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  1. I hated the idea of an archived cache, when all of the rest of it made sense. It's less than 100ft from old location, but it's a new size as well.
  2. I have a question regarding FTFs I placed a cache, it was destroyed shortly after placement.(less than 48 hours) I have since changed the size, and the location of the cache. Since it is a new cache technically, couldn't the next to find claim FTF? No one has found the new cache, I wanted to say that FTF is up for grabs, since technically, it's a new cache, new log, new location, but the same name as the old one, and the same gc#. What is the general consensus on this? Has anyone been in this situation, what did you do if you were?
  3. Am I correct in assuming that you are seeking a cacher that knows of a specific place that they CAN and WILL hide it, and that you would send it to said person, after you have assurance of its placement in such a location?
  4. Did a walk through of the areas today with my wife Ugh, so very sad and depressing.
  5. I asked the BLM what type of resources they had for those of us without GIS readers. They provided me with this link: Link From BLM
  6. Personally, we've replaced/repaired a few already. in the Oregon cache we found, we had to replace everything. I've often wondered what the general concensus is here about this subject. I've never had bad feedback from fixing a cache. But you never know when someone would freak out. As for myself and my caches, I would like to have a chance to fix my cache first myself, but wouldn't be offended if someone saw one in a bad state and decided to fix it for me. As long as they left a note, so I was aware and able to inspect their handiwork I would be pleased.
  7. Big time bummer. But while you're down there, you could seek out the Cali cache. I'll grab your WA coordinates =)
  8. Oops, I was in the wrong forum when I posted this. Moderator, can you please shift this over to Geocaching Topics?
  9. I wish there were a whole forum dedicated to this subject, but since there isn't, I guess I'll just have to start a thread, and see where it takes us. When I was reading through the 40 some odd pages of the CCC thread, I realized, here and there, scattered about are some good techniques. I wanted a place where people could share techniques, and also give some secrets away, so as to help spread the development of good better the best camouflage techniques possible. So whatever your skill level, if you have something to input, please give it. If you know of something that doesn't work, (trying to get glue to stick to an unsanded lock-n-lock) share that as well. Your ideas, or information may just spawn the next creative cache in your area. Also if you have detailed plans on your own site, perhaps you could link us, to share the knowledge, and keep the thread from getting overloaded. I'm still working on getting some images together, so I may be bit late with my posts.
  10. I had this problem when I first signed up. Turns out there was a checkbox on my profile Friend Requests: Allow Friend Requests That was unchecked by default. Once I checked the box people had no trouble adding me, unless their box was also unchecked.
  11. Depends if the land is managed by the NYSDEC, the APA, or another agency. Your best bet is to first find out the classification of the land in question. Forest Preserve, State Forest, Wildlife Management Area, Conservation Easement, etc. Forest Preserves, and State Forest areas have further breakdowns into what types of land they are, and who manages them.
  12. You know, I tried to let this thread die. However no one seems to want to let it. First, not many people know about the law, there is a sign, quite large. But it is only readable from the other direction, which leads on to believe, albeit mistakenly, that perhaps it doesn't apply to the other side. If I had not found the cache, I would not be certain it was in the location in question. After seeing the area, taking note of the various signs, doing research on the web, I contacted PD, because I've had very good experiences with them in the past. I had high hopes that they had made an exemption, there was not one. I asked what should be done. Various people stated(not all publicly) that an SBA should be logged. Perhaps if I were as experienced as some of the other cachers that seem to ready to jump all over people for making newbie mistakes, I would have known a better approach is to contact the cache owner first, then as last resort go to SBA log. As well, I was informed that NWforums would have been a better location to post, since they are more familiar with the area, and with the cachers. I did not wish to stir up so much drama.(If you were in my inbox, you'd know what I mean) Quite possibly the coolest person I've talked to in private message so far is the cache owner, who I found out, unfortunately too late, was completely unaware of the sign, or the laws regarding the area. I have messaged ten cache owners for various questions or queries about caches in the past, with responses from only five. Therefore I took what I, at the time, felt was the best approach. I personally don't view an SBA as a bad thing, I was (in my inexperience) unaware that so many others do. Had I known then, what I know now, I would have messaged the cache owner. With only two months of caching experience though, we are still learning. I posted to the forum, in order to get advice, I got it, much of it after a mistake was made. I apologized, both to the cache owner, and to the geocaching community in general. Please just let the thread die already. Responding to this in kind would be counterproductive.
