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  1. [i have my new American Red Cross Geocoins. These are trackable at GC.com and come in Black Nickel, Gold, and Copper finishes. Price has been reduced to $12.95 shipping included (US) Please get yours now as I need to reach my goal for a $1000 donation to the Red Cross. Thanks. email packerbacker31@hotmail.com
  2. Well, I am not sure where you are getting under $10 geocoins BUT this one serves triple duty. 1) it ia a very nice commemorative for the 150th anniversary of this famous trail in western lore. 2)it serves as a coin for the "pony express trail challenge" geocache GC1PRHM 3) it is a collectible or traveller as it is trackable at geocaching.com it also has it own unique icon I have a deal with the Pony Express Stables Museum in St Joseph so yes they do profit from the sales of these coins that they sell. As for the ones I sell there is no direct donation to the pony express BUT they do seem to get my money somehow or another. Hope this is a satisfactory answer. thanks for looking, MO Pirate aka Steve Allen
  3. I plan to do the route myself with sho me da cache and gdh12 this memorial weekend. Guess we will all need coins after this feat! Hope you enjoy your coin!
  4. check ebay as they are a couple on there starting at 12,95 (plus shipping)
  5. check ebay as they are a couple on there starting at 12,95 (plus shipping)
  6. YES it is! only three brave souls have completed "The Pony Express Trail Challenge" to date. They will be recognized at the event"MEET AND GREET- QUITE A FEAT- (Pony Express 150 years)" during the Sesquicentennial celebration in St Joseph, MO April 3rd. I would say one of these coins will be given away as a door prize too. (and they will be available on site to buy as well). Mojedo got FTF, Byonkes were 2nd to retrace the trail geocaching along the route, and Atomic Falcon Family was close behind before winter set in. Who will complete the trek this year? See you soon!
  7. sorry about not listing the size. they are 2" x 1.5" it takes a lot to get 8 states and 1966 miles on one side! Price is $14.95 plus shipping of $2.95 US or $3.95 Canada or $4.95 most other countries. I had 500 made and have sold almost 100 in the 2 days I have had them. When we have our EVENT on April 3, 2010 at The St Joseph, MO celebration I imagine a lot more will go bye bye. If you want to check on ebay, I have listed auction style with a 12.95 starting price so someone may get one for 12.95 there (plus shipping) or maybe they will go higher than 14.95 who knows. Thanks for looking but once the Sesquicentennial is over I can not imagine these going down in value as they will be sought after. Good luck! and thanks to all.
  8. [i have just received my new PONY EXPRESS SESQUICENTENNIAL commemorative geocoins to celebrate the 150 years of this famous mail delivery system. They are Limited Edition and only available in Antique Copper. It is available until gone for $14.95 plus 2.95 shipping/handling. E-mail me at packerbacker31@hotmail.com. These may sell out at our geocaching event- "MEET and GREET- Quite a Feat PONY EXPRESS SESQUICENTENNIAL" where we will participate in the St Joseph, MO Pony Express Celebration activities on April 3rd. Stop by and see us on your way to MOGA and save on shipping[/font]!
  9. Sounds good. I will have to tell my wife! Also, I would like to mention my event on April 3rd (on your way to MOGA) at the St Joseph Pony Express Sesquicentennial. "MEET AND GREET- QUITE A FEAT, Pony Express 150 years" GC2465P will be on that Saturday to help the Sesquicentennial celebration with a parade with allthe old west and even include the Budweiser Clydesdales with wagon and dalmation, re-enactments of the pony express riders, mail cancellations adn packing, oxen team demonstrations, blacksmith demos, Native American exhibits, period dancing, Jesse James train robbery, food vendors and more. I will even have a special Pony Express Trail coin (new) for first release until limited quantities run out. It is a trackable geocoin. Please see our event with new caches released and lots of fun and history. thanks, MO Pirate Hope I make it to MOGA this year.
  10. mo pirate

    Geocoin Icons

    I have two new coins coming out soon (next week or two) with their own icons. One is the American Red Cross (red cross icon) and the Pony Express Trail (horse/rider icon). Hope that helps and let me know at packerbacker31@hotmail.com if you are interested in either one.
  11. The Red Cross coins do have a red cross that is transluscent (suncatcher) if you could not tell by the pictures.
  12. I have some new coins due anytime so I would like to show some. I have an AMERICAN RED CROSS coin that is trackable with its own icon and offered in Gold Finish, Black Nickel, and Copper finish. Price is $14.99 and 10% will be donated to my local chapter of the red cross called the Pony Express Chapter in St Joseph, MO. With all of the disasters happening around the world, now is a good time to help out and get a new geocoin at the same time. I will try again to load some photos. email me at packerbacker31@hotmail.com if you want me to put you on a list. thanks for looking. MO Pirate aka Steve Allen
  13. I see you have a Red Cross Coin. I also have a NEW coin "AMERICAN RED CROSS" It too contribute proceeds to the American Red Cross diaster relief fund. I have an agreement to donate 10% to the Local Red Cross. These coins are due to arrive next week or so and with all of the disasters around the world, I am glad to be able to give assistance with everyones help. If anyone has a need for this coin please let me know if I can help. I will attach photos here. Thanks for looking and God Bless you all! Mine sell for 14.99 and come in choice of Gold finish, black Nickel and Copper.[/font]
  14. I just wanted to let you know I have two new geocoins on the way. One is an "AMERICAN RED CROSS" coin with trackable code that I will be selling with a $ donation from the proceeds going to the Red Cross for use in disasters such as Haiti or other places. Two is a "Pony Express Sesquicentennial" coin celebrating the 150 year anniversary of this historic trail on April 3rd, 2010. Please be on the lookout for them. or let me know and I will put you on the reserve list as they should be here within 3 weeks. E-mail me @ packerbacker31@hotmail.com thanks, MO Pirate FYI this introductory offer is 14.95 ea.
  15. Why do I no longer receive e-mails for my notifications when my geocaches are found, new caches get published, and when my TBs or geocoins are moved? It has been about a week or so since I have received any e-mails at all. It sure puts a kink in my geocaching life! thanks, MO Pirate aka Steve Allen
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