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  1. sounds good to me...doesn't matter whos playing to me.
  2. how bout this nickel....will finish it ya like
  3. you can send an email to cageocoin@earthlink.net to indicate your interest in purchasing coins. when final draft is completed i will post the pics. i will make sure the coins are $5 or below. when all the price info is in and the order form is created. you will be able to send it to me (hopefully using adobe to the email address) with your monies. coins will not be able to be minted until the minimum order amount is reached (payment in my hands) i will set up a paypal option (1% of money transfers added on) delivery options will be on the order form and we will be looking for distributors in central and northern cal (saves on shipping)
  4. unless anyone has anymore suggestions, i'm going to send this one and the one with the miner to the coin companies to get pricing and help with color. tracking will be done with Marky (if this is okay with you Marky)
  5. The Jailer says no dice on a trip to the lagunas. have to stay local
  6. Congrats to the Dynamic Chaching Duo of Flagman and Duscwe - 1500 Caches!!! can T.T. keep ahead of the Duo or will he be overtaken in the quest for geocaches.....stay tuned on this bat channel on a side note: anyone wanna go caching saturday up sunrise highway and around there...heard there might be a couple of cowboy caches to do.
  7. Any suggestions on color? Golden Gate Bridge - red State - no color, just embossed without the shadow Route 1 sign - green Joshua tree - brown with drk green hollywood - white outside ring - ? Back side? colorize the whole thing? miner - background - (create ground and sky for behind the miner?) outside ring -
  8. i am putting the finishing touches on this desgin. i have an artist type person line drawing the golden gate bridge and the joshua tree. the miner i am working on how to emboss it (3D) so that it looks great. i.e. the pan sunken lower than the miner, his shoulder higher than the head (maybe) as for tracking, how bout something like for the wooden coin use a 5 digit number with the first number the same. i.e. 50001, 50026 ( i picked the 5 cause its a nickel )
  9. i personally don't have a problem with a $5 coin....however, the first round of ca geocoins people wanted a coin around $3. so that is what happend. if there is no qualm about a $5 coin i think this color version will be good.
  10. things we wil have to realize about a two sided coin: each side requires a setup/die fee tracking on the geocaching.com site costs money tracking with Marky on calif.geocoin.net is free putting color on a coin wil walso add to the fee going with pressed metal, no color and the "official geocaching.com" back side is probably the cheapest way to go. my guess is that for 1000 coins ordered it will cost $3 or more. once i get the final idea tuned in....i'll start sending it to the coin makers and find the best deal.
  11. Still working on the miner and the golden gate bridge
  12. Giovanni's Restaurant is close and cheap....The Blarney Stone Pub
  13. ps....are you wanting to colorize it?
  14. working on layering the 49er so that when it is embossed parts stand out. as for the front??? still working on drawing the joshua tree and bridge. hollywood sign we can just make with a certain font and the highway sign is fine.
  15. there is still work to do on making the image ready for minting. i think the ideas for the front of the coin are good....but need to be organized a little better. as for the back with the 49er...he needs a backdrop in my opinion., perhaps some mountains. as for numbering - we oculd continue it starting at 2005 or start with something like CA0001
  16. depending on when you go....let me know...haven't been down there in a long time.
  17. Geocaching in California - The Golden State
  18. Geocaching in the Golden State - California Come Find Your Geocache Gold in California sorry have to head to my daughter's talent show....more to come.
  19. Welcome back Norbu!!! haven't seen you in the forums in a while. logging your own caches is up to you.....always have a problem with event caches that you host. all your partners log it...why not you. you "found" the event place first to find then brought everyone else down....right?
  20. Nice thing about the new explorist 400 - 600 series is that they come with a rechargeable battery already. "Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery This Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack can keep your eXplorist continuously powered-up for up to 14 hours. Recharge your battery directly through your receiver again and again without reducing its performance." SWWEEET! looking forward to the 600 for father's day.
  21. i wouldda thought cowboys like cobbler and apple pie.
  22. golden state geocachers kinda gets stuck in my throat. sound like an association instead of generically labeling geocaching in california
  23. quick job that could use a redwood.
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