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  1. Unfortunately, all of my AE and XLE editions have been swallowed up! SO as Nick says if you have not ordered, you better hurry. I still have RE versions in all 3 color schemes. And I still have some of the LE combos. About 6 red/blue glitter and about 12 of the Blk/gold glitter editions. Here is the RE in yellow/black.
  2. Here is the LE black nickel with glitter gold and the RT66 insert. It is Black glitter on other side. originally to be silver glitter. oh well. LE is $35. sure love the hoses and the gas bowl as it looks very much like gas inside of it!
  3. Geez Nick I thought maybe a Vintage Gas Pump would be on this list????
  4. Here is a sample with the insert options. Each pump (any edition)will come with 3 tag inserts.
  5. Order in and a "wish list" for a "Mobile Globe" made at the other place... Anybody have one? Joe if I forgot to answer- yes I have a few extra Mobils that Gemma sent me from Netherlands so I can handle one! I will enclose the detail instructions for you Nevada Nick to hook these up to underground tanks but the hose is so small it takes 24 hours to get one gallon pumped with these! LOL (now I need to remember to put the disclaimer on ebay that these do not actually work.)
  6. OK, Finally got these yesterday and about ready to take your orders. I have many on a list who were interested so now just need exact order to get them sorted and shipped! Please be patient and those on the list will get first priority. Newbies will need to wait til I have my supporters taken care of. Anyone can submit an order request but my list people come first. I would suggest you get on the list at This N That facebook page. You can see pics of each edition as well as tags to go with them and pricing as well as shipping. use this link for list for my new gas pump coins. see entry #102 My link
  7. Well I got these in the mail today. Ok maybe not the mail but they were on my porch! Probably not have them long!
  8. Geez Brady I guess you get to pay shipping then! LOL Maybe I could hold you one for Geocoinfest???
  9. 14th Annual KC Picnic. GC4XEW0 August 23. I will be there selling geocoins including these!
  10. Yes, I hope I have them in time to figure out everyones order so I can hold them out of the ones I take to KC Picnic. Maybe I will have them soon enough to get all orders done and then it will be simple to know what to take to KC. They are trying to go MEGA this year so maybe I can help them and use these as bribery to get people there for FREE shipping AND make the event MEGA??? Wadda ya think? Coby, Brady, anyone?
  11. I was told yesterday they would be here by next week as they finally shipped from the factory. FINGERS are CROSSED! Now to figure out pricing AND shipping! Who all is going to the KC Picnic? I will have them there for FREE SHIPPING!!!! LOL
  12. Ok, they're sorta cute ... but are we heading in a direction where they aren't 'coins' anymore ... but more like sculptures, statues or knick-knacks ... ***************************** So what are you trying to say about the gas pumps? Knick knacks????
  13. that makes sense. on impulse - what else - i bid on an old personal - $10 or so. then shipping was 3.50. i am paying a third of what the coin cost again in shipping. my bad, i should have looked first. but i am through buying on ebay unless it is so fantabulous i have to have it if the shipping stays high. It's not just the e-place. I recently bought 2 Midnight Madness coins from Oakcoins, less than $20 for the items. Their invoiced "shipping and handling" was $4.91 - that's 2 coins in the same envelope and still almost $5. Another order from Landsharkz (Can to US) for 4 Travel Tags (not heavy coins) was shipping & handling at $8.90 ... (needed them for a project) Coins and Pins is shipping me an Eagle travel tag ($4.59) for First Class Mail $2.32 and $1.50 handling - total of $3.82 and they don't have to pay ebay fees. The last coin I got from them was the Maker coin (less than $10), shipping & handling was still $3.82 total. That makes e-place shipping costs seem like a bargain ... i think that's nuts too. Yes, $10 is too high. But actual costs for a small packet by USPS - US to Can is $6.85 Min weight, no insurance. You can get it down to $2.32 (iirc) if the thickness doesn't exceed the max for a 'letter' rate. Most coins in a padded envelope will exceed the letter rate max thickness. Don't know how much more it would be to add insurance. One of the regulars on the coin forum uses an online insurance place and they charge $1.50 for each one. So ... if you add the $6.85 and the $1.50 it's already $8.35 without any shipping materials. A good point. During the mathtrade I had to send 5 packages international. Canada was cheapest at $6.85 (uninsured). All the Euro destinations were $13.85 each (uninsured). One was higher because it was heavier and had 2 coins in the original boxes and a larger padded envelope. All in all ... is the shipping still too high? Maybe you want to reconsider that 1/3 of the coin cost is added shipping. To make it better ... the sellers could raise their coin prices ... The old saying may hold true here ... be careful what you ask for ..... Then we come to the guy with a huge Gas Pump coin that weighs a ton. Not sure $3.50 will be enough for it at 5" x 2" x 8mm thick and 2 tags.. I am sure it will most likely be $15 for International. I sure hope you will get them at the events and save the money and yelling at me for the price the post office gives us. It could be compared to gasoline. Can they sell it for $1.99 a gallon? Sure but why would the execs want to live a blue collar life when they know we are used to it and will pay it if we want to drive?
  14. and here is one after 4 years of going missing (since Sept 2010) I got a note from a cacher who found my geocoin ingot and placed it back into the wild!
  15. Got my coins today, thanks Dave! very nice!
  16. my coins from the last few weeks. some purchased some traded. one gift, thanks Nick and BukiBear.
  17. I am thinking the possibilities are endless----- another globe has been ordered to match the green colored pumps (or black ones)
  18. I got mine today! Quick service. I checked mine out and found two of the six were activated. SOooooo. if you bought some check them before handing them out as door prizes or giving them away as you might not yet be the owner! (just sayin) I will still be ok with them but I need them adopted over to me. Thanks, MO Pirate
  19. Well I do not like pre orders as I like to have the goods on hand before I try to sell any. I have a facebook page called This N That where I have asked people to write what they would like so I can contact them when they come in! https://www.facebook.com/pages/This-N-That/1398120113761508 Ok, placed my wish list / order at your fb page :-) Thank you, I will try my best to take care of your wish!
  20. Well I do not like pre orders as I like to have the goods on hand before I try to sell any. I have a facebook page called This N That where I have asked people to write what they would like so I can contact them when they come in! https://www.facebook.com/pages/This-N-That/1398120113761508
  21. Will it have a special globe tag for 'Rocket Fuel' ... or maybe 'NASA GAS' ... How do you always know what I am thinking?
  22. In case anyone wants to know ( I know NevadaNick is very nervous) the order for my gas pumps has gone in and it is as follows: AE- 10 each of Antique Silver with black glitter on Ethyl side and Green glitter on Regular side. RE- 50 each of Shiny silver with Orange on Ethyl side and green on Regular side. RE- 60 each of Shiny Silver with Yellow on Ethyl side and Black on Regular side. RE- 55 each of Shiny Silver with Blue on Ethyl side and Red on Regular side. LE- 35 each of Black Nickel with Gold Glitter on Ethyl side and Silver Glitter on Regular side. LE- 35 each in Satin Silver with Red Glitter on Ethyl side and Blue Glitter on Regular side. XLE- 15 each in shiny Gold with Purple glitter on Ethyl side and Pink Glitter on Regular side. all of these will come with 2 pathtags of the generic nature. Upon request I will try to include one (1) of my 4 tags I have in quantity which are Standard "Red Crown", Union, Sinclair and Route 66 gasolines. Other brands will have to be sought after on pathtags .com from those owner who made them. search by vintage oil and or gas globes. and I will likely do a SPECIAL EDITION for Geocoinfest!!
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