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  1. It was late afternoon or early evening. The sky was clouding up and it was quickly getting dark. You could smell that rain was on it's way. One more cache to finish the day I figured. I go into the woods and there is a lot of tree cover. My gps is once again sending me in different directions. I must have had a dozen different gzs in a 5o foot radius. I have never seen so many possible hiding places in such a small area. It's getting darker and the rain is just starting. I start looking under logs and in hollows. I'm searching quickly so I don't get caught in a downpour. Now I start stumbling and tripping over everything and fall down. I grab a hold of what looks like a nice sturdy branch to help pull myself up with, then it suddenly breaks. What happened next was not real pretty. I felt a burning sensation on my back. I stop to scratch it and find out that I tore open a bees nest. Little buggers, but they carried big bats. Bigger than a house fly but smaller than a honey bee. Dark and fuzzy. I don't know what kind they were. Anyway, my shirt comes flying off as I try to keep them away by swinging it around. As I go running from the woods, I'm going through thorns and raspberry canes and two different kinds of burrs. I'm all scratched, stung and bloody running down the middle of the road for my truck. I can only imagine what kind of sight it must have been. Went back a few days later to finally find the cache. Quite nervously I might add.

    WOW!!!! That's hardcore, I would have just kept the DNF after an experience like that. Good for you!

  2. I breifly heard on the radio someone fell into the crater at St Helens, 200' or so, and survived due to the snow pack and wearing a helmet.

    I knew someone would do that eventually with that cornice up there and the many times I've seen people pushing the limits to get a view.

    One Link


    Google Search Link

  3. I've been resisting posting this one until the cache was recovered after I archived it. This is one of my first attempts at birch bark camo, using real bark.


    The container is a 1 pound plastic tobacco can, complete with the humidity pad left in the lid. The real birch bark was hot glued around the container after I hot glued part of a branch to the lid, then cut apart with a knife at the lid/container line.


    This cache was on the ground all winter, buried in snow, and the camo is of course, flaking off.... I need to come up with a method of using real birch bark that will not degrade over time.

    Very Nice

  4. Glad someone posed this topic.

    I've been out geocaching, and ended up a bit far from water sources and thought, man, if I could only find an unopened water bottle, I'd drink it.

    I do see the problems with that type of swag item, but I have definitely wished for one on some of the more remote caches.

  5. I'll be trying to drive to the summit next Tuesday. I'll let you know how it looks.

    That must mean that you have the key to the gate. Couldn't you just invite me along for a ride? Then I wouldn't have to hike it! [:lol:]


  6. Wow, NIIICE - You just gave me a great idea. I'm sure some local cachers will hate you for it too. :rolleyes:
    Just so long as they hate me as much as the cachers around here already do! :blink: Muh-ha-ha-ha-ha....


    Be sure to add to bottom of listing page --> ©infiniteMPG Hated 'n Lovin' It! Inc. :D



    Definitely, i'd love to share the blame

  7. A nice little Lock-N-Lock tucked away inside. The lid is actually has a piece of plywood attached that is covered with Quick-crete and dipped in sand with a part of a plastic bottle cap wood screwed on to make sort of a handle. Made to fit snug in the block opening.

    Fun times!


    Wow, NIIICE

    You just gave me a great idea. I'm sure some local cachers will hate you for it too.


  8. In the meantime, this cache has yielded a few DNFs.

    We just released it.


    I seen many pics of pinecone caches, but they may be larger than the ones we get around here. As for your cache, looks good from here. How big is the container?

    LOL, it's actually a waterproof matchstick container.

    I have a similar one, that has a larger container inside.

    Unfortunately this is Cherry, so it's very hard to manipulate it.

  9. Here's a few that I have. One of 'em is out in the field but I wan't say which. Locals, pretend you didn't read this.


    See if you can guess what I do for a living without checking my profile.


    This last one is my idea for a multi. A lag bolt into a post will hold one of these for ages!

    Sorry for the red Xs. I just pulled the files down because I put those caches out in the field today. Kind of a fine line between sharing ideas and giving them away. I'll gladly email images to non-San Diegans.


    PM SENT!

    uuuhhhh ok :rolleyes:

  10. So staying on que...has anyone done pinecone camo (real pinecone)? I tried this weekend and just made a mess, seems the core is not thick enough to hollow out unless you use a real thin container.

    As much as i keep hearing about this technique I will have to try it.

    I'll let you know my results.


    In the meantime, this cache has yielded a few DNFs.

    We just released it.



  11. Haven't tried this yet, but had an idea- how about a fake geocache? Like have a lock-and-lock or tupperware container (something cheap), labeled as an official geocache, but with the lid glued to the top. The actual log will be either in a nano container or under a piece of tape inconspiciously attached to the bottom.

    That's actually been done.

    I know of one where the pencil, in the log bag was the actual cache.

  12. I am looking forward to Wednesday, but I have a couple of questions...

    Where do we meet?

    What do we need to bring?

    Any other information that we need to know?

    I second this motion.

    can we get this info before tomorrow?

    especially parking.

    Also, i got injured today...http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=36589eba-7187-4fbc-9d5b-045c7a3fef82

    but we're still coming, i'll just be ThumblessInSeattle for the duration

  13. I prefer to use existing structures to camo my ammo cans.

    Here is my latest hide....



    and I do get lots of comments !

    So, is the cache, in one of the bolts, did you like get a large bolt, then drill it out, and put a bison tube in it?

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