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  1. I received an email from Janae at Oakcoins that said there were 19 versions with 9 participating in the trade. The actual mint numbers weren't mentioned.


    1. Flash Mob (still available on their website)

    2. Pink (still available on their website)

    3. Geoswag (trade) (still available on their website)

    4. Louisiana (trade)

    5. Ckronos (trade)

    6. Monterey (trade)

    7. Rio Grande (trade)

    8. Michigan (trade)

    9. Abilene, Texas (trade) (80 minted)

    10. North Carolina (trade) (50 minted)

    11. South Africa (trade)

    12. Farbenfroh

    13. LI

    14. Inkognito

    15. Bicester

    16. Portugal

    17. DuBois

    18. Carnival Netherlands

    19. Naked (I think this was only given to event hosts)

    20. Yuma (got this one from their website)


    If there were more please add to this list along with mint numbers if you can. I also still have some North Carolina Mardi Gras geocoins available for sale. Please PM if interested.

  2. Maybe this will help. Or not. I scanned the 24 coins I have, front & back, and have numbered them 1-24. Find your coin & name it with the number next to it! :laughing:





    I'll start:


    2. Rainbow Glow (Kaysville, Utah 12-12-12 12:12:12 Flash Mob)

    5. Geoswag

    6. MSE Naked Gold

    15. Fayetteville, NC

    18. MSE Naked Antique Nickel

    20. St. Louis, MO (SLAGA)


    Do you not have the Pink Version?



  3. I guess I had some real good luck. I made it as high as 16 on the overall leader board (finished 46th) and couldn't believe that I was picking them like I did. It could have easily gone the other way. I really enjoyed the competition and hated to see one or two drop out towards the end. It was definitely fun and I hope I am invited back next year!! Thanks to everyone!! If the pics of the winning coins don't get posted I will definitely post the ones that I won.


  4. I figured a discussion about a 12-12-12 group coin would be going by now; I see it's actually been going for quite a while.


    Add Bridgewater, Nova Scotia to the list (hope you don't mind E&C+3 if I add an event an hour away from your's). I didn't have an 11-11-11 event last year, partly due to other stuff happening or potentially happening the same day as I recall, but held XX-XX-XX events the previous 3 years. Being the "last one" of this type, it's time to finally get in on the group coin project. :)


    Not a problem Islander! Wish I could attend both. :)

    I'll definitely have to work out a trade with you!

    And I'll have to make sure to get trades from both of you :D

    I'll be heading south at the time so the question is - Is there anyone haveing a 12*12*12 in North Carolina?? (at the Beach preferably) which reminds me of the movie "On the Beach" which is a doomsday scenario, that would work well for an event.

    Which also raises the question of how hard is it to get an event published in another country?? :blink:


    Fayetteville North Carolina will be hosting an event but it is probably a little too far inland. I am pretty sure that AtlantaGal will be hosting an event again this year in Myrtle Beach South Carolina which I am sure is what you are looking for.

  5. I missed the presale so I didn't have to worry about the delivery. But now, since they are available, I start to worry how to get them.

    If anyone (Jim doesn't answer) is willing to sell or trade one or two, please contact me.


    There are five different versions of the Circle of Four geocoin available for sale on the e place. Can't wait to get mine!

  6. I have not yet heard back from this vendor despite my phone calls and an email yesterday. Considering the circumstances, until further notice, this vendor has been removed from Groundspeak's list of authorized geocoin vendors.


    The Vendor's Company name has been removed from the Forum List and we've submitted a development team request to have the vendor removed from the Geocoin Manufacturers and Resellers list accessible from this link as well.


    Hopefully everyone gets the coins that they paid for and hopefully we hear from the vendor soon.


    Isn't it ironic that the vendor is removed from Groundspeak's list of authorized geocoin vendors and roughly 12 hours later coins are being prepared for shipment? Interesting.....

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