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  1. The problem is Australia can't decide which hemisphere to be in like everybody else. if they would just all get on one side and paddle the continent to the east or west it would fit just right.
  2. Sounds like this coin needs an animated icon. interesting idea. wonder if its possible.
  3. The Earth Geocoin is trackable on geocaching.com and has its own custom icon
  4. there is a european distributor. check the link at the top of the forum
  5. 3 wyoming geocoins freshly arrived here in San Diego via Nurse Dave Coin Group
  6. there was supposed to be some deal to order the usa and earth coin together to save on shipping. thats why the delay in sale date for earth coin
  7. Then you can also shop at USAgeocoin.com. As for trusting coinsandpins.com...I wouldn't have gone with them if i didn't fully trust Tess and Aaron.
  8. Sales are open and these coins are available at the following sites: PRICE: $8.49 +shipping/handling 400 Available at: Coinsandpins.com 300 Available At: Cachezone in Europe 300 Available At Rumor has it they are available also at: USA Geocoins (indirect link removed by moderator)
  9. On sale now. What hyperlink did you use to get to them? I tried to find them and couldn't.
  10. Earth Coins on sale in Europe!!!!!!!! Head to the following link if you are in Europe to purchase these: Earth Coin Sale in Europe Any minute on sale in USA!!!!!
  11. Sorry bout the delay. still waiting on coinsandpins.com to get the updated design to me. was hoping to have these minted and on the way to all before june. we'll see what happens
  12. Sorry bout the delay. still waiting on coinsandpins.com to get the info posted on their website and send other info to me.
  13. Anyone NOT doing anything next week M-Th? Wanna go get some caches. (plenty of notice for you Pat) Time to head to the south bay area and clean the geo explosion out.
  14. Anybody BORED tomorrow and want to go caching???? Perhaps Rancho San Diego Area? My caching partner and the rest of the gang are out of town.
  15. sounds like you are the natural to take over the urge to mint the ca coin BTW: Native born So Cal 3 generations
  16. Don't you work?????? great fact though....perhaps a locationless cache...Where were you when this occured..
  17. Coinsandpins.com currently has the coins in hand. we are thinking of delaying the sell date to coincide with the sell date of the Geocache America coins to help combine shipping costs. More info as it comes to me.
  18. By "last run," do you mean "last of many" runs? Do you plan on overproducing these coins like the 2005 coins? I got burned pretty badly on the 2005 coins; I bought a whole bunch extra to sell (at cost) to cachers who didn't get in on the order, only to find that there were additional runs done during the year. Now I am stuck with a whole bunch of 2005 coins, and nobody is interested in them even at cost. If you plan on doing that to us again this year, please warn us so that we can take the oversaturation into account, OK? sorry bout what happened. it was stated that we would mint 2005 (i think) just ran out of money after fronting for the first 1200. i think the value is down based on flooding the market with other coins and the fact that most people are now wanting coins trackable on gc.com. I can make this statement for sure...there will be no more than 2006 coins minted! There might be less. we are focusing on a Limited Edition and a standard. Depending on what the market will bear, the pricing and amount made will be determined.
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