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  1. ..., I'm posting this, what are some of the worst trades you've ever seen on a cache page that people have actually had the guts to log.


    I just read one a little while ago that read like this:


    ".....Took the travel bug and will move it west this weekend. Left 6 cents."

    Grabbing a TB is not considered a "trade". Therefore, anything left in a cache during the taking of the TB is not a trade - technically, it would be a bonus. :rolleyes:

  2. Seems to me, that one is just making more work for themselves with all the mutliple identities. :rolleyes:

    All information shared here is drawn from true life stories...

    only the names have been changed to protect the innocent! :lol:

  3. Two items of interest from my perspective:


    GPSr accessory antenna that connects via external port (jack) for increased sensitivity in areas offering only poor reception. It's probably be associated with a new model GPSr as I'm not aware of any current models that offer such an option.


    A miniaturized metal detector(something no longer than your forearm) with good sensitivity at a reasonable cost.

  4. Crashing through the brush and having a twig snap back into an eye...

    Spaining an ankle and tearing all the ligaments in the lower portion of my leg in the process - two months to return to normal and counting.

    Various cuts and bruises - my own fault. When I zero in on a cache I react like an ill mannered horse that has just seen the barn at the end of the ride home.

    Have I earned my Purple GPSr? :(

  5. To date I haven't driven more than 150 miles for a day of geocaching. Even though there are hundreds of them within a radius of half that distance, I tend to seek out hides created by members of the sport who have a reputation for creativity. It's worth driving 150 miles, in my opinion, even if it results in a DNF - provided the hide is easy enough to reach but well camo'd and difficult to find; and I usually find a good previously unvisited restaurant or two during the journey. :(

  6. .... Trying to explain this activity to the uninitiated is impossible; you have to take them on a few hunts--then they *may* get it!

    Couldn't agree more. My wife, not what you'd call a "tecky", didn't understand it until I convinced her to accompany me on one of my early geocaching excursions. After the second find she wanted to know if we had enough daylight left to try for a third. Now she understands it - and she can spot 'em quicker than I can.

  7. Which one went to sleep? Or are you just blinking your eyes? :unsure:

    I just read her profile. This lady doesn't sleep. Just reading the list of what she's accomplished (not to mention what she's working toward) makes me tired. Great job carleenp !!!

    Besides, I"m pretty sure that carleenp is the red headed lady smiling in the background.

  8. Which one went to sleep? Or are you just blinking your eyes? :unsure:

    I just read her profile. This lady doesn't sleep. Just reading the list of what she's accomplished (not to mention what she's working toward) makes me tired. Great job carleenp !!!

  9. Why not save a few bucks. Go to the Groundspeak merchandise section, buy yourself a geocaching sticker (that nice egg shaped item that reads "GEO") and save the money you would have spent on a personalized plate for some really great geocaching accessories?

    Signed.... More Bang For Your Geocaching Buck

  10. Is GPS Global Positioning System, or is it Global Positioning Satellite, or maybe it's Global Positioning Sender, which would explain why some feel more comfortable referring to the piece in their had as a Receiver. Then again, because the Receiver actually provides information which Sends me to a specific destination, perhaps the Receiver is actually a Sender, or maybe a Receiver/Sender, in which case my GPS that used to be a GPSr is now a GPSrs. Perhaps the term "Global" is also incorrect. Maybe it was meant to mean "Geo". Don't ya just love these intellectual discussions.? :o

  11. ... Don't know how to make it download into EasyGPS at this point. Where do I go from the "Downloading GPX/LOC Files" page to continue and get the waypoints? :P


    Have actually done this once successfully, but now it doesn't work.


    Thanks for any help you can give me.

    I am assuming you're looking at a page like this and that you've checked the cache sites you want to download. I also assume that, on this page, you have clicked on the "download waypoints" link at the bottom. That should generate a dialogue box which allows you to download the file information to a folder (that you previously prepared within the EasyGPS folder) on your system. The downloaded file will be named "geocaching". Once it's donwloaded you'll need to rename it if you don't want it to be overwritten by the next download from Groundspeak.

    Once you have the file in folder "x" in EasyGPS, simply connect your GPSr to your computer, open the file with EasyGPS and click on the "send" button on the toolbar at the top of the EasyGPS screen.

    Hope that helps.... :o

  12. ...Yes the "Arriving at destination" is a bit wierd ar first. Usually happens between 50 and 100 feet.


    OK, here's a user description that I'd use to support my point. Cobra advertises that its GPS is useful for the golf course. They claim " the Cobra GPS can be used to provide the remaining distance to the green, critical for making club selections. The only requirement is to first save the coordinates of the center of each green on the course. The GPS 100 has the memory to load and save coordinates for 18 holes on 25 courses." Johnnie_Stalkers tells us that his experience revealed an accuracy of 50 - 100 feet. I don't know anyone in the sport of golf that would accept that margin for error from a GPS when estimating distance to the green. Most golfers that I know can pretty well judge distances with that degree of accuracy without the need for electronic navigational devices.

  13. It's pretty easy to make a claim for future success when the R&D people are still excited about a new idea. But I don't envision Cobra having much of an impact on the GPSr market. Some of the feedback on their current stuff (example) would lead one to suspect they'll be producing a piece of equipment that is somewhat limited in its performance capabilities. If they had any real creative people on their team I suspect they'd have made some inroads in the professional and amateur radio markets in the past, but they focused most of their attention on the CB radio market.

  14. ... It really does not matter to me what a newbie is called, its just another post.


    One more post to go!


    Thank goodness. When I read the initial post I came to wonder about the level of maturity of the new folks we've "recruited". I did notice, however, that your post did a good job of exposing the level of maturity of some of our veteran members.

    Good job...!!! :D

  15. Every time I hear "exponential growth" I think of the reproductive capabilities of the neighborhood cats. I'm sure glad I took my "C" in statistics and pursued electronics. What I learned from statistical analysis is that liars use statistics to unite fools in support of their special interests. Present company excepted.

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