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  1. From the "Cache Types" page off the Geocaching Guide... "An Event Cache is a gathering of local geocachers or geocaching organizations to discuss geocaching. The Event Cache page specifies a time for the event and provides coordinates to its location. After the event, the cache is archived." There have been a few times when I've wanted to search for past events, but because events are archived after they occur (not sure how long they remain active to allow attendees to post their logs) it can't be done easily. There is somewhat of a workaround though. Do a search for local caches that were placed last year and find the logs of other local cachers that found it. Then look at their profile and their list of Event Caches under "Found Geocaches". That *will* show archived events, but you might have to look at quite a few profiles. Good advice. I was able to "see" these archived events and I didn't find any in Plattsburgh,NY. Most of the events were over 50 miles away. I have not been to an event yet. Would it be safe to say that a "poker" cache hidden for an event would stay fairly close to the event? Say within 10 miles? The other thing this is perplexing but not impossible to imagine. Most of the event caches seem to be published by seasoned/respected cachers. I would hope after the event is done that these left over caches would be picked up after the event. In a poker cache placed for an event do you take just the card or the whole cache? This cache still had the card, the other set of coordinates held no cache that I could find (I've been back since). The more I dig in the less convinced I am about this being a cache placed for an event. If that's the case then there is 3 possibilites. 1. Cache was submitted to another site (why the welcome to geocaching sheet with this web sites addy) 2. Cache was submitted here but outside the current search parameter of 2 miles done by Keystone(Thank You) 3. Cache was never submitted anywhere (unlikely,fair amount of time stuck into the hide area and cache container/contents).
  2. So lets just say this cache was placed for an event. The event would have been published correct? I ran a pocket query for just event caches with a 100 mile radius and it came up empty. Is it safe to say that an expired event will not show up in my query. Is there a way for me to research past events? I would think the event would have taken place in the city the cache was found, which in this case is Plattsburgh,NY.
  3. Event organizers will often place temporary caches near the grounds of an event, for fun and games. One popular variant is a "poker run" - folks have a certain amount of time to visit as many caches as they can, retrieving or identifying playing cards along the way. Usually there is no way to visit all of them; the person who returns with five cards making up the best poker hand wins the challenge. Not only don't they require a cache submission, they generally would not be allowed to be published on the site, as there is a permanence guideline (caches are supposed to be left in place for at least three months or so, last time I checked). A temporary cache set up just for an event wouldn't qualify. There's nothing wrong with temporary caches of course; they just don't get listed here with their own waypoint numbers, etc. I think you would be surprised at the lengths some organizers might go to for activities during a cache event. If you were describing a custom-painted ammo can I might be more in your camp, but a 35mm film canister, even one with a little paint and camo tape applied, isn't out of character for these things at all. The total expense for that is measured in pennies, and the total time required to prepare the container would be measured in minutes at the most. Especially if there were dozens of others. And the inclusion of the geocaching fact sheet, but no log book or log sheet, seems relevant as well. I'm not 100% about any of this, of course. Just where I'm leaning. If this cache was placed for an event I still think the event would have been no older than April of 2009, because the contents of the cache are mint. If I was a betting man I'd say the cache was placed spring of 2010. If that's the case then it probably would have been an event for the 2010 calendar year. Every now and again I go back to see if the cache was replaced thinking maybe it was listed on another site but no such luck.
  4. There's never been a multicache or mystery/puzzle cache submitted but rejected within two miles of the linked cache. There was a traditional cache placed 275 feet west of here, that was rejected in 2003 for being too close to the railroad right of way. GC10CPJ, an archived multicache with a different design than what was described here, had a waypoint in the general area (more than .1 miles away). I'm liking the "poker run cache for an event" theory. Thanks for looking Keystone. Were you able to search those coordinates as waypoints for a particular cache? I doubt the final was more than 2 miles away. The distance from where I found the 35mm container to the next set of coordinates was just over the minimum guidelines. The only known set of coordinates are the ones that were written on the backside of the welcome to geocaching sheet. The other set of coordinates are where I found this "other" cache by accident. It's too bad I can't locate the next stage. I have been back 3 times and searched extensively with no luck.
