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  1. I will be minting a NEW Tranquility - Not the old one that was over-minted by Castle. Look for it in 2010.




    cheap shot jim.


    so where is this new tranquility? and should it even be called tranquility, since it is not really "the" tranquility?


    what she said!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This morning, Mrs. Frog & I were having our coffee & a nice chat...Then we heard the horn, our mail ladys signal that we have to sign for a package...As I was expecting my meds, I headed out the door with the dog at my heels...As we rounded the corner, her hair on her back stood straight up, she growled, then turned tail & ran away...The lady asked what was wrong with her & I had no clue...When I got back in the house, the dog just let out a yelp & ran and hid under the bed...When I opened the mailer, I saw what had scared her...It was the Bell Witch Coin that had her all upset...Thanks Kate, it's a coin we will treasure...now to see if we can coax the dog out from her hiding place...Thanks again!!!!!!!!!! :laughing:

  3. The invasion has commenced!















    We are ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  4. We received a grey envelope today, # 034...Inside was a letter on a very strange piece of paper(???)...We believe...Thanks Mr. Grey...we followed the instructions & now we will wait for further contact... :unsure:

  5. our coin made it to Tsun, who then dropped it in a cache for it's return...However, yesterday I got an e-mail from the cache owner, saying the coin was no longer in his cache...We hope whoever picked it up will log it soon, so we can see where it is... B)

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