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  1. I just got back from the area and I wouldn't recommend doing a whole lot of active caching off base in Iraq. Rule of thumb for soldiers is, "if you didn't drop it, don't pick it up or touch it", IED's aren't just on the roadside and sometimes look like everyday objects. Virtuals or earth caches though are a great idea, there are a ton of historical sites all over the country.


    Good luck.

  2. I went to Iraq last year and did some limited caching. My main base was very small however, and didn't have any caches. From what I see there's only 280 caches in all of Iraq, so you could just do a PQ for all of Iraq. Or if you don't want that many, just find one on your base and run a search for all caches within 20-30 miles of that. I don't think there's many caches that are not on base so you don't have to worry much about that, but even if there were, don't think you'll be doing any caching off base in Iraq.


    I just used the same stealthy techniques I use anywhere else. Carry a clipboard to look official or go when there aren't any people around, you won't get many questions. If you're on one of the larger bases like BIAP or Talil, there are events sometimes as well.


    Don't think there's any at Udari, but there are some at the other bases in Kuwait that you can easily pick up.


    Keep your head down, good luck and happy caching.

  3. I'm an Eagle Scout, class of 1989, as is my brother a few years earlier. OA Vigil honor and Founder's Award recipient in Kelcema Lodge as well as a past Lodge Chief, lodge was merged back in 1995. Also went on the Philmont Trek and Natl Jamboree in 1989. Served 2 summers on staff at Fire Mountain Scout Reservation in NW Washington. Served as Asst Scoutmaster for a few years and then changed to Sea Explorers where I met my wife and we had a blast learning to sail the big boats on Puget Sound. I had the best times in Scouts, it definately set me up for success in life. I'm already teaching my 5 year old the principles that I learned and wait eagerly for the day he becomes a Cub Scout.

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