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  1. I'm disappointingly disappointed by all of the disappointment. But since Nate is apparently just lying to everyone (Why...that number HAS to be larger!!), why even register your complaint? Won't Nate just lie to you again?
  2. Introduce yourself!! You might enjoying looking for the cache together...
  3. What GPS do you have. I remember when my wife first got her used GPS, a SportTrac, it was much slower than what I was using, so she would almost always overshoot her target.....look at the GPS....go the other direction....and overshoot it again. The GPS would always be a couple of steps behind compared to my newer Garmin.
  4. Not to change topics, but why should GSAK, or its users and their possibly-outdated databases, ever be a consideration on how I do anything on Groundspeak? To the OP, Groundspeak are not trying to spy on you.....they just want to know that you are close enough to keep the cache maintained. Congrats on your first cache!
  5. What do you mean "overblown?" It happens. No really it does. People have kids...and they go geocaching with them. In my area (things can be very area-dependant) there are plenty of fellow geocaching families. It is a segment that exists. Or, maybe it's just easy to recognize others who fit the same geocaching mold? IF someone is a 50+ geocacher....maybe you see other who are also. Whether or not I am in the majority of geocachers doesn't dictate how I play the game. And end the end, I'm not sure it dictates the viability of this device. Some see younger/novice geocachers as the future, others see them as trouble-makers looking to trash caches.
  6. Wow, all it took was this simplified GPS to get people all riled up? As a parent (you will recognize us because we're the ones with the kids in tow while caching), I think this is a great idea! I can have my GPS, my kids (the oldest which is 3) can have their GPS "toy"......one big happy global positioning family. Dumbed down? It's marketed for kids for little Billy's sake! While I would never call my kids dumb, they haven't quite mastered the concept of satellites orbiting the planet sending out signals to people searching for tupperware containers for fun. Heck, they barely even understand the concept not crapping their pants.... This device is perfect....it points to the cache. What more do my kids need? I guess I'm not believing that this product will usher in the no-log, trashed cache cataclysmic apocalypse that is being predicted. And as a cache-owner, bring on these terrifying zombie cache-destroying newbies.....sounds like we might need some fresh blood around these parts....
  7. I don't run pocket queries very often.....but they seem to be down when I do........the universe is against me!
  8. My favorite "experience" on this subject has to do more with the user than the GPSr. It's something you might see in the logs.... It's the unwavering belief that your (whoever you may be) GPSr must be the "correct" one. I get these: coordinates off by 20 ft. Followed by: coordinates spot on. Who is correct? Who knows. I'm smart enough to know (or at least I tell myself) that the day I hid my geocache, my unit might have been a little off...
  9. And what would you expect the MOD to say? Something is obviously broken and a MOD can't fix it. I didn't get my PQ either. We had gotten used to 24/7 PQ service. Time to get used to the new reality. I would expect the mod to say....yes, something is wrong, it's not you or your email provider, it is on OUR SIDE (sometimes you never know). OF COURSE we've been used to 24/7 PQ service, that's what we pay for. Has the fine print changed? What "new reality" must we get used to? I'm not going to beat Ground speak up, because they would never take such a shrill tone toward their members.......but your comment is.......ummmmm........I'll be nice.
  10. Two different GC accounts.....2 different email accounts. The server SAYS it ran them......me no get them. That's pretty much it......
  11. Yeah.....next time, write this on your printout: Coordinates for Geocaching only, absolutely NOT for my diabolical terroristic plans!! It should make things go much quicker!!
  12. Three cheers for Groundspeak!! My topo friends are back....thanks for taking care of it! But I'll be watching you......
  13. Yeah, we call that time TODAY!! Look on the bright side. It's like Groudspeak Classic!!
  14. Whre does the buck stop? Does Google provide the Topomaps? If it's Google's fault, a little note stating such would go a long way. Google's site is working....this one is not. The Groundspeak tech guys do a great job...but can we at least be honest? BRB, I have to call Bill Gates because I'm using his browser....maybe it's his fault..... Luckily, my life doesn't depend on Geocaching..... Also, the problem probably will not prevent anyone from Geocaching...
  15. You realize it's still only 7am at Groundspeak, right? They may not be aware of the problem yet. Well that instills confidence!! Although I'm pretty sure it started yesterday afternoon PDT. Since this is one of the few times I've come here to complain and harangue the techs, I'm going for broke!!
  16. What a great idea for a Multi. Stage 1 - Coords written on Restroom stall at a 'truck stop' Stage 2 - Hide a key in Adult book store, 'movie' booth number 3 Stage 3 - micro in bathroom of gay bar Humm...Where to put Final? I'll just leave that one alone....
  17. oh... just wanted to post the same And how do I get my Topo and Satellite maps back? And while we're at it, what happened to the little balloons that give you a run down of the geocache name, difficulty, etc., where you click on a cache in the map. Glad someone finds decreased functionality funny.....I do not.
  18. So I'm not the only one.....that's good. The fact that I can't use the maps as I wish and expect...not so good.
  19. The key words being "sounds like." In truth, the cache was submitted on Thursday the 21st, received a prompt review the same day, and was published on the 23rd after the proximity conflict was resolved through some back-and-forth messaging. Pretty good, considering that our service standard is to provide an initial review within three days. Sorry, I meant the in-progress caches. If there is another step in hiding a cache, contacting the reviewer about the coords even if you clear every multi and unknown cache in the area, it needs to be documented somewhere. I admit I've never run into this situation personally (seems like an uncommon situation), but I would like to know more about the process of "saving a spot" if I happen to want to release 50 caches in a day. Not a conspiracy, just an undocumented process.
  20. So, cacher A places a cache but there's a problem with it. Suppose he put in a pocket knife, which he wasn't supposed to do, but everything else about the cache is OK. All he needs to do is to go back and remove the knife in order to have his cache published. Cacher B places a cache 50' away the next day not knowing about the other cache. You're saying cacher B should get the spot instead of cacher A? Now suppose cacher A doesn't get back to his cache for (some arbitrary time period). Cacher B contacts the reviewer. The reviewer contacts cacher A who says he just can't get out there to fix the problem. The reviewer publishes cache B instead of cache A. Where's the problem? Actually that sounds fine. Is that what is happening in this case? Since the hiders in this case (the "holders") say they were willing to change locations, why wouldn't they just "remove the knife," that easy-to-fix hypothetical you provided. Sounds like it might not be the case, and that they were on hold a little longer than a day. In which case....that would be different. You hypothetical seemed to perfect, so reasonable. I'm not sure that's the current situation.
  21. What the heck is this "hold" policy? That's what I'm concerned about. This should definitely be in the guidelines because I have not idea what it is and who is allowed such privileged status. Why would you want to keep the caching community in the dark? If it's not published (the "hold"), how can it prevent another from placing a cache there? This stinks....
  22. Even if he had read the entire guidelines, how would that have changed the OP's actions or "outing" of the other caches? He might have called for permission first before he put out the cache, but he probably would still mention the other caches.....just for clarification about the park's policy.
  23. Yes, finding a good location for a cache sometimes take effort. That's the nature of the beast..... Even if there WERE an automatic system, wouldn't you have to go home to check anyway?
  24. Sounds a lot like someone going out and trying to get a FTF. If they go out there and it was found already but not logged online...well then they "wasted their $4 gas." If the only reason you go to get caches is to get some mystery coin (which is still much of a mystery to me), then if you are disappointed it's not there, then that's the game you play. I don't think the price of gas (or tea in China) is going to change my viewpoint.
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