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  1. I've been pecking away at weffriddles level by level whenever I get a few spare minutes. I hit level 32 today, and so far it is my favorite level! Very clever! NURLO! some people have a life and take some time to sleep, cache, eat, etc. (anyone have a touchtone phone????)
  2. found your request and will be able to fill it. i hope to have the most recent orders in the mail on thursday or friday this week. some peoples orders however, i won't be able to accomodate because i am out of limited edition coins. i will be sending an email to those people shortly.
  3. working throughthe request at the moment. should be replying shortly. yes there are coins left
  4. eight pretty much blinded us. made it to nine and was too tired to go on.
  5. 2006 Ca Geocoin Activation btw...think i figured out whats going on now. level 7 came quickly
  6. we're at level 4...which took about 2 min to get to.
  7. the custome icon should be showing up soon. coinsandpins.com was a bit behind on this end.
  8. still have a few left. send your orders to cageocoin@earthlink.net
  9. we hope to roll in around 5:30- 6ish, set up camp eat dinner and find someone crazy enough to cache to the wee morning hours. (that is I am planning on getting some cache...rest of gang staying in camp)
  10. Anyone planning on setting up camp friday night at the campout event and then heading out for a hundred or so caches? can we get a group together? time to gather?
  11. Mine came today. Interestingly, I like the painted ones better, although they each have their own interesting elements. On a side note, what about a unique icon? I remember that was in the works, but right now, it's just the generic geocoin gold icon. coinsandpins.com hasn't sent it in to Groundspeak yet. had an email from them yesterday.
  12. Just to let all know....i have lots of emails for coins. i will be attending to them on monday. we have an event here in san diego and will know how many are left. so if you haven't heard from me about the email be patient.
  13. not if you have a slow person in front of you....i love driving those curves
  14. the one i sent only comes in antique silver. (color or with the gold state) not sure whats up with that site. but as of this moment. im done with ca 2006 minting (not the selling) and have already started the 2007 project.
  15. 2006 CA Geocoin Activation Link Head over to the above site to get your activation codes. there should be a piece of paper in your envelope with the web site on it.
  16. anyone got nice simple directions to the campout....yes i know. just follow the little arrow on the gpsr....but which is the quicker route: 8 east or julian and down banner grade?
  17. if you don't see your name on the list, send an email to cageocoin@earthlink.net some people haven't paid yet so didn't get coins. will put them up for sale as of oct 31st.
  18. Here is the list of people that have their coins in the mail as of today:
  19. i was taking care of sending out the first wave of coins. now that i have finished that group. i will be sending out invoices for the second wave. i think i saw your email.
  20. packaging them at a frantic rate. definitely going to make a post office run on saturday. hope to be sooner (stuck in meetings afterschool) There are a few regular edition coins still left. drop an email with how many ya want and how to get money from you.
  21. What's LE? Also how much are they? I'll probably get one of blue ones at the campout. only one???
  22. those are the 2006 CA geocoin. although my camera skills are lacking. they are fantastic in your hand. i really think the LE is worth it. they will be at the campout on the 21 and the pizza event on the 29
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