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  1. There is no consensus about this, there is a controversy but TPTB resists the idea of splitting the forum so all efforts are in vain anyway. My opinion is that the split would make perfect sense. At least 90% of the threads are easily classified into either hardware or software. This classification is used in many other forums on the internet and it works quite well.
  2. If you are not a premium member, you can still go paperless. In that case, you have to save each cache page manually as a html file and then use those saved files (or some converted form of them) on your PDA.
  3. But you are paying for the ability to pan and zoom the otherwise useless maps.
  4. Just think about it, if signature items were to remain in the caches, soon all caches would be filled with them, leaving no place for normal swag!
  5. Interesting new information. What about the accuracy of the 60c/cs compared to the LegendC/VistaC?
  6. Let's face the facts, it was you guys who tried to take advantage of Target's mistake that was obvious to everybody from day one. I wouldn't call that ethical business behavior. And now you are pretending that Target is trying to screw you over when it was you who tried to screw them over in the first place. It's been a lost cause from day one and Target has appropriate disclaimers on their website to protect themselves from the consequences of pricing errors, so you aren't going anywhere with this, guys. I wouldn't do business with you...
  7. This problem appears from time to time then it goes away, only to reappear again a bit later. Something is definitely wrong.
  8. I noticed today that GPS Tuner is on sale till Nov 25th: $26 instead of the regular $35. It's a nice program for GPS-based navigation with the Pocket PC, with a number of good features. It's actively being developed, too. See www.gpstuner.com.
  9. Let's look at the issue from a strictly legal viewpoint. Does the area where the cache was belong to the airport? My understanding is that it does not. It is public property along a public street. In this case, was there a legal basis to have the cache removed from this public area? Does the fact that "police officer X.Y. said that he wants it to be removed" qualify as a valid legal basis?
  10. Why do I always hear this? It doesn't take "two minutes" - sheesh. It's on the list of things to do. Just because it is higher on your priority list it isn't at the top of the master list. If you want to know what your travel bugs are doing, do the advanced search feature on the travel bug page and search by travel bugs owned by you. There is existing functionality that will address your request. Make a bookmark of it. Glad that you finally chimed in after three months. How should we know that it's on your list if you don't tell us? I do believe that adding the travelbugs(mine) feature is a very simple task. It can be done by inserting a single link (http://www.geocaching.com/track/search.aspx?o=1&uid=...) on the page. I don't know what's on your master list but I don't think adding direction icons to the logs was more important than this. Thanks for recommending workarounds, we all know them, that was not the question. BTW my method is easier: just three clicks. Click on your profile icon then User stats, then on the TB icon.
  11. bump again... Looks like TPTB are ignoring this thread. I can't understand why. It is such a simple suggestion. It would take two minutes to implement this change. I will bump this thread whenever it slides onto the second page.
  12. USAPhotoMaps is the obvious (and free) solution. Why buy expensive software if you can have the same thing for free?
  13. That's exactly what I'm saying. And as I demonstrated above, the premium membership fee is as high to a South African as $110 would be to an American. And on top of that he gets poorer service. GC.com tries to be a global site but it's primarily a US site. Many countries have their own geocaching websites.
  14. The whole point was that the incomes are NOT equal. Americans are about 3.5 times more prosperous than South Africans.
  15. Well, the best parameter to compare is the per capita income measured in purchasing power parity because this will reflect both the income differences and the differences in cost of living. In 2002, this number was $36,200 for the U.S. and $10,000 for South Africa. So, Americans, to get a picture of how paying $30 for an annual membership feels to a South African, imagine that you would pay $110 per year. And then of course the service you get is lower quality, too: you get blank, gray maps on the website.
  16. The original poster asked about the cons and pros of the eXplorist other than the lack of PC connection. Now everyone is talking about the lack of PC connection... I think otherwise it is a decent unit.
  17. Someone please explain to me why a box wrapped in tape is assumed to be a bomb. Why is it not assumed to contain anthrax, for example? I guess blowing up a box containing anthrax is not such a good idea. I think it is extremely dumb and irresponsible to blow up a box with unknown contents. What do they teach at those anti-terrorism trainings? If you don't know what's in the box, blow it up?
  18. That is true in theory, but in practice the processing of the GPS data takes time and therefore the time the unit displays is actually 1-2 seconds behind. Radio-controlled clocks are more accurate because this "processing delay" is shorter.
  19. I agree that they seem reluctant to answer. The question is whether 1. they are reluctant to answer because they are uncertain what they want, 2. they are reluctant to answer because the real answer would make them look bad. Elias said a few encouraging things in this thread earlier. It made me think for a moment that I had misinterpreted Groundspeak's underlying philosophy. But maybe I had not, after all.
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