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  1. nice coin!!!! WOW! Congratulations!
  2. dance the Haka dance in NZ... and learn the words they say..
  3. 3 penguins, 0 eaten, 8 new coins
  4. 9 days of caching and a streak of 4 TFTCoitest! Have fun!!!
  5. Congatulations to the winner!! thank you Marie for the great cointest!
  6. Gatoulis entry week 3 While I was walking on a beach I saw something that was half burried in the sand! I digged it out and found that it was a very old oil lamp... who knows how long it was burried in the sand or under water.... while I was trying to clean it... a jinn came out like a smoke.... and told me... just because you free me.. I will give you 1 wish! I said... hey I thought I had 3 wishes!!! but he insisted for only one! "3 wishes? that's only in the movies" he said! anyway... since I had only one wish I had to be very careful but before I say anything he said... "choose wise... what you will wish can not be taken back! this may change your life for ever... to better or worse! I am not responsible for any result and if you be unhappy.. you will take what you wished for! and... ok.. I know that all humans want global peace, a lot of money, to be healthy, to live for ever........ think wise... what you really want! global peace... I have lived for 5000 years and all the time you humans were fighting eachother! even if you wish global peace.. it is not in your blood!" I was socked! I have never heard something like that before! it was such a straight talk and freezed my blood! anyway... I asked him.. but what about money? health? eternity? love? oh boy... why I have asked? once again I had a straight answer... " Money.... you want money? you want gold? I can give that to you... but these things can bring you more problems... are you ready to lose something bigger like safety, happiness etc.. for some gold? Health... that is ok... but eternity.... so as all people you want to live for ever.. I suppose you want to stay young for ever too? ok.. but are you ready for what will happen in the next years? when you will see all your friends, family etc.. dying? are you ready to see your children and the children of your children to grow old and die? one day you will be left alone.... are you ready for this?? Love.. a beautiful feeling... but...I can not interfere in the case of the heart.. what can I do? make someone love you even if he or she doesn't feel that way?" All these made me think a lot.. I do not know what to choose.. what to do... what to wish... I have to make a wise choise and not do or ask something stupid... so I am asking you to help me... what would YOU... ask as a wish from the Jinn???? hahahahaha is that good for a cointest? thank you Marie for the fun! good luck to everyone and if someone find my ideas nice... he/she can use them!!
  7. Gatoulis entry week 2: Fifa world cup cointest! the Mundial is the world cup for national teams in football (soccer)! 32 teams will be in Brazil and the turnament will start on June! the cointest now... you will see the 32 teams and you will gine them a number! (it will be random so none will know,!!!) then you will ask to say a number from... 1 to 32..as example.. so.. the first 32 who will post and give a number that is not already taken... will participate! the number the participans said will show the team he will have! some will be lucky.. some not!!! the 32 teams are from all over the world... and they are seperated into 8 groups of 4 teams in each one! only 2 teams will continue! now... if a team wins a game.. it takes 3 points.. if it ends equal (like 0-0, 1-1..) it take 1 point and if it loses... no points for that! so... for every 3 points the team you took will win.. you get one entry for the final drawing for the winner! in case your team will not earn enough points to get at least an entry.... a honorable 1 entry will be given to you! in the second phase.. only the 2 first of each group will continue... so the 16 lucky participants who will continue.. will win as a congratulation bonus one entry each! then at the phase of 16, the game will be known already according to the place your team had in the group.. and in which group was! for example... first of group A will play with the second of group C .... that will continue until the final.... the winner teams will continue... so we will have 8 teams left... 4 teams left (semi finals) and the big final and small final (for places 3 and 4)! in every phase.. the winners will get as bonus one extra entry! in the small final... the team that will win the 3rd place in the world... will get the normal one extra entry about the final... I was thinking the cointest to have 2 winners.. one that will have the world champion team and the other will be from the drawing (with the entries!). the world champion as an already winner will stay out of the drawing... the loser team since it got until the end... will get a bonus of 2 extra entries! so... after a drawing... the winner of the second coin will be out! I have faced situations when participants had 10 entries and others only 1 and the winner was the one with the 1... so.. in case you want only one coin as a price.. you can give a small price for the world champion.. like a pathtag or a TB... etc.... but he will participate in the drawing with a bonus of 3 extra entries as a winner of the turnament! in case again you can only have one geocoin as a price.. you can leave out the drawing and the points.. and only the lucky guy who had the winner team will win! but I believe that with the drawing everyone has a chance and the whole cointest will be more interesting! hmm... ok... I now have a week to think my next crazy idea for cointest! :laughing: :laughing:
  8. thank you my friend for the cointest! it was fun! Congratulations to the winners!!!
