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  1. Well, on my laptop it does. Why should I look at a fuzzy screen? I want software that is well designed and well written and works as expected with any DPI setting. Programs that fail to do this go to the trash can. Most professionally written programs are DPI-aware and work fine. It's usually the poorly written freeware and shareware that doesn't display correctly. My solution is to get rid of those programs. I know the problem very well. I myself developed a program for Windows to save geocache data (loaded from a GPX file) in a specific mapping software's file format. I developed the program on a desktop having a 1024x768 screen and 96 dpi fonts, and it looked absolutely great. Then when I tested it on my laptop with different settings, nothing looked right. So I included a part that read the user's DPI setting from the registry and rescaled all graphical elements using that number. It was not such a big deal to fix it. Now my program displays correctly under all resolutions and DPI settings. And that's how all programs should work, it is a basic design principle. The better GUI toolkits actually do all this scaling automatically and always produce a good-looking layout. It's only when you use some poorer development solution when you have to enter explicit pixel sizes and then take care of the rescaling yourself. Anyway, it is a moot point because Clyde apparently doesn't want to fix his program. I can still use GSAK even though it doesn't appear quite correctly, but I will check out other solutions (Spinner, Watcher), too. Actually I don't need most of the functionality of GSAK, so a simpler program will do.
  2. G7toCE can upload waypoints from PDA to GPS through a serial connection.
  3. Like I said, it's a laptop and it's got an LCD screen. Anything but the native resolution looks like carp. Programs should be intelligent enough to recognize the user's dpi setting and make sure that they appear correctly under any setting.
  4. as77

    New Google Maps

    I've been playing with this: http://boulter.com/gps/maps/ Wow! That is extremely cool!!! And very useful! Can you use different icons for multi-caches, etc? It's fantastic!
  5. I'm using 120 dpi fonts on my laptop (the screen is 1600x1200 pixels, so I have to use large fonts otherwise everything is microscopic). However, GSAK doesn't look right with those fonts The About box looks like this: and the program's toolbar isn't very clean either: I guess the reason is that GSAK assumes that everybody uses the default 96 dpi fonts and it specifies explicit pixel sizes. Just something to fix in a later version.
  6. So you think people hunting for archived caches is a minor issue and you are OK with that? If so, why are you always worrying about them using stale data? So basically you are saying that the problem raised in this thread is a minor issue, therefore you are not interested in finding a solution. Is that right?
  7. The practicality of which, however, turned out to be limited in the case of the OP according to his answer.
  8. Yes, but you cannot expect "paper-based cachers" to print out a new folder of cache pages every day before they go caching just because the folder they printed out the previous day may contain two caches (out of a hundred) that have been archived in the meantime.
  9. as77

    New Google Maps

    I just found two new bookmarklets that let you display the location of a cache in Google Maps. See at: http://www.avantbard.com/blog/archives/200...g-bookmarklets/
  10. When people ask for information or notification on archived caches, they do not do so because they want to go hunt for those caches. On the contrary, they want to avoid them. Therefore the entire "we do not provide information on archived caches because you shouldn't use stale data" argument is bogus.
  11. Internet Explorer offers at least two ways to make web pages viewable offline. See http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/m...ineviewing.mspx
  12. 60.6 is invalid for the seconds part. It cannot be greater than 60. Make sure you entered the correct coordinates.
  13. The old case can be used but doesn't fit very well. You are better off buying a case specifically made for the C models. There is only one I know of, the Gilsson case, see at http://www.gilsson.com/garmin_gps/cases/etcn.htm
  14. And you are very proud of that because you feel you belong to an elite I have a question though to anyone who can answer: what percentage of existing caches was placed by premium members?
  15. The Hungarian geocaching website has a rule that says that people must find at least 20 caches outside the capital city in order to hide a cache. It has worked pretty well over several years now. (They have a number of other interesting rules, too, e.g. each "found" log requires a password that is hidden in the cache.)
  16. Well, if we continue your logic then the outcome is that you are the most elitist because you used this complaint against me to "gain a superior attitude of your perspective over mine", or whatever you said. Of course by saying this I become even more elitist than you So why don't we just drop this rather ill-defined concept?
  17. The log is kept for all caches, not just MOCs, but you can only look at it if the MOC attribute is set. So the cache doesn't have to be an MOC all the time; you can just make it an MOC for a minute or two when you want to check to log, and then turn it back to a regular cache.
  18. Then make a log-only cache. I'm amazed how creative people can be when it comes to inventing reasons why they are placing MO caches when in fact it's just plain elitism.
  19. Doesn't matter. They always come and go. If they are present now, they are going to disappear later.
  20. Make sure you download the correct version. The latest version only runs on Windows Mobile 2003. If your OS is Pocket PC 2002, you need an earlier version (1.2.1).
  21. That problem has been around for ages. They can't seem to be able to fix it. Probably it's low priority, too, because there are other ways to get a map with caches. Ask again in about two years.
  22. The FTF usually goes to one of a small group of very active cachers who are premium members anyway (the "usual suspects"). I would rather do the opposite of what you are doing: I would prevent PMs from being FTF so that newbies can give it a shot and have the joy of getting their first FTF in their lives. Why should always the same 2-3 guys get those FTF prizes?
  23. There are ways to find out the coordinates of an MO cache even if you are not a PM. Of course if it is an offset or a puzzle cache then you've got a problem.
  24. An admin should finally correct the spelling mistake in the title of this thread.
  25. No, it is not possible because the Vista C does not provide NMEA data.
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