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  1. I nominate Ariel of ARIEL'S ADVENTURE Travel Bug, TB210FC ARIEL , WHERE ART THOU? GC1FJV3 is a cache dedicated to her.
  2. I want to go to a Patriot's Game. I want to go to Nascar at New Hampshire. I want to see my son Get Married and Have Children. I want to get THE WHOLE FAMILY together for Christmas. I want to take my picture standing at the PERRY, MAINE sign. Opalsns
  3. THE NEVERENDING STORY .....Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah. I love that song and the movie!!! All the characters are incredable and the story is sad and happy, like a story should be, Also any of THE STORY TELLER stories. I'm a fan of life size puppets. and being over 40, any of Sid and Marty Kroft shows. Opalsns
  4. Here is my idea, BOTTLE CAPS ... What I do is print out thumbnails of the coin on sticker paper, cut them out and stick them too the bottle cap. Then I spray with a clear acrylic coat. you can paint the tracking number on the back. I put magnets on them and giving them out at events, but you can send it out to move along. Scrapbookers have been using them for a while. You can buy colored caps on ebay!!! Opalsns
  5. Hollora, Great Idea, can you do a new years eve cointest???? That should be too funny!!! Opalsns
  6. TSUN, I just visited your site for the first time and I wanted to say what a great person you are for Helping your animal Center, I am a lover of all animals, and have taken in many strays. Our GirlieGirl, a stray shepard had to be put down due to cancer. We are now the foster parents of 5 kittens that were left by there mother. We haven't seen her for 2 weeks. She was a stray also and showed up pregnant and starving. I am waiting to get them fixed with the help of spay neuter programs. Long story short, I hope to purchase the coin for the cause. Heading there now. Keep up the good work, Opalsns
  7. In 2009 I will stop complaining about all my missing TBs . Opalsns
  8. A good way to keep away the humdrums of winter ... I'll play . Opalsns
  9. STOP DRIVING DISTRACTED !!!! LOOK FOR BIKES!!!!! One wheel, two wheels and three wheel Trikes !!!
  10. With ticket prices at around $9, that's about twenty-five paying customers per theater over the weekend. Four showings per day times three days in the weekend... that's about TWO VIEWERS PER SHOWING! So who did you take to see it ?? LOL!!!
  11. WOW! Now I remember why I don't like Obituaries... I'm ready to drop my first cache' and then I find out how many TB's and Coins get ... missing ... geeeeeessseee... I'm going to try ALL the Ideas for NOT losing them, I was just wondering, Does this happen to Paying members, I mean would some one join membership and then steel coins and tb's ??? My brother has one cache on Rt. 95 in RI and the trabel bugs seem to move fine in his, maybe the highways are the best place to put TB's and Coins, I'm new and learning, I also wanted to do a ATC Cache'..... Art Trading Cards ... There are collectors of one of a kind art that is done on 2 1/2" x 3 1/2 " card stock. They are collected, Like Baseball Cards, some go for BIG BUCKS on auction sites. They were started by starving artists who wanted to collect each others art but couldn't afford it so they TRADED art!!!!! Any Ideas???? Opal
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