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  1. Wife bought me a new RV GPS so I will not be getting the 760
  2. I am looking for a Nuvi 760 or any Nuvi that plays mp3 contact old.hippy@sbcglobal.net
  3. I have found many great caches placed by X / 0 hiders and on the other hand found many hides by high numbers hiders that have no clue their caches are trash.
  4. IMHO if your cache is well thought out and well placed there is no need to have a FTF prize, I find the FTF prize is in mediocre caches that the cache owner is begging people to visit. Place good quality caches and they will come and rave about them.
  5. California style is more likely real Micky Mouse
  6. sorry for the post above thought I was logged in but again thanks for all the hospitality and guided tour of Manteca
  7. How about a full tank of gas to go caching with? Want to fill my diesel truck it only takes 110 gal?
  8. We leave 9-11 coins when we find a cache big enough
  9. For ONE of them, she said that she had just replaced the cache and that I must have found the "old" cache which presumable was full. So she deleted that cache log. OK, perhaps I did find the old cache and found that log full, and perhaps I did not find the "new" cache at that location. Seems to me that when replacing a cache one would take time to remove the geotrash of the first cache.
  10. We have been using both the Legand and the Vista for over 3 years and yes you can dounload the waypoints to them. We use GSAK and it makes it very worthwhile. Also you can get a very inexpensive palm and go paperless.
  11. Does it fire lazers at hippies? If not I'll pass. I sure hope not and be careful with what you say about us
  12. Correcting the email address Old.hippy@sbcglobal.net forgot the dot in the original Tag
  13. We just received our geocoin and will make an offer here for sale. The coins are trackable on geocaching.com and the regular coin is $8.00 There will be only 75 coins sold That is why we are offering them here before going to the goecoin forum. If you respond make sure to include your geocaching name and an email address that I can invoice you. ONLY 15 COINS LEFT Bill there is one put aside for you. Email me at old.hippy@sbcglobal.net Oldhippy
  14. I want to thank Marky for the place holder for us and my brother of Team LegGoes. We are both Vietman Vets and would be intrested in this.
  15. Wonder what the OLD farmer is up to now being quiet is not right
  16. Haha, #10, that's the last coin. But since I am a good sport. I will offer a couple more for the folks that already posted above, but no more. Hey, thanks a lot. This was a very cool thing to do! Might I suggest you start a similar thread (minus the coin give-away) over in the main forums? I think it would be a blast to see ALL the kilted cachers, not just the first 13. I agree with Mopar as I know there are more out there. In fact in our club (RCGDS) I think there are more than 13.
  17. my brother and I night caching in our kilts hope this gets a coin Night caching Oldhippy
  18. Don't you think you might have been mentally damaged before this
  19. Just to stir things up some more I hear there may be some imposter Jeeps at the event Saturday now which are real and which are not
  20. You guys are just having too much fun down there can't wait till the 9th. How many Jeeps can I steal from CVC?
  21. Bring more Jeeps home:laughing: great idea We plan on doing that if we can from our treip to Seattle too.
  22. Let's see if anything comes to mind? Yep! Got something. Better cancel that goof match because there's going to be some kind of fun going on up North. LOL! I will find out if I need to go to the "goof" match tomorrow...It looks as though I will be heading to the picnic though. Need any help with the plan?? Ring, Ring. I will call tonight after work. Sounds evil...I like it!! What evil things you guys up to now Hope to see you tomorrow
  23. Yeppers we will be there but you knew. Anyone else? There may even be Jeeps there
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