  5. I'm liking that theory too... Does anyone know if there have been any events posted in the area in the last couple of years? I am not familiar with a "poker run cache for an event". Wouldn't that require a cache submission? This 35mm container is one of the best I have seen to date. Camo duct tape cut perfect and wrapped around the container, camo painted top,welcome to geocaching sheet,4 of diamonds card cut in half to fit in the container. I can't imagine someone taking that much time on a single part of a multi/mystery cache just for an event. In my opinion this was meant to stay. I was not aware of any events within the last couple of years.
  6. Nice detective work!! You are right that is the exact verbage used. With the info that you came up with and the fact that the contents of the cache are mint, I believe this was a fairly recent hide. I surmise that the cache was hidden in the April,May,June, timeframe of 2010. This cache was approved in June 2010. My guess is the hider placed this multi/mystery around that time frame and submitted it after 6/4/2010. It was rejected due to the proximity of this other cache (within 40ft). So I'm back to my original question. If a cache was submitted and rejected can someone find out what cache it was with the coordinates that I listed? I suppose there is also the small possibility that this cache was published/submitted on another site. I would find it odd that the hider would take the time to print out that sheet with this site's web address.
  7. Wow! "Stash Hunt", "thousands"? I think you may have found a very very old cache piece! The word "Stash" hasn't officially been used since the early years. The plot thickens! Thickens is right. If the contents (paper) showed more wear ie. wet,faded,blurred ink I'd agree 100%. The 35mm container was under a rock exposed to the air. I have never and I repeat never found an older (say over a year)film container that had perfect contents unless maintenace was done recently. It's just a plain jane 35mm container with no special waterproofing. To top it all off it's within 10ft of the lakeshore.
  8. The cache did not contain a log book. The cache was in such good shape I thought it was a newer placement. What makes me wonder how "new" the placement was is the welcome to geocaching sheet. The wording differs quite a bit from the current one. If I knew when that particular welcome to geocaching slogan stopped I may at least know how old this cache is. I have the whole slogan but here is the last paragraph. And let us know you found this by visiting the website below. The GPS Stash Hunt is for everyone with a sense of adventure. There are several thousands of them around the world. Visit our website if you want to learn more, or have any comment: www.geocaching.com
  9. I am certain this is an archived or unpublished cache from some time ago. The coordinates are within 40ft of an existing active cache published on this site. The coordinates I found the cache/stage at are N44 41.995 / W073 26.957. The next set of coordinates were N44 41.952 / W073 26.771. The cache was in excellent condition including the contents. It was intended to be at that spot because there was an obvious small pile of rocks concealing the 35mm container. A welcome to geocaching sheet was also in the container but the verbage differs considerably from the current version. I wonder if that piece of info would give an indication of how old this cache is?
  10. If a cache was submitted and rejected is it possible that cache info would still exist on this site? I found an unpublished cache last year that was either part of a multi or a mystery cache. Whoever placed the cache took enough time to paint and camo the 35mm film container. The container included another set of coordinates and a 4 of diamonds. I could not find another container at the other listed coordinates. It also included the geocaching welcome sheet with this site's web address, which is why I am positve the hider at least submitted the cache info to this site. I would love to know what cache I found. I have the set of coordinates where I found the 35mm container and I have the set of coordinates to the next stage/final? Any good ideas? Could a reviewer research those coordinates if the cache was never published? Nothing like a good caching mystery to solve Thanks for any help.
  11. I was after a new cache listing which had already been found a couple of times. The second finder indicated he found the cache but was unsure if it was the correct one. The log wasn't signed and there was no pencil. I was prepared to find out what was going on at the cache site. The coordinates were spot on and I found a found a 35mm film container with a 7 of diamonds and another set of coordinates. It also had the previous finders log (name) on it. This 35mm container didn't match the cache size of large what so ever. I scoured the area futher and found the real cache. I spent lots of time over the next few weeks trying to find out about this other cache. I sent my reviewer a note to see if any caches had been archived or were submitted for that particular area. He indicated there wasn't. The paper inside the 35mm container had a welcome to geocaching with this sites web addy, in other words I don't think it was listed on another web site. I couldn't find anything at the other listed coordinates which were just over the minimum distance guidelines. My original log from June 8th 2010 can be found here. I still don't have a clue why this other cache was there.
