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  1. One of our TBs has made it to the stash in Groundspeak HQ, and I was wondering if there is someone up there that could rescue it for me and put back into circulation? It's name is TB Crab Tag, and its mission is to return to Maryland. Many thanks....

  2. I downloaded some caches over two different days and the ones I downloaded today are listed under geocaches, but the ones I downloaded yesterday are nowhere to be found. They show up on the computer GPX files, but not on the GPSr. How do I find them??? please help.

  3. I apologize for the first post I made asking for help. Here is my problem. I have a new TomTom model XL325-SE. I have used it successfully, but now either it isn't working, or I am doing something wrong. I went to the main menu, tapped itinerary planning,tapped the add key, went to Latitued/Longitude, then entered the coords as needed. This worked for three locations, then I get a screen saying "No usable locations near cursor." I have tried deleting all points, but still get this screen when I enter coords. I can enter a street address and it will work, but will not take coords at all. I don't know why, even if I try to go to "navigate to" and enter coords, I get the same results. Hope I gave enough details. Any help? Thanks.

  4. I've had to replace the whole log along with the container once. I have the old log that was out of the container, wet and covered with mud. Most of the pages were stuck together (spiral wound note pad), but some of it is readable. I have emailed the CO, but have not heard from him (her) Just keeping it in case I hear. Am willing to mail it but don't know where. Should I email again?

  5. Nothing wrong with putting it in or around poison oak. Just make sure to make it known in your description of the cache and list it in the attributes. Anyone not wanting to be exposed to it will not look. There is always some exposure to poison oak on any cache located in the country. Hard to avoid. Again, make it known to all.

  6. I believe they must be more of a "middle man", when they get your order, they have to order it then send it to you. Just my 2cents worth. I ordered from them and had to wait. About a week after I finally got my order, I received a package from them that was meant for someone else. I got the correct address from the packing slip and forwarded it to the correct place. ???? Just don't know about that.

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