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  1. Then, when you have found the shrubbery, you must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest... with... a herring!
  2. i currently have an artist working on line drawings for the hollywood sign and a joshua tree. i have a clipart of SFO bridge...like the route 1 idea perhaps better that route 66....perhaps Route 395
  3. Perhaps you pushed the apprentice too fast.... first learn how to use the stapler then learn how to use the ladder then combine both of them (stapler empty) when more comfortable...add the staples!
  4. Many thanks to Rocket Man, Trailgators, Devhead, and SD Rowdies for wiring the Riley School Auditorium/Cafeteria/Teacher Lounge for ethernet. Our teachers and students will benefit greatly from this project. Just a few notes and comments on the event: Devhead-Stapler's Apprentice Award for stapling a hole in the wire Harmon working hard directing the installation RocketMan and Trailgators the stapling duo. Looking forward to the Paperless Caching Event. Stop on by
  5. pack a picnic lunch....it may take a while to find the final. it took us about 30-50 minutes to find.
  6. i use a IPAQ 1945 (or something close to that) it has a color screen and loves to work with GSAK. have had no problems with cache pages. i usually have about 1500 stored in it, but i can expand it up to 1gig with an sd card. most likely could upload most of california into it without any problem..... stop by the paperless caching event and check it out.
  7. Is that FA-TT-BOY? So that's where Fattboy has been. Running around in a TT costume. Will the real TT please stand up?
  8. so what is the eta at the sunrise highway?....just blew back in from florida and need to scratch the catch itch and would love to hit the sunrise highway....i'll be driving the 4x4.
  9. Where's it going to be? Parsa still working with RocketMan on firming the details. April looks to be the month for it.
  10. Depending on when you held it, i could definitely bring a projector, possibly 3 laptops....however, i don't have wireless connection for them. i would be willing to help out with any assistance you might need. paperless caching/powerpoint presentations.
  11. When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.
  12. Yuck, the Muck!!! Say hi to the Bat for me
  13. Great! Look forward to some new design talent. dividing time between work family and geocaching.....geocaching seems to be at the bottom at the moment. However, spring break is coming soon!!!!! As for the above image: i was attempting to represent southern ca with San Bernadino Mountains, Route 66, Joshua Tree, LA/San Diego City, and some water For Northern ca i was thinking Half Dome, San Francisco bridge, some coastline from no cal (monterey or Carmel) and perhaps a Giant Sequoia Tree.
  14. had my heart set on going but ended up leading a ymca adventure guide hike at MTRP...Stared longingly at Fortuna and Quay Peak. Congrats on the awards.
  15. It is true then....he's not a machine!!!.....or is he faking it
  16. gettting a little more motivated to get the new one on the road....here's an idea i've been working on for so cal.
  17. drop me a line...if i can't get you going...my neighbor (tutor in photoshop) can surely help.
  18. rain, rain, go away....gotta finish my fence and then go geocaching!!!!
  19. NICE Nurse Dave! Love the "Catching in the Sun" phrase.
  20. that might not fit the event either...depends on where it heads....my truck don't fit through jeep squeeze!
  21. registering GSAK for $20 was perhaps one of my best purchases for geocaching. the guy who created it said you can put it on as many machines as you want and provides updates free to registered users before updating the website. I love this program. i use a HP Ipaq for caching and carry around with me about 1000 caches in it.
  22. Hey, if you hold it for just a leeeeetle bit longer, you can use it for the 2005 summer picnic as well! that doesn't sound like a bad idea....that would give me time to get to 1000 caches by clearing out the 500 or so in MTRP!
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