  12. I had found a fairly difficult 4 star difficulty rated cache as a FTF. I was keeping an eye on the cache logs to see who would be the next finder. The next finder didn't find the cache but something even more curious. He found a partially buried old chimney block with a piece of slate shingle covering the opening. Inside the chimney block was about 8 plastic battle ships. The ones where you glue everthing together. I contacted the finder to get a detailed description where he found this hidden treasure. It took me an hour but I did locate the battleships. The battleship location is fairly close to a road but in a remote area otherwise. Remote meaning in a forest with no homes. To date this is one of most perplexing "finds" I have discovered. The cache description is here. The log from June 26th 2010 is the finder of the battleships. You just never know what treasures await while searching for the cache.
  13. It sounds like your family had a great time on this first outing. I like finding special spots that have been under our noses for the longest time. I love your photo, thanks for sharing.
  14. Well I have some unofficial results from my Duracell rechargable batteries. I ran two sets of the recharable batteries after a full charge. I had my screen backlight set to 3 clicks above minimum (two below the max). Volume maxed, smart arrow off, track log off, active suspend timer to never, and backlight timer to never. Both times I got a solid 9 hours of contant run times before the first low battery warning message would appear. Once the first warning message would appear I could get about another 30-45 minutes of run time. Keep in mind that last 30-45 minutes a warning message would appear quite frequently, which it should. I was pretty happy with the results. They were about half the longevity of the Energizer Litiums, but a solid 3 hours over Duracell/Energizer alkalines. Hope this helps for anyone trying to figure out which batteries to run in these units.
  15. I have had the smart arrow turned off from day one. I will be turning the track log off for sure to see how that helps out. I can't bear to have the map facing North. In fact until I learned that this feature was an option it almost resulted in the unit getting returned. I disabled auto-zoom from the first day also. So hopefully by turning the track log off it will help, otherwise I already had the other features disabled. Thanks for the help.
  16. Tur off smart arrow, it helps a lot. Magellan is working on improvements now, not exactly sure as to what. I turned the smart arrow off the very first day. Did you read somewhere that Magellan is working on improvements?
  17. USB Cover First off I'm happy with the purchase of this GPS'r but I am curious about a few things. The USB port is covered by a rubber tab that pushes into place to make it waterproof. If I push it in all the way its a real pain in the rump to get it back out again. Yes I try to use the side tab to pull it out but its still very difficult. I no longer push it all the way in, just far enough to get it to latch. It will most certainly not keep out water that way but it at least keeps the dirt and dust out of there. Battery Indicator I have the battery option set correctly to whatever battery type I have in there ie Lithium,Alkaline,rechargable. It consistently shows a full battery until the battery life is almost gone. When the battery icon starts to drop I typically will lose all power within 2 hours. So if I have a set of lithiums in there the icon will show full for 16hours and go from full to no battery life in the last 2 hours. I wish it would read the battery life better than what it does. Update Positon? Is there a way to get this unit to update the satelites or more importantly your position quicker? It is very accurate but seems to take much longer than my other Magellan units to update my position. I notice this the most when within 100 ft of gz. Sometimes it seems to take forever for the distance to gz to change, with full bars and the W for waas satelite reception. My explorist 500 changes very quickly in comparison to my gc. As a side note I did download and install latest firmware update vs 1.4. I am really enjoying this unit but I wanted to get some feedback from fellow users about the issues I listed. Thanks
  18. No doubt about it, if you are going to be using non rechargeable batteries the Lithiums are the way to go. I was using Energizer Lithiums with very good results. I had also used Energizer and Duracell regular alkalines with bad results (6 hours or less of battery life). I ordered a battery charger and some Duracell precharged rechargable batteries, should be here today. I will see how they perform in comparison and post the results here.
  19. Not trying to derail this thread but I just had to say Thank You to the previous posters about the firmware update for my Explorist 500 LE. I had purchased this unit about a year ago to upgrade from my Explorist 300. I was alwalys curious why it didn't show any WAAS satellites like my other one did. I upgraded the firmware with no problems and am receiving the WAAS signal again. Its ironic that my upgrade actually has been a downgrade for the past year .
