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  1. Talking with Coinsandpins.com and the geocoinstore for pricing. leaning towards geocoinstore because they can mint, collect the money, and ship the coins.

    Coins and Pins can also do this for you.

    As can Oakcoins for a better price as well.

    thanks for the info.


    emailing coinsandpins.com to ask about them taking care of it all.

  2. Sorry for the long delay. Had a few deaths of close friends to deal with in the past months. Soooooo...


    Currently the artwork is finished. Talking with Coinsandpins.com and the geocoinstore for pricing. leaning towards geocoinstore because they can mint, collect the money, and ship the coins. should be in production before the end of the month.


    The coin looks the same except it will have 2006 on it.


    The coins are trackable on geocaching.com


    The coins will have a custom icon


    Pricing looking about $7.50per coin. (that's what happens when you add in the gc.com tracking and custom icon)


    will post the final and give a mint date soon.

  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with Bikedog and his family. We hope that a miracle will happen and he will stay with us longer. But if the good Lord sees fit to take him, we wish him luck in his next great adventure. January has been a tragic month so far. Let's hope it gets better.

  4. Anyone game for this caching adventure? :blink:



    YAHOO YAHOO YAHOO YAHOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The Geobabes are in for sure, first in line!!!!


    Where do we sign up????


    :P:P Splashette

    If this doesn't get my wife firmly involved with Geocaching, nothing will.

    if you plan it...they will come!


    ....and so will we!!!! :blink:


    Happy Birthday to you -- HAPPY!

    Happy Birthday to you -- HAPPY!

    Happy Birthday, dear Splashette -- HAPPY!

    Happy Birthday to you!


    And many more.........

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy B-Day Spashette!!!

  6. Stopped by Max's this morning in the unlikely event there was still a YMS #26.  Nope.  The only cards left are 2@ #25 and 3@ #25 misprints.  Guess that's the expected consequence for being out of town when a new card is released.  Will keep an eye out for additional distribution.

    -Gecko Dad

    More will be released shortly. They are printed, just need to be chopped and dipped...

    Sounds like guacamole if y' ask me. Anyway, go for it Don.

    either that or he took them to the vet for a shampoo, cut and flea dip!

  7. OK, now for a roll call! Who is planning on meeting us at 7PM tomorrow at the 56&15 P&R to head over to do the Christmas Card Lane cache: GC2BB4? So far we have: Smiling Lady, Duganrm, Team Reid and myself.....


    I just want to make sure that we don't leave anyone behind! :laughing:

    add the entire Dillon Gang to that list...perhaps even the dog....leaving the turtles and cats at home

  8. I've been looking for somewhere to put my photo's to upload. Thought I'd try FLICKr (it's free if you have a Yahoo account and I have one w/ my DSL line).




    It's not real smooth but it seems to work.


    Anyone have other good ideas??!!??



    nice work jeff. enjoying the contrast!

  9. Uh . . . :lol: Not to change the subject, or anything . . .


    But, I wonder who will retrieve the UDesignit Card . . . :mad:


    Its location. :cry:

    I might have to rescue it myself. We need someone who won't get eaten by that devil beast. It'll probably leave me alone -- you know, professional courtesy and all.... :D

    send in Jeff when he gets here...the devil will pay homage to the master of devilish caching

  10. Well no one has mentioned this idea before - I think.   

    How about a global geocoin?   

    I grabbed an image from Google Earth, added some text and got:




    Just to get the creative juices going.


    Take this idea and fly with it! :unsure:


    No one from Australia or South Africa will want one though :lol:

    Why not?

    Do you see those countries on the coin? lol :lol:


    I'd have made the same comment months ago if I had seen the thread, and I'd have added the same smiley to the end which indicates that it is a tongue in cheek comment :lol:;)


    Enjoy your coin!

    working on rectifying the situation of continents. working on getting all except antarctica....anyone caching in antarctica? anyone from Antarctica buying geocoins?


    will end up with part of europe, part of africa, much of asia, part of australia on one side and north and south america on the other

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