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  1. mine locked up twice yesterday and one time it couldn't even lock on to the birds. so I tried everything,took the battery out, turned it off and on,even reset everything via clear memory still didn't lock on to the birds. finally I did reset via the secret menu"hold down world button and press power" then dial in number 32 and then turn it back on volla birds being tracked again. the 2 times it locked up on me I was messing with the communications menu. hope it helps...
  2. check out the magellan 5/600 series, they are small with a nice colormap and have unlimited map size options via sd card. both have a lithium-ion battery with claims up to 15+ hours of use before recharge.for durablity I had the sportrak color and I logged thousands of miles on it. the garmin 60cs has a bigger screen and the 76 is just really big compared to the others i mentioned. but it has lots of extra features. if your looking for a all in one package check out the garmin 96c this unit has everything including aircraft flying settings and other amazing stuff but be prepared to shell out a ton of money for it
  3. what settings do you use for transfering files with mac,I'm using the new explorist 600 I have the magellan and have several communication settings, v1.5apa or v1.5 xte or v2.1gsa. if I put i into file transfer the files pop up on the desktop which is nice but how do you get simplegps to read from unit. thanks flir67
  4. never showed up on the magelllan 600 all it ask u is to press enter to continue.
  5. on tigerdirect they have refurbished 1gb sd memory cards for 63.00 pc mall has them for 75.00 I think. these would be great for the 5/600 series explorist thats the cheapest I've seen them anywhere
  6. I wonder if this would work if you wanted usb external power http://www.evertek.com/viewpart.asp?auto=12994 any knows if the usb and the power pack are wired into together all the way to the unit.
  7. you should list the software, you might sell it faster, just a idea. good luck
  8. the sport trak color in my old unit was off. I thought it was the reception but now I just got the explorist 600 and the new basemaps are incrediably accurate. I have no clue how you would update the base map on the built in one. my friends all joked with me that one time we were at ocean isle beach,nc and the new gps unit said with were 100' out in the ocean.
  9. will this work on all the lines of explorist or just the 100?
  10. thanks for the replies, will try a lesser concentration of deet.
  11. mine did the same thing with mine in the first 3 hours of owning it. I think I just went to fast for it when pressing the buttons, I've been unable to duplicate it again. also right when i opened the box plugged in the battery and powered on for the first time, I tried to create a gps pinpoint with no acquision yet.it give me a negivate reading for both n and w gps wsg84 setting, that I've not been able to reduplicate also. but I was indoors in the middle of my house on the bottom floor away from all windows and it still got a lock. the satellite lock is much better but the epe seems to jump all over the place or it could just be a faster update for the new models. any clue.
  12. today I got all dressed up for some hiking in thoe woods. so I put on my pant straps to keep the bugs out and some 100% deet from wally world. grabbed my gps and head out the door, only to be presentrd with a gooey sticking substance on the sides of my new explorist 600 by the time I got to my car(less that 2 minutes). should have known better but I remember old threads that deet affected some gps devices such as screens if it came into contact with it. well seems true again for the new explorist the middle rubber grip around the outside of it becomes soft and sticky if you get deet on it, Iguess it could be a chemical reation to the 2 items. anyways I wasn't happy but decided to pass it on. never had a problem with the old sprotraks but I guess there's more rubber on the explorists but no damage was done in the end I let it dry over and evporate over a hour.
  13. I just recieved the magellen 600 as it replaced my sportrak color. both units feature built in compasses and altimeters which is nice since your in surveying line of work. the sportracks have more changed screens to one's liking and the new 600's big info screen can't be changed it has epe,time,altitude above sea level, trip and battery,location. also don't forget to look into the transfer speed of data, such as usb vs serial connectors. this makes a huge difference when uploading maps in a hurry
  14. so are you saying 64mb in all for total mapsize or 64mb per mapsize on the sd card.meaning we could have 64mb mapfile,64mapfile,,64mapfile and it would be quicker than 1 huge file/
  15. does anyone know if there is a memory limit on the size of the memory card for the new explorist600. just wondering before I buy 1gb card for it?