  13. Well, I tried, didn't meet with a good response, so I removed the SBA log and told the owner I'm sorry, and that he/she can do what they like. pfft! No good deed goes unpunished
  14. Sorry, didn't know that was a no-no word. Last time I accidentally used one, the filter asterisked it.
  15. I recently found a cache next to a sign prohibiting being trespassing. I thought perhaps the area might be exempt, so I contacted the police dept, to verify. Response: How should I proceed? Contact owner directly or make an SBA log? I don't want to tick anyone off, but the penalty for offense in the area is Arrest.
  16. Thanks for letting me know about this feature of GSAK. I was unaware of it. I was just manually posting my Cache/Hide ratio. Which is currently 10:1.6 1.8 by this weekend. As to OP topic. you'll find hundreds of different opinions on what is proper "Hiding etiquette". One of your best bets is to remember the main three things about hides. Guidelines, Location, Container. Always make sure those three things are in check. A wise cacher once told me, when we were at our first event cache: "People don't know you by your finds, they know you by your hides. Place them well, because your reputation is based primarily on them."
  17. LOL, well i don't drink so I can't claim that excuse. I did get a concussion while caching yesterday. But I can't claim that either since it's been 24 hours. On an off topic note, the fireworks at the Space Needle(Seattle, WA) didn't go off properly. Guess that's what happens when you use Vista
  18. Ok, I have to ask if anyone else misread this forum topic. The very first time i saw it i thought "ooh, legos in caches, cool idea, i've found some of those" Then, I looked closer, and thought, hmmn, my mom is a Leo. weird
  19. Congrats Hydnsek on 4k. Makes our hitting 100 today seem insignificant, lol. But, we managed to hit 100 before the new year, at 2 months and 5 days of caching! oh, and 14 hides as well. Do people hit Hide milestones also?
  20. Yes, this answers the where, we know that part. But the poster above asked how would your reviewer know WHAT the container is.
  21. Wow, deleting DNF?!?! What a horrible idea. If I did that on my latest Multicache I would lose a large chunk of the cache's history, as well as critical information for future cachers. There are also those of us that seek out the caches with large amounts of DNFs just to challenge ourselves. If a cache has 5 finds and 4 DNFs I'm all about seeking out that cache. Because either it sucks and needs maintenance, or that's one heck of a hunt.
  22. My only encounter with LEO was while placing a cache. When the officer asked what I was doing, I explained, and then about a half hour later, I was leading her and 6 officers into the woods to find some coordinates to a suspected drug spot, that turned out to only be a homeless tent encampment. Which was pretty cool and fun, two of the officers said they want to start geocaching now.
  23. I think 20 is more than adequate. As long as guidelines are read, re-read, and implemented. As newbies with a few hides out there, we've had one "bad" hide, which we archived, and later turned into a CITO.(which is happening 12 Jan 2008 for those in the area)/end self cache promotion I've been to a few caches, from what I have seen, even our local "great and respected" cachers have had their fair share of crappy, or ill maintained caches. It happens, you learn from it, if you don't, then hiding isn't your forte. But if you are able to learn from your mistakes, and those of others, then I say Hide away! We had a number of people look at us with a shocked look when they found out we have only been cachers for two months. It's not always about the numbers, nor the experience. Sometimes it's just your ability to think things through and plan out stuff. If any newbies should read this, take what you read in the forums like the stuff you hear in the breakroom at work. Some if it is solid, well-grounded advice, some of it is complete nonsense. You have to learn to pick out the truths, discard the bs, and go from there. Don't let those with more experience scare you off from doing what you like, but at the same time, if someone gives you some sage advice don't just shrug it off. PS If this sounds like demented rambling I hit my head really hard and fell quite a bit today on cache #99. So with blood loss, bruising, and ... sorry, lost my train of thought, I think I'll log off now. Peace -=[MaplessInSeattle]=-
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