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  1. The 60csx will protect itself against high-voltage by shutting itself down. I can confirm that the 60csx will shut down automatically if I insert a fresh set of lithium AA batteries. The solution is easy. I usually use the lithiums when it's really cold out (because I am a cheapskate, I use NiMH rechargeables in all cases). I have found the cold reduces the voltage enough that the 60csx won't shutdown. If I need to start in mild conditions but then expect it to get very cold, I have found I can put the lithiums in a flashlight (or another GPS) for just 30 seconds. This will lower the voltage enough that the 60csx is happy with the voltage. Maybe this is a feature/problem with only the 60csx? We have never experienced our 60cx shutting down after installing fresh out-of-the-pack lithium batteries even in warm, dare I say HOT!!, gulf coast weather. We swear by lithium batteries and feel they are well worth the extra cost.
  2. Check your user manual before using those! The manual of the Garmin 60cx specifies never to use them. I believe that's because they give a bit more than 1.5V when new, which is bad for electronics not designed to take higher voltages. Luckily, the 60cx has a good enough antenna to not lose satellite signal under my winter coat, so its easy to keep it warm, sliding it out to check position every once in a while... Added : Otterbox and Pelican cases are rigid waterproof cases that come in various sizes, often used to protect electronic devices Hmmm...can't honestly say that I have checked the manual for my 60cx regarding the use of lithium batteries, but we have been using them for over a year now without any problems. We were constantly changing batteries with alkaline type batteries. One problem with lithium batteries though is that when they go dead they don't mess around. Better have an extra set standing by (which is a good practice no matter what type of battery) because once those lithium batteries start to go, they crash fast.
  3. We personally like the graveyard caches and haven't run into any that I would consider "in poor taste." All the caches we have found in graveyards were on fences, in/on/around trees, in the forest behind said graveyard, etc. Living in Texas there is an untold number of graveyards to explore, some no bigger than a residential lot. We use the time to teach the kids what is proper etiquette when visiting a cemetary. We have also found cemetarys to be of educational value for the kids...like the time we were looking at a family plot from the late 1800's and the kids asked why are there so many graves for babies. Had to explain to them that there used to be a time that many babies/children didn't live very long becasue of diseases (measles, small pox, etc) that they no longer have to worry about. Of course we make a point to not be disruptive and/or intrusive if there are others present.
  4. Mr. Jasper320: 1989 - 1998 US Navy, AT1/E6. Spent all my time either flying in and repairing P-3C Orions or teaching others how to fly in and repair Orions. Last duty station was Whidbey Island NAS in northwest Washington State. Mrs. Jasper320: 1986 - 1998 US Navy, IS1/E6. Spent most of her time working as an intelligence analyst. She offered to tell me what she does but then she would have to cut my head off and put it in a safe until the info is declassified. I chose to prolong the mystery.
  5. It's not just lists of lat/long that get the Canadian's panties in a twist. Just the meer fact that somebody is crossing into Canada from the United States gets them all a twitter with suspicion. They can't seem to understand that not everybody in the United States is carrying an arsonal of guns and knives on their person while crossing the border. In the early 90's I traveled from Seattle, WA to Vancouver, Canada and when I got to the border I was interrogated for several minutes about any guns, knives, cigarettes (I guess smokes are a big item to smuggle into Canada). Border guy couldn't get it through his head that I did not have nor even own any guns, knives or illicit cigarettes. Fortunatly I didn't get the enjoyment of them tearing apart my car. Coming back to the states all I got was "where to coming from..."vancouver"....where you going...."Seattle"....OK....have a nice day."
  6. Your Garmin 60 csx should have come with a CD with the Garmin maping software. I have a 60 CX and all we do is open the .gpx file in the Garmin software and then download the waypoints (caches) to the GPSr. You can also us GSAK as noted in the previous post, but after 30 days or so you will have to pay $25 to get rid of the very anoying nag screens. Either way will work, but if all you are looking to do is download caches to the handheld then the software that should have come with the 60 csx should work fine. The Garmin software will also allow waypoints, tracks and routes to be downloaded to the PC from the handheld.
  7. And CUBA... May want to be cautious about taking to any other country (particularly third world countries) as some other countries consider GPSr's "military equipment" and don't take too highly to foreigners importing "military equipment."
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