  9. Marie!!!! how are you my friend? thank you for the great cointest! so.. shall I go into something difficult that needs a lot of time to spend to prepare and a lot of time to finish and win? I was inspired by an old similar cointest.. that I liked a lot! I have to admit that it was way too difficult... but we can fix that... Gatoulis entry, week1: the cointest will take about a month! well.. it is not a sort one but..I think it will be quite interesting.. the cointest will have 4 stages! in every stage the participants will have to find 3 things...after a big search! I will make you understand my thought with an example... ok? I hope it is ok to use you are the cointest maker.. ok? for Stage one:... so far you found 1523 caches... you will choose 3 caches you liked... (if you have many photos in your gallery.. you can choose photos.. just in case you do not have many cache finds), and these will be stage one! to find which ones you choosed! you can give one clue for cache (or photo) but not a huge hint so the participants will start searching! you can even post a photo of the cache... that you have not posted it in your gallery... and they have to find the name of the cache! the answers will be sent to you via pm... and the first 12 participants that will have all 3 collect will continue into stage 2. you can only tell them if they have a mistake or they are correct.. but you can not tell them where they made the mistake!!! stage one will be open for one week... stage 2... the 12 lucky participants will have to find 3 new things... and stage will be a little more difficult! here will be about geography, history ect of Norway.. your country... you will select 3 places you love, or they are very historic and.. there are info in the net about them! again only one clue per place.. and you will ask to find the places! the clues can be history but not will many details, or even e photo from google! the same rules for answers as stage one but here... only the first 6 who will have correct answers will continue! again stage 2 will be open for a week! stage 3: hhmm... what to put here for searching...??? well.. to find 3 photos that you have already chosen.. that is in the gallery of other geocachers!!! this is very difficult for the lucky 6 to find... they will have to find the name of the cache the photo was, the cacher who took it and the date he/she took it! since it will be very difficult.. the clue (one for each again!) can be a litle bigger.. but.... what about to be in a puzzle? for example.. someone found the cache in the butterfly valley in rhodes.. so the puzzle can be...something like... in the land of one of the 7 wonders... take the path in the valley but keep your voice down... so you will not scare the beautiful flying insects who like there... (something like that..) again as stage 1&2... for the answers.. (with pm and you will not say if they are wrong in somewhere.. where the wrong is! only that they are not correct in one...), this will stay open for one week and only the first 3 will continue! the last 3 will have the final stage and the quicker will be the big winner! what to ask them? it is up to you... maybe something about geocoins... choose one you have and it is your favorite.. or one that you want to find one day... (ok.. not the obvious... the moun10bike! hahahahaha). you can gine only one clue.. and the next day an other... but huge clues.. but helpful... maybe a small part of the geocoin's photo... the first who will find it is the winner! I believe that to keep participants interested.. you can put a big price.. or 2 geocoins... or.. one geocoin for the first winner and other prizes for the 2nd and 3rd winner... like.. a TB, a pathtag... in case you want geocachers to create small groups to help eachother... it is very good! but it is up to you about the prize.. if it will be like highlander... (there can be only one for the prize... ) or to put a prize for all.. in case of small participation in stages... give a second clue.. in case that the list in the stages of the ones who answered correct will be filled before the end time.. you can continue to the next stage! in case of small participation generally... make the game smaller.. by takeing a stage out.. or instead of 3 things to find.. to search for 2 or only 1 for each stage.. it will be good to tell the answers in the end of the cointest so others who tried to see... hmm... I have the feeling that I made a huge post with a whole cointest! :laughing:
  10. oups..I wrote the thank you for the cointest under the women.... hahahahha well.. the first guesses are for the women turnament... ok?
  11. Women thank you for the cointest!! Gold - Canada Silver - USA Bronze - Sweden Men Gold - Canada Silver - USA Bronze - Russia will anyone go? I am still trying to find the commemoratine 100ruble banknote for the winter olympic in Soshi! hahahahahaha have you seen it? it is fantastic! about the matches... I hope TV will show some here! otherwise... I will see them from the Internet!
  12. Thank you my friend!!! Happy new year!!
  13. today I received a white envelope and insice I found a hanukah coin!!! WOW!!! thank you so much for honoring me my mystery friend! the first coin of 2014 is a mystery one!
  14. wow! I didn't know the other 2 ones.. the boot and the tree one! nice!!
  15. WOW!!! it is a very pretty mystery coin! Congrats to the receivers!
  16. Good idea, i take a seat, too Scoot over a little, please. ... any room left on that bench? A couple more spots. If anymore want to join us though I think we'll need to get another.... Bringing an extra bench and taking a seat... well.. if there is still a place to seat in the waiting room... of course if there is no seat.. I will stay standing... no problem at all..
  17. WOW!!! fantastic coin and message! slipping into madness... huh...have you been to Greece during the crisis? we are fighting madness of the politicians etc.. with the taxes.. every day! the taxes are really crazy! you have to pay more than the money you earn! and of course...we have losses too! the number of the ones who commited suiside because they couldn't stand the situation is so big from 2009 till now that can easily be compared with the losses in a war!! statistic organization here is talking about 1245 suicides from 2009 until June 29th of 2013. on the other hand... Police says that the number is 3124 suicides!!! See the madness?? see the horror? we have seen things that we have never seen! maybe only back in WWII... but we are still fighting! So.. mystery giver... never give up!!! it's never too late...!!!! keep fighting! bright days will come! we have to fight for them... so our children will have a place to live and a reason to smile! it doesn't matter how many times you will fall down... what matters is how many times you will stand up again!!! BTW... isn;t the last part taken from the "The Call of Cthulhu" writen by Howard Phillips Lovecraft?
  18. congrats LB!!! Bravo!!! thank you DrNeal for the great cointest!!
  19. Eh! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA!!!!! The capital city, Ottawa, was originally named Bytown after Colonel John By, who headquartered there while building the Rideau Canal to connect the Ottawa River with Lake Ontario.
  20. eh. Cryptozoologists claim that Canada is the home of several cryptids, including Sasquatch, a giant sloth-like creature known as the beaver-eater, a cannibalistic wildman named Windigo, and a number of lake monsters, such as Ogopogo in Lake Okanagan, British Columbia!! WOW!!
  21. WOW!! very very pretty!!! there is a copper version too?
  22. eh! :)Canadians have made many important inventions, including Kerosene, the electron microscope, the electronic organ, insulin, the IMAX film system, the snowmobile, and the electric cooking range.
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