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  1. Very Sorry to hear of your loss. She is hunting geocaches with all her friends in the happy hunting grounds.
  2. anyone out there interested in riding bicycles to work on the 50 state series on HWY 56 next week? only have a week left of vacation. Also hope to hike/bike the element series.
  3. He was a super nice guy full of energy. Rest in peace, Carl. We had met Carl when we first started geocaching...He respectfully beat us to one of our first FTF attempts...There he was bent over looking in the bushes...Up he stood and his smile captivated us....We didn't participate in the MTRP war games but watched in awe as he and others out did one another....The cache hidden in the storm drain under Navajo had his name on it....We will miss him for a short time...So glad that his finish line was victorious! Sorry to hear that Carl has left us. We hope that he enjoys his newest adventure in heaven. He was an incredible man and we thank him for all his contributions to our community. Rest in peace Carl. We will miss you!
  4. Howdy all, salivating over the new Garmin GPSMap 62s has led us to put one on hold at REI. Dillon Mom says we have to sell the GPSMAP 60cs to help with the purchase. We have the City Select Streets for North America that is unlocked for that gps and Garmin topo maps also for it as well. if you are interested in a great gps, drop us an email or if you know the life line give a call.
  5. Couple of Californians in Roswell? Naw, ain't nothin' strange about that. What th' heck are you two up to? Up by Area 51 near Rachel, NV
  6. Dhsundance and Dillon Dad's early morning view on the ET Highway
  7. Howdy all! the teachers of sweetwater are on break finally!!! Whooo HOoo!. Was planning on riding the Highway 54 bike path tomorrow as well as the otay river valley near palm ave and HWY 5 and if time permits the Strand. Anyone intereted? Heading down around 8am ish to drop off Miranda at school. Have to pick her up at 3:10pm. Any takers? i can carry 4 bikes on the bike rack or in the truck. drop an email and will give phone number to coordinate.
  8. Congrats to dhsundance on 4700 finds. Didn't have the chance to be up on Big Bear to witness the milestone, however, WAY TO GO DAVE!
  9. A great big Huzzah! and Congrats! to everyone with their milestones. Haven't been in the forums much. Just stopped by to say thanks!
  10. 9am to 11:30am is my favorite time to geocache. where do you want to go? have you done pt. loma area?duncan's caches and a couple of u2u as well as puzzles? Balboa park? mission bay area? perhaps a trip through allied gardens to lake murray? drop me a line and i'll send phone number. i should be up by 7am and getting geared up to take on u2u.
  11. anybody bored and need to get outta the house tomorrow (Friday)? Teacher off on summer break needs friend for caching adventure. willing to cache almost anywhere.
  12. Had an email from Sara of Oakcoins (Geoswag.com) syaing that these are in the pre-sale phase and will be available to the public soon...i have 12 of each color to trade for other coins. they have not been unwrapped or activated.
  13. See...it's been a long time since we were here.....thought about the numbers while eating dinner. came back and "erased" the numbers. thanks for watching out for us.
  14. Howdy All, been a long time since we were in this forum. finally did a little designing for fun. developed the I-80 geocoin out of a question in the California Geocoin forum. Well....here it is!!!!! You'll have to contact Oakcoins about obtaining this one. i have a few available for trade/sale. Info: 2 coins in the set. one coin has washington bridge in new york and a jeep with I80 sign for CA one coins has san francisco bay bridge and a taxi cab with I80 sign for New Jersey. if you combine both coins, around the edges are the states I-80 goes through on its way coast to coast. When you link them, the signs and bridges match up correctly. Trackable on geocaching.com Below are the two coins matched together in the correct order. there are 2 types of finishes.
  15. Forget holding your breath.....get out there and place traditionals throughout the canyon so there is no space for the puzzles
  16. Happy Holidays to all from the Dillon Gang!!! Hope to see you on the trails!
  17. Hope everyone is safe and well. With any luck we will all have our home still to go home to. our thoughts and prayers go out to those evacuated.
  18. A big HUZZZZAH!!!! to Unknown_2_You on 600 Finds!!!! Logging in at the Tecolote Toybox2. Yes, we do still love you....
  19. I f anyone is interested, Dillon Dad will be biking the Strand in Coronado tomorrow. Have to pick up the new caches there. on the list are the 3 Schools, Walk the Line, and Ned Ryerson puzzles. I will be starting around 8am and plan to finish before 1:30. Drop a line if interested.
  20. we took a 4, 5, 8 and 10 year old on that at night. it was grand!
  21. I was going up to Oceanside on Sunday morning to do those two events and some of the caches in the park. If you are interested in a late afternoon/early evening hike into MTRP, I still have to find the Adrenaline cache {snakes should be just getting up about that time } and would be willing to go up and over one or both of the Fortunas with whoever wants to go. that's a lotta steps up south fortuna to get to that cache. however, 10pm was a great time to find that one. great view of the gorge and had full moonlight.
  22. 4x4 trucks and jeeps need exercise also!!!
  23. I'm in, just let me know which night so I can make work arangements . Just bumping this to see who thinks they wants to make the hike, and which night they can make it? What time works well for everyone? It starts to cool off out here after 4:00 p.m. On Saturday night, the sun will go down about 7:50, and on that night, I think the moon will be coming up close to the same time the sun sets. It should be a beautiful moonrise! If this goes off on the 28th then I am up for it. Can't make it if happens on the 27th. I hate it when work interferes with the more enjoyable parts of life. Like the daytime and the nighttime? why hike it??? can't ya drive it in a 4x4??
  24. Way to go FATTBOY on 1500!!!!!! Great Job Gobolts! 4000 we can only dream
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