  20. I agree with you. I too think you found what was left of GCR29V Sabal Point Sanctuary. Your listed coordinates are extremely close to that caches coordinates. In my opinion well within the margin of error for a cache hide. Here is a quote from one of the first logs of that cache (Anyway, this cache should be called the Huge Tree, or Humongous Tree. Or something like that. Man - that tree is massive!) I can't tell for sure from your picture but it seems like that tree with a hole in the middle where you replaced the cache would be a big one. One of the more recent logs talks about a hole in the lid. Was there a hole in the lid? It appears that all the contents were soaked. Its possible all the wet contents were cleared out and those coupons were what was left. I will be curious to see if the cache owner can verify your find. Either way what a great way to stumble into the geocaching game.
  21. Could you describe roughly where the cache container was located? Its also possible this particular cache has been archived which will not show up on a map. A fellow cacher may recognize this area if you post that info. Welcome to the game. My favorite cache types are the ones that require a lengthy hike into the woods. I think you will find this activity enhancing your love of the outdoors even further.
  22. Yah, Yah, I've heard of dat term geobacon. I hear it tastes alot like dat der lutefisk. MMMmmmmm good stuff. I was born and raised in southern MN. I have not heard the term geobeacon out this way.
  23. I had an interesting day today. It started out several weeks ago when a cacher listed a DNF and asked for somebody to confirm if the cache was there or not. The cache owner has been off the site for quite awhile so I figure what the heck I'm close enough. When I got out to the area the cache was in (middle of a clump of trees) it had been clear cut. There was a few trinkets left over from the cache but no cache container. I confirmed the cache and cache area were completely gone with a needs maintenance log. After 3 weeks I figure it may as well get a needs archived because the C/O hasn't logged on for a long time and the entire hiding area is gone. Within several days after my needs archive log , a found it log is logged. Then several more days go by and another cacher posts a found it log. I'm feeling a bit embarrased about posting a needs archived and here folks are finding the cache. What the heck is going on, I was just out there this thing is gone, right? One of the cachers says he found it by a large tree 90ft from the GZ. If I remembered correctly it was the only tree left. Maybe the folks who cut the trees down put the container over by this last remaining tree. So I make another trip out to this area and inspect the tree. Sure enough there sits a cache container, but not like the one I found. I opened the container and find a log book with stamps on each of the pages and towards the end are the logs of the two previous cachers. Luckily I had heard about letterboxing but had never found one until today because of the previous cachers. After doing some research I found out there are 3 more in this area. I just thought it was neat how a missing cache ended up being a found letterbox hide that I had no idea existed until today. The cache number is GCH510 if you want to see the actual logs. Keep in mind that the found it posts were not listed on the cache page even though they are before my archive request date. They must have been on vacation and back logged the found it dates when they got home. Just thought I'd share a unique experience.
  24. I couldn't find any info on a reset on the NGS website. The two benchmarks listed on the NGS website are PG2081 which I was able to find the station mark and the two RM's. The other PG 2082 was not there unless like you say this is whats left of it. If you look closely at my closeup picture of the pin you can see some letters at the top outside of the pin where the cement? is. I suppose this could be a reset for PG2082 the coordinates are very close. I was hoping someone here has seen one of Verplank Colvins copper bolts and confirm that this is or isn't what it looks like.
  25. I wanted to use this prior post to gain some more information. I was hiking a mountain here in Northern NY (Hurricane Mountain) and found this (pin) while searching for another benchmark. It most certainly had some lettering on the outside edges which I cannot read. There was 4 drill holes in a square pattern surrounding this (pin). The drill holes were spaced evenly apart. Further out from these drill holes were some eye bolts identical to the one that I took a picture of on top of Lyon Mountain. What I am curious about is this a Verplank Colvin copper bolt on top of Hurricane Mountain? If so I know what to look for when I hike back up Lyon Mountain. I have a much more detailed picture of the (pin) that I can email. The Pin Pin with GPS'r coordinates on top of Hurricane Mountain Two of the four drill holes visible in the picture with pin in the middle Closeup of pin
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