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  1. for those interested in a smaller....local hike..i'm heading up Kwaay Peak tomorrow around 9amish. probably will meet at the campground parking lot and hike up from there. coming down in a loop past above mission dam towards the dam parking lot. might attempt the climber's loop after depending on leg strength. drop a line if interested.


    PS: will be hunting 3 puzzle caches also.

  2. anyone out there have the patch or know where to get it for geocaching in google earth???? had a small computer glitch and need to patch, i think, to see the geocaches.


    I believe you are looking for the Google Earth KML. You can download it from:





    Clarification. The link is informational. As it describes, you need to go to your "My Account" page and, as a premium user, you will see the download link about half way down the right hand side.



    thanks don <_<


    That I-80 idea is cool. When you get around to it, make it an interlocking two-coin set, with each bridge on one coin, and a unifying theme on the reverse of both.


    NIIIICEEE! on it now!!! will be productoin with oakcoins.com




    put on the edge of the coin the states it runs through.

  4. It would be cool to have a coin in which a cacher is walking past some movie equipment by a ticket booth and into an outdoor scene..... "Geocaching: your "ticket" to the outdoors".


    Maybe something like "California: Our lame micros in a tree are 1300 years old and 600ft tall!" :P


    I like this idea paired up with the agricultural idea..


    what about agriculture on one side and tech on the other? we are strong in both here in california.


    could be movie on one side and outdoors on the other.....with the cacher holding the ticket or it in his backpack

  5. Have I mentioned how crazy you are for taking this on again!? Thanks DG for doing it, AGAIN!


    I would also add that I'd try and stay away from stuff that's already been done, earthquake faults, bridges, etc., I think there is enough in CA that it could be something totally unique.


    The N/S-battling sides could be fun.


    There's always Bodie! :mad:


    This one will have more people working on it. Marky is helping out with the cause.

  6. I'd like to see a Route 80 Geocoin one day.


    It begins/ends from the George Washington Bridge in New York City to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.


    Maybe a Bridge on each side of the Coin. :mad:


    we'll take care of that next perhaps.....could always develop it and see if one of the companies wants to sell it.

  7. Okay.. Sunday it seems to be!



    Where: Bear Valley Loop

    When: Sunday, November 19 (Updated)

    Time: ~9:00am - ~2:00pm



    I have been wanting to go down and complete the Big Bear Loop. I see about 30 caches in that area alone. It appears that we can drive 4x4 to all but a few. Chuy mentioned that 4x2 works if you have higher clearance.


    I thought it would be good to start at (GCNTZF) "Bear Valley Loop-The Beginning...or The End". If enough people are interested, then we can meet at a carpool somewhere to load up people.


    Those that may be able to go:

    - Team Adelos

    - jahoadi and john

    - 3cd's

    - DaMoores


    Anyone else is welcomed to join. :huh: Now, where to meet for those donuts before heading out? :huh:



    I'd certainly be interested in joining this group and although I do have a 2 wheel drive truck, I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to off-road driving but would like to hook up with someone else that enjoys this type of driving and has the appropriate vehicle and nerve.


    There is one bumpy stretch near the beginning but it isn't that bad! If the eastern gate is locked then you'll have to drive back on the dirt road.


    Chuy said it isn't bad either. It sounds like we have enough vehicles.. now to figure out where to meet. Los Coches is at A BLOCKBUSTER VIEW, this may be a good spot. Is this convenient for everyone?




    someone sign us in at Trailgators sleeper cache that we missed. its the one farthest in the back

  8. well, I finally did it. I activated both of my coins. The first one was activated a while back, and just dropped in a local cache on saturday. It was picked up yesterday. The second I just activated today (my birthday) and will keep with me as my personal traveler.


    Thank you again for such a great coin Dillon Gang!


    glad you are enjoying them. ready to start 2007?

  9. As for the coins that are left:


    We only have Regular Coins available now. LE Sold out about 1 month ago.


    if you are interested in just the regular version. we still have some laying around here.


    Price: $6.50 each


    Paypal users additional 2%


    send email to cageocoin@earthlink.net


    PS: for those who i already have emails for on the LE coins. i will be sending you an email with another option.

  10. The following people should be seeing coins soon. i just mailed them off.



    Mystery Ink


    Caching Coins




    Team HoochieMama



    The Walkabouts




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