  16. just got my explorist 600 last night and its wonderful. I had the sportrak color and this explorist is better in most comparsions. as others have noted I do missed the customizable screen with all the labels on it such as epe,etc. but to make up for it the base map is much more accurate than the one in the sportrak color. in city my epe as 20-23ft doing 70mph then as I get out of the city limits it dropped to 16 then in the middle of no where I was getting b/t 13ft and several times 7ft. I so use to the official gps language epe,waypoints,etc. the new word for epe is accuracy,poi now for waypoints,etc. just something to get use to. the new color is screen is so much better there's no comparsion.
  17. how many of you use gps in your everyday job. I'm just curious. I'm not talking about geocaching or using it to drive to work , I mean use it for work along side your job hand in hand? what companies are using it vs those who need to be.
  18. sleeping I would have to say also, plus I got rid of my tv since I'm out doors all the time, and when I call my friends that I got into geocache and ask where they are via gps coordinates, they just laugh. I've convienced 1 roommate into automobile gps and he got all into it.. but I did that, and today we are happily sharing our technology. gps is getting me into some serious camping mode. I want to walk for days following the triangle to strange and never seen before places. its addictitive, you know what would be funny as hell is if the military ask us to help them do something with gps or something similiar in a time of need or tragedy. I can see all the geocachers in this forum, running out the front door with there gps in hand screaming "i'm going to log it first", that prize is mine. a military mre for first place... in reality I know this already happens during hurricanes,floods,etc... but the thought of a bunch a savy geocachers getting there is what is funny. and I thought computer geeks were bad for being techno-savy but how about techno-savy on" lifes where abouts" is so much cooler
  19. flir67


    alot of the geocaches are in wgs84. if not then most users post the datum(utm,nad83,etc) and then the coordinates. just change the datum in your gps and go with the new coordinates,easy as pie once u do it a few times. just make sure your on the same datum or you will end up driving for a very long time or in the wrong place. good luck flir67------
  20. if I were at that meeting tomorrow. I remember right, users posting that they said the state people gathered info stating people were digging around and placing items on tomb stones in the cemetery. in a mostly black cemetary. 1. I say define digging, and then did any digging disturb graves, not grave yards are 100% graves and did the property owners complain about these items and not random events linked to geocaching 2. people place items on tomb stones all the time. they are called flowers,gifts,trinkets of love, and rememberence. 3. is there any proof that one of their family members isn't buried there, and whats up with the commit that it was a mostly prodomiently black cemetary.so are they saying most geocachers are white vs black. that in itself is rules for seperation of race and is illegal. they bus white kids to black school and black kids to white schools more today then ever and the school borders are always fighting over stuff like this so. its on the grounds to be a racial issue and taken to the supreme court. I know this shouldn't be said but somebody should have the guts to stand up for it and this is just going to enflame alot of people pretty soon we will not able to play basketball in public area's because it brings the wrong kind of people to the area. here in nc alot of public basketball courts are gone for that reason, and I hate it. I love to play basketball out in public parks but alot of them are gone. hence there always a couple of bad apples in the bunch and we just need to throw them out and continue with the good ones for great apple pie everyone can enjoy. thats my 2 cents on it.
  21. does anybodies ni-mh batteries every charge to the fulliest? I got 4 pairs of AA and everypair that I just recharged ,rapid or overnight, when I plug them into my sportrack color never shows a full charge. I'm using energer and durcell 2300 AA ni-mh's also any body try out those non name ni-mh 6 for 5.00 kind of deal 1600mah or similar from various websites?if so how do they compare to the durcell,etc thanks
  22. rei has the explorist on sale, the 500 is still available but the 600's are already gone... I just got mine from them and its a great price.
  23. the idea sound nice but I really don't think its going to happen. I posted somewhere about this and found out that the usa is about 820mb in detail. so I think a 1gb card is neccessary. forgot what site maybe here or another one.
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