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  1. got mine already and they are great.....very quick to arrive
  2. Already decided. Additionally it causes confusion since they aren't tracked on the GC site. two designs often equal 2 set up and milling (term) the die = more inital $....might check with the company who's minting what the difference would be... like the wave... wiating for my photoshop cs to arrive to play around with some coin editing.... you could put word geocaching on the back and the year minted
  3. Looooookkkiiiinnnngg good! although wondering about G.I. Joe with the ammo box i think he's using photoshop for the coin work. can't seem to get those effects when using corel draw. adding an ocean wave on left with mountains on right with caching guy in the middle might work.
  4. leaving the message is fine if you are indeed intending on replacing it soon....however, i have seen a few with that message that are still that way a year later!
  5. encountered a few of these on the coast or near the water...one key point...you need some kind of gasket or o-ring to help make it waterproof. As for water-resistant, they are okay...just need to remind people not to crank down on it so much the others have trouble opening it. LIke the idea of the silicone caulk that 2oldfarts used. that may do the trick instead of the o-ring
  6. there is a Yrium Celebration Cache in Kit Carson Park and at the picnic there were cards for the family signed by all the geocacheres there.
  7. just put in the last order with Pressed Metal. there will be 228 more minted and available for purchase soon. i will be updating the price of the coin on the order form soon. should be around 2.60 per coin plus shipping. will look at different shipping methods or email me to arrange a particular one. the last number to be minted ever will be 2004...the year they were minted! kinda neat!!
  8. saw this at costco for much cheaper than $100. may finally have to get it
  9. put the order in to pressed metal for the last of the coins today. will have a concrete price by tomorrow (hopefully) keep sending the emails if you are interested. right now about 70 coins are already spoken for. bob and i decided to end the coins at number 2004...the year they wer made/distributed
  10. finishing up on the final price of the coins with pressed metal....however had a question for the masses..... the last coin's number.....2000 or 2004(the year the coins were made)? anybody have a preference? attach a value to?
  11. About the last of the california geocoins of this design...yes i said LAST! there are 125 more to be minted. Because i wasn't thinking ahead......i didn't order these coins yet.....soo...... the coins will cost 2.25 Plus shipping of about .40 per coin To bring the total to 2.60 per coin ad about 2.25 to ship about 10 coins Anyone still interested? the last number will be 2000. After that there will be no more minted...until a new design is chosen
  12. how bout something like this....taken from the last event page in colorado
  13. great graphic on the event page....what about something like that on the coin? is the second pic of long's peak? the pics i did were of long's and messer's peak from a picture sent from tahosa and sons.
  14. A bit premature....there are those of us that enjoy a challenge and are willing to work with the owner to help with any problems that may arise.....(please!!!!)
  15. for those still interested...looking into purchasing more coins up to the number 2000. that would be approximately 125 more coins....then calling it quits and not minting anymore...... bob and the 3 kids and i have another ca geocoin in the works with more of the natural features of ca or better known landmarks on it.
  16. there are about 1875.....the rare ones are the low numbers......or most likely the number you want.
  17. try Tigergps.com. they will beat any advertised price online. great customer service. garmin 60c $352.00 base price
  18. this actually i think would be fun....laptop computer, speaker system, lcd projector, someone's garage door......popcorn!!!! Junior Mints!!!!!! Ymmmmmm!!! Dillion Gang is actually on to something. My neighbor had a movie night in his backyard. Movie screen, LCD projector and the DVD plaver. Very fun watching movies in a lawn chair out in the yard. Two things: - its a summer time thang - LCD projectors aren't cheap. Right now mostly business' own 'em If someone has the gear, it would be awesome! have access to gear, will travel
  19. this actually i think would be fun....laptop computer, speaker system, lcd projector, someone's garage door......popcorn!!!! Junior Mints!!!!!! Ymmmmmm!!!
  20. What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  21. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe. ...who, being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it. Amen, Brother Maynard. Dave, Team Cowspots, the needy puzzle-solving psycho. ....nor either count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out.
  22. sorry chaps, been buzy, here's about 2.5 cents worth.... I hear ya Duscwe! I can't stand puzzle caches....seeing them listed, solving them, finding them, placing them......they make me think too much. and since it's listed, i gotta solve it. as long as someone places them...i'll keep doing them. feels good to stretch your brain a bit doesn't it. after the insane, needy, constantly driven psychos that create and solve these puzzle have had a go at it....i intend to put in more hints to solve. as for the puzzle masters...i have no qualms about emailing them for a nudge here and there if i need it...and they have responded immediately with necessary info. on the topic of hides versus finds....i think i have maxed out my hides. i try to maintain all of my hides and check on them reasonably quickly when there is a dnf. taking a break on puzzle at the moment and am working on getting my class in order. however, i'm hoping to get to Pt. Loma this weekend to take on Duscwe as for the two combatants.....shame on you
  23. i'm attempting to show up at Parsa's pizza event on friday. for those who can't make it, i'm trying to finalize a saturday distribution.
  24. Announcing the arrival of...... The California Geocoin Order!!!!! Yes. they are finally here with me. i hope to start packaging them up and sending them out to you this weekend
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