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  1. first unzip drivers to a folder

    next put gps unit in nmea 2.0 >usb newest firmware needed

    go to device manager and choose update driver by location, choose the folder you unziped the files too

    it will install in vista,

    restart mapsend. let it will now show 2 free ports. run test on them and it will find it.


    ps. how do I get the mapsend.ini file changed. I have v2.0 and a new vista computer and would like to add some maps since I haven't done it in over a year. tried the 65,000 number but it doesn't work.?


    thanks in advance.

  2. being the summer months, did u have it hooked up to surge protector? could of been fried by a small power surge or a freak thunderstorm in the area


    any extreme events in the near by area such as flooding tornadoes,etc which could cause a power surge when their demand got knocked offline.


    good luck.

  3. how is the usb load time with maps, I haven't been on the forums in a while, do the delorme have to covert the software to another format like the explorist series then upload to the unit , what is the average say for a state size conversion.


    I can't believe the explorst just got software update, took 2 years though. :rolleyes:


    would you recommend this unit over the explorist?


    the back seems to look thicker thought is it?










    I just got an Earthmate PN-20. Things are not going too smoothly with it so far. The Lithium-Ion battery doesn't seem to work. Ditto with the USB card reader. The USB to GPS cable worked once, but now I get an error message when I try to use it ("one of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned..."). The Lithium-Ion battery barely fits into the battery compartment: getting it in and out is a real challenge. It seems to me that there is considerable risk of damaging the battery connections when a battery is that tight. I e-mailed Delorme for tech support a few days ago but haven't gotten a reply yet.

    My Li-Ion was a dud, too (and I agree about the tight fit). Several other people reported the same thing, so there must have been problems in the first batch. Interesting to hear that email is [thus-far] non-responsive, but I found that a 10 minute phone call had a good battery on the way to me pronto. The replacement has worked fine for me.


    I'm uncertain about the SD reader. It may be non-functional, but it could be Windows or your system. I would try plugging the cable into a different USB port (and avoiding the use of hubs for this one). Perhaps deleting the driver in Device Manager to force a re-installation would help.


    Have you tried installing anything to internal memory on the GPS? Reportedly internal memory runs a little faster than SD memory, so I decided to put my regional maps in there, while putting the large detail topo maps and ADP maps on SD memory.


    I'm quite surprised to hear that you see less detail in T6 than in the Mapsource topos. There is an option in T6 to go from the default "medium" to high or low settings. At high, you should have contour lines every 10'. I'm only slightly surprised about the trails, as T6 tends to have the most complete trail data available (I think...it's much, much better than Magellan Topo3D. But even T6 is incomplete in that regard. Are you seeing the same deficiencies you described on the PC as well as the map on the GPS? I can't help but wonder if you have some missing data (although it seems unlikely).


    The Delorme software interface is notoriously controversial. Adherents swear up and down that it allows for more power and flexibility than the standard Windows interface, once you get used to it. I'm not sold on that yet, although I'm getting to feel more comfortable with it.


    Along with centme 37, I recommend the Delorme forum for skilled user assistance and advice. Delorme staff check in there frequently, too, although it's not an official customer support venue.

  4. theirs not much out their. and unless your have a pc again you can't load maps without windows if you have pc program.


    I'm using a new intel mac, and occasional have to install xp just to update my unit.


    I hope you keep your pc all you need is a super basic one with network card and a harddrive bigenough to hold xp or vista now.


    garmin was going to add full osx support but thats as good as it gets, nothing yet.


    best of luck.

  5. dear lord, I've been waiting years for this and finally another version is released. LOL


    I had given up....


    looks like they brought back the screens from the sportrak series..


    I guess europe is always first since their operations is over their. didn't they get taken over by another company a few years ago or did that deal die out.


    I haven't been keeping up..

  6. if anyone gets a circuit city catalog for christmas there are coupons in it that are 10% stuff. just tried one for gps stuff and it works. they have the new garmin 205 wristwatch models..


    hope this was the right forum to post in.


    good luck

  7. I recently purchased an explorist 500 and I cannot figure out the mapsend cd that came with this unit. It will not do anything when i put it in my computer. Nor can i figure out the geocaching part of it either. When i download it to the unit i can't find it anywhere. This is my first gps unit and i have no idea what i am doing. I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure this thing out...please help???? Thanks :laughing:;):laughing:


    go to "my computer", then into the cddrive the cd is in. and double click on the .exe name ending file. or if the cd rom in "my computer" has a picture on it right click it and choose install.


    try that for now.

  8. I have the explorist 600, it been to keywest,cozumel, grand caymens,jamica. no worries,


    once there give it about 5-10 minutes to find it self. I used mine on the deck of a cruise ship, very nice watching speed,etc.. in knots.


    as others have said the maps are the hardest to find. worldwide cd for magellan is ok I've heard.but don't expect the detail america has. look for custom ones online by people.

  9. I have a merigold. Serves me well. The only "addon" I bring are extra batteries. Always.



    most definitely extra batteries, I have xplorist 600 and have 2 sets of batteries fully charged at all times.

    most of the time I use the unit in my car but occassianlly get the urge to go walk about through deep woods in the middle of no where.



  10. I have a few Garmin units, but I JUST bought the Forerunner 205, and they now have Apple Macintosh support on their MotionBased website to upload my runs. It works seamlessly! The first real Garmin support for the Mac! Yay!!!!!


    how does the 205 forerunner perform. I've been told that waas is not included in these small models


    I'll be switching to garmin soon for my new mac...

  11. WOOHOO got my 60CSx today :laughing: , and so far am impressed with the reception previously mentioned time and again. Under 10 seconds had 9 locked with an accuracy of 16 ft. in the center of my house, 5 locked as quickly with an accuracy of 26 ft. inside the gym. at my daughters school. I couldnt get 1 to lock with my Meridian Gold in my house up against a window, and it has always done me good in the woods as far as holdiing a lock.I cant wait to actually field test it.


    I'm betting the windows were double paned or had metal strips in it. I had the same problem with a new house. the double pane windows have a thin metallica clear film inbetween the panes. I learned that the hardway from the computer wireless scene.


    good luck..

  12. I too was a magellan fan from the start, I had the sportrak color which I though was the best unit it ever then I upgraded to a explorist 600.00 so far my unit hasn't had anyproblems. just the occasional reset once in a blue moon.


    but as them turning only moving towards car units I would have to agree to that. I think they are completely ugly. and now people are stating that thales is wanting to sell them off. I know that first hand experience of being sold off. I'm betting too that they are barely getting by with what they got.

  13. any body tested out a forerunner 305 or test model of the forerunner305 yet. been interested in it. who's going to carry them to sell?


    life span by the manual is 10 hours

    chargable by usb

    the manual says it has a map screen and compass.


    anybody think its worth it for geocaching?


    you could get one of those military velco watch straps and it would make for a nice gps I think.

    plus have a cover for it.


    thanks in advance


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