Spinner/Plucker: http://www.geocacher-u.com/resources/paperless.html


    What GPS do you have? Do you have a cable that hooks your GPSr to your computer? If so Easy GPS will help you get coordinate information onto your GPS.


    If you need any more help feel free to PM me or drop me an email!


    Welcome to the Forums!


    Ok, I have an e-Trex Vista Hcx that has a geo-cach mode. I can download co-ords, cache name, etc; from my computer to my GPS. If I have Cachemate for my Palm Z22; what do I need GSAK for?

  3. I live in Maine and have just started Caching. In the snow! I have no idea how much easier it is in the two months of summer we have. I can't wait! I have found as well as hid caches in the snow. I think from now on I will enter winter difficulty ratings in my Cache log. IE (Summer: 1.5/2.5) If on ground hide but can get there without snow shoes (2.5/2.5) If cache is up above ground but need snow shoes (1.5/3.5) This is just an example but maybe Groundspeak can address this.

  4. What are your favorite premium membership features?


    My favorite feature is the pocket queries and the ability to incorporate them into "paperless caching".


    It saves an incredible amount of time versus manually loading coordinates and printing or noting cache descriptions and hints.


    Aside from that, the free pass to the local Groundspeak gym and indoor pool is definitely a bonus.

    And the best free advice money can buy!

  5. I think I heard I could go paperless with a PSP (Pocket Play Station). Is this true? This would be great. My wife (Shotgun) hates handling all the paperwork while we are caching. I would love a PSP to play video games on, but she would think that would be a waste of money. Not if I could use it for geo-caching! (My wife is hooked BIGTIME). If I'm not mistaken, isn't a PSP less money than a PDA.

    Also, would I load the cache info to my pute first, then to my PSP; or could I load the info directly to the PSP? I'm no tecno geek by any means, I'm 59 years old and I can't even text-msg. OMG LOL!


    Yea yea I know. 59, PSP? (Peter Pan Complex) We all have our crosses to bear, my wife has me!


    2 Mainiac Neo-Geo Cachers

    Mapachi and Shotgun

  6. I got a Vista HCX for the holidays and it's really a step up from my PDA Catchnav. My wife bought it from REI in early Dec 07 and it had software version 2.3 and GPS SW version 2.3. I sucessfully updated to software version 2.5. The Garmin explanation on the 2.4 to 2.5 software version fix was "Removed the turn backlight on action when unit is initially powered on". I'm not sure what that means because I still have to turn on and adjust the backlight everytime I power it up. Maybe you don't need the backlight on a sunlit day but it hasn't been sunny here since I got it. I was wondering if that was the intent of the fix but it isn't working on mine. I'm still learning how to use it and I'm impressed with its accuracy and utility. Sli23sli

    If you are hooked to a external power source (ie: USB or automobile 12V DC converter) The back light will stay on. You can also adjust the time it stays on in the system menu.

  7. I loaded CN 2008 maps for the western US, on the Garmin, then topo for Arizona and Virginia and then world maps. It's obvious I screwed this all up because all I see are World Maps, no topo or CN maps. What do I need to do to fix this so I can see CN and topo as well as the rest of the world maps.

    I may be wrong, but I beleave when you download a map to your memory card it automaticaly erases the prior maps.

  8. I am trying to upload my waypoints from my Vista HCx to MapSource and I get the following error:

    The GPS is not responding. Please ensure the following and try again:

    1. The GPS is turned on.

    2. The cable is connected to your computer.


    The unit is on, and connected. When I go to the "Interface Setup" page the GPS says it is connected, and MapSource can "see" it because in the "Save to USB GPS" and "Open to USB GPS" window it shows the unit listed under "USB GPS".


    To downlaod the maps I had to select "USB Mass Storage" on the GPS and select "Storage Card Reader" in MapSource - if I tried to download to "USB GPS" I got the same error as above. I was able to update the firmware to 2.50 already, and I have the Garmin USB drivers installed.


    So... what am I doing wrong? I had no problems with the Legend, but it wasn't USB.



    I too just got a Vista HCx. Did you get a "Trip And Waypoint Manager" CD? I think you have to load this into your' pute, and use that. I haven't figured out how to load waypoints to my "Mapsource" Maps though. I can load way points to the manager on my pute and then transfer all the data onto my e-Trex. This is all I can offer. I too am a newbei. Never fear, there are alot of helpful fellow "Cachers out there. We'll both get the answers we need.

  9. Anyone,


    I have pushed something somewhere....and i have hidden my waypoint and geocaching icons on the main menu! Any ideas on how to get those back??? I have searched until I am ready to run over it!


    Please help....


    Feeling like an idiot!


    T :rolleyes:

    I hope you didn't have too many waypoints! I got my e-Trex Vista HCx for Christmas and had about 10 or 15 GC icons and other waypoints loaded on it, when I did the same thing. I had to re-enter them all! I have no clue what button I pushed!......Then again I don't know how to text message. Welcome to the idiot's club. B) java script:emoticon('B)', 'smid_10')


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