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  1. If a shovel, trowel or other “pointy” object is used to dig, whether in order to hide or to find the cache, then it is not appropriate. "

    What if a "trowel32" is used to find the cache :D


    Ha ha - bad joke...sorry :D


  2. i would consider removing the cactus and tree from the front. make the jack-a-lope bigger and move to the bottom like the kokopeli. with the vibrant colors on the flag...the other things seem to clutter the design.


    you already have a cactus on the back. one more thing about the back....making the ammo can more obvious would be better. it is really small and the detail when the coins are made might make it look like a rock.

  3. Tracking on gc.com is likely to not be a possibility for this primary reason:  It adds $1.50 to the coin, and half of the coin (read: an entire side) is dedicated to the gc.com approved logo, which is supplied by TPTB).  To us, that leaves too many limitations to make it worth it.


    Do you want Marky to track the coin or just not track it at all? (I know you are watching the thread Marky)


    other things to consider...color or not?


    i think you are pretty close to ready to print. i see the english below. are you going to put it on the coin?


    do you want to represent geocaching.com in any way? we could color the state with the 4 colors....or color the jeep in those colors/


    perhaps the "g" in script for geocaching somewhere?

  4. why worrry about different authors...it should be a collaboration of the two. responses should address both designs. i only submitted one to get the artwork flowing.


    things i like about the newest design post:


    the jack-a-lope!!! quite funny


    back side work...great background....not too sure about the jeep or the latin ( i don't speak that much latin)


    would be neat to see a rattlesnake wrapped around an ammo can or gpsr.


    might add the www.geocaching.com website on the edges or ask marky to track it and put that url on it


    Way to go Team A.I. !!!! :anitongue:<_<:ph34r:

  5. Like I said on the LIGO forum it sounds to logical so there must be an error in my thought process so poke holes all you want.

    That is a good idea, but it's $1500 per 1000 tracking numbers. That's a lot of cash, not to mention the other expenses. Plus I honestly don't see 4000-5000 coins selling. Past experience shows that no coin here has ever had that much demand.

    That's the whole point. We wouldn't have to order 4000-5000. There would be one NY geocoin order of 1000. 250 will have the Finger lakes on the back, 250 will have the Statue of Liberty, 250 will have the Montauk LH, 250 would have Niagara Falls... then we can keep going if we want. If The Capitol Region wants there own coin, they can have 250 with the AA Battery on it, the Adirondack can have a coin with some mountains and pine trees. The possibilities are endless and the cost shouldn't be prohibitive.

    Jumping in with my 2 1/2 cents worth...i have designed and produced 2 geocoins and well as been part of a few other state geocoin projects.


    you will easily sell 1000 coins. the collectors will be chomping at the bit to buy them...there are two coin clubs that i know of that will order up to 350 coins between them alone.


    as for minting 250 of 4 different coins....die cost are about $75 per side. minimum orders from coins companies will have higher prices...usually 1000 coins is the best deal and you can get them done for about $2.80 -$3.50 per coin. add in the gc.com charge of 1.50 per coin and you are at $5 per coin.


    i guess you would have to work it out with the coin company if they will make a deal.


    as for the design..i love the front....like the divided conept with SOL, the Falls, the lighthouse, and skyline. You could put a circle in the middle with the script "G" for caching.

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