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  1. http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=5553 Updates & Downloads eTrex 20/30 (Webupdater) software version 3.70 as of March 25, 2014 Use Garmin Express to install this file. (9.29 MB) View system requirements Change History Changes made from version 3.60 to 3.70: Improved total ascent and total descent calculations Improved average ascent, average descent, and vertical speed data fields
  2. Splashy - you left out durability and weatherproofness. Point GPS.
  3. Nobody said (or asked) what kind of geocaching this person will be doing, or if there are other uses intended for the GPS. So I'm gonna go in a completely different direction. IF she's going to be a fair-weather, around-town and city park kind of cacher... consider a smartphone instead.
  4. In another thread, Yogazoo mentioned using LiveTrack with a Garmin 64. I raised a question about comparing it to Glympse - but decided to continue here instead of hijacking the Garmin 64 discussion. Quoted items are from his post in that other thread. I'd really like to see the numbers on that. You can't really turn the GPS off completely on an iOS device, short of using Airplane mode - and in Airplane mode you're also shutting off it's ability to talk to the cellular network - so no LiveTrack communication. The impact of continual GPS use in an app depends a lot on how the app itself is written - how often it asks the location manager for an update and a few other internals settings. I've got an iPad mini rather than an iPhone, and I've run Glympse all day on bike rides. But that does entail some battery management. Usually the iPad stays in the seat bag, no apps running other than Glympse, LTE data turned off. Last time I tried to test this, I left the house fully charged and got back seven house later with a little less than a half charge on the gauge. BUT ... An iPad battery is huge compared to an iPhone! Does!'t the phone have to be powered on, and within range of cellular network (and to the GPS via Bluetooth) for the Garmin to send LiveTrack data? It may be in your pack but you're still "using" the phone in that sense. Interesting. Glympse actually touts the time limit as a positive feature. I guess they figure the opposite way than you here - that forgetting to turn OFF tracking would be worse than forgetting to extend it. Maybe you don't want your wife to know which pub you stopped at on the way home from your hike. No doubt! Phone GPS is mean for finding cafes, not caches...
  5. (Deleted - decided to start a new thread rather than hijacking this one)
  6. Yogazoo, can you offer a comparison between LiveTrack and Glympse? https://www.glympse.com
  7. Do you have the most current driver from Prolific? http://www.prolific.com.tw/US/ShowProduct.aspx?p_id=225&pcid=41
  8. "Doesn't work" covers a lot of ground. Can we get more details? Try to follow the step-by-step directions on page 17 of this manual: http://support.magellangps.com/support/assets/manuals/OM_eXplorist_310.pdf under the subheading of "Installing Geocaches with Drag ‘n Drop." If it doesn't work, provide details of what step fails, what error message you get, etc.
  9. ECAnderson: Good planning, yes.. I do check specs before I buy, with UK specifically in mind.
  10. Intrepid Dyad: here ya go... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=311111
  11. Interesting. Wife and I have both carried various unlocked USA purchased AT&T devices, phones and tablets, at different times in England -- picked up appropriate SIM cards from local cellphone providers there on each trip, without problem. Should be interesting when Jill visits her Mum in April with her new iPhone 5c. It's unlocked and configured to get data as a tablet rather than as a phone (see also <http://unlockit.co.nz>). Of course, my mother-in-law would scoff at the suggestion that England is part of Europe
  12. What firmware version on your GPS? Have you asked this question on Delorme's forum? Http://forum.delorme.com
  13. I hadn't either before Geodarts mentioned it . But I use a presumably similar gadget -- http://www.amazon.com/RAVPower®-FileHub-Wireless-3000mAh-Battery/dp/B00AQUMZRA -- to transfer files between my iPad and my GPS - and a few other purposes. Though useful (and small) as it is, it is indeed an extra piece of gear to carry around if you want to do that in the field.
  14. So the GPS doesn't just take GPX files "as is" and just do the right thing? Some kind of limitation or filtering in BCM?
  15. Yogazoo, thanks for the info. That covers a lot of the GPS -> iThing -> Cloud transfers. How is it going the other way? Like I have a GPX file from gc.com or elsewhere on my iPad and I want to load it onto the GPS. Do-able? Easy, hard?
  16. Mineral2, I am happy with my eTrex and have more than one way of exchanging data with it. But here I am specifically looking for people who have ctually used newer models with Basecamp Mobile to get their impressions of it, to see if it's any better, more covenient than my current workflow.
  17. Geodarts, thanks for 1) re-iterating for Walt how to do this, and. 2) clarifying about using Basecamp Mobile and its limitations. I was just looking at that again myself.
  18. Yes, I re-download it and look at the updates from time to time. It does look like "adventures" can be copied between iOS device and Garmins cloud service and presumably from the iOS device to an appropriate model GPS. Was inquiring here to see if any one had used this for geocaching. This upload http://adventures.garmin.com/en-US/by/wyokid/powell-butte/#.UxN3L5K9KSM sure looks like it.
  19. I use a Garmin eTrex 20. - mainly because it's small enough to double a bicycling computer and it's rugged. Some newer Garmin models have Bluetooth and - I may have this part wrong - the ability to exchange data with iOS devices using Garmin Basecamp app. Has anyone used this to exchange GPX files and detailed maps between an iPhone/iPad and one of these newer Garmin models? That might convince me to upgrade.
  20. Walt - "All the other hardware" consists of exactly ONE gadget that fits in a shirt pokcet - and can serve as a backup battey if you're not using it as a wireless hub. You're already carrying a tablet, a GPS, a USB cable, maybe some spare batteries and a charger, right? Although... It's possible Geodarts has one of them new fangled Garmins with Bluetooth that can transfer files to/from iOS devices and has figgered out how to get Basecamp Mobile to work for that. I haven't gotten that far myself yet. Maybe THAT's a subject for a thread of its own, imstead of derailing BikingBill's netbook discussion.
  21. ECAmderson - what kind of phone do you have now, and in which countries would it be helpful to you to have it working?
  22. It's probably not you, just the contacts being a bit marginal in the GPS. Only time anything similar happened to me was once when i dropped my GPS. Picked it up, checked for damage - didn't see any - but my maps and geocaches wouldn't show up even after turning the it off and back on, Removed and re-inserted the card and it worked, so I guess it just got knocked loose.
  23. IP67. Putting to rest, perhaps, ONE of the more common concerns about using a cellphone for geocaching. Now, how's that battery life? And sure you don't drop that 5-inch slab of glass on a rock!
  24. Delete it. Then rerun the same GSAK macro and see if it comes back.
  25. What kind of hub? Did you follow the explanation a here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=311111 regarding what type of devices will work?
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