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  1. Signature items to me are an interesting swag item that reflects a fellow geocacher. What it is...whatever you want. I generally leave my signature geotoken (just homemade and printed on my computer then laminated) as an extra item with my trade. I would possibly trade my signature item for another signature item (of about equal value) in a cache, but I would never consider my sig. item to be a valid trade for something nicer. I try to always trade equal or trade up. I usually leave a sig. item in every cache I visit (unless it's too small), even when I don't take something.


    I also number mine, but there's not really a reason. I guess just so I can keep track of how many I've dropped in caches. I've also received e-mails from people telling me that they had/have my geotoken #whatever. It's kind of fun to hear that my item has moved, or become part of someone's personal collection. Here is a picture of my signature item.




  2. I sincerely hope this situation gets worked out. I really want to find and log this cache someday. I know that I can log it even if it's archived, but hopefully it will not remain archived. It's sad that this cache was archived. No judgements made, because there is probably another side to the story. I just wanted to post to show my support for the cache and for Team360 and all he has done to place it.



  3. I think it's up to the person that is logging all the bugs at the event, going on 100+ finds a day, looking for only the hard to find caches, doesn't do locationless, or whatever else is the way that person plays the game. IMHO, I would rather get 20+ logs that my TB was at an event than no logs because it has gone missing. It wouldn't be hard to spot that the e-mails coming in were from a bunch of people grabbing them at the event. Once you figure that out, you can just delete subsequent "grabbed TB from so-and-so" e-mails without even opening them if it bothers you.


    Just my opinion on the matter.


  4. "Paws"itraction



    Thanks, McWeb, it looks great! But could you replace the Geocaching logo with something else? Jeremy's requested we not put Geocaching logos in our avatars.




    Yeah, what would you like in its place? I didn't realize we couldn't use it. I just thought we couldn't alter it. My bad. Give me some suggestions and I'll see what I can come up with.



  5. Yeah, the Air Force also took me away from home. I live in Texas now, in a city about 5 times the size of my hometown. I look at the cache pages for my hometown all the time. Geocaching has really taken off there, and despite it's small size, they have at least 5 times more caches within 50 miles then I do here. I wish I was there. Especially right now because we have no YJTBs within 2 hours drive from here, but they have 8 currenty in my hometown.



  6. I got a surprise in the mail this morning. Last week I had ordered one of those silver colored geocoins and when the package arrived along with the coin was a yjtb. :) I want to something special with them. There is a thread on the TB forum where a member from Belgium is talking about not being able to find geocoins or yjtbs in Europe. So I thought I'd send the geocoin (after activating it of course) and yjtb over there for release if they agree to do it. The question though is how to get the travelers started. My thought is just to log them to a local cache and then immediately retrieve them. After that I'd just send them through the mail for placement over there. Would there be a better method? The yjtb could just travel around over there and I'd have the geocoin travel for a while then return to a local cache.

    Silver colored coins??? Do you mean that the color of the coin is silver, or that the coin is silver with colors on it? Just wondering because if there is a silver coin with colors on it then I want to order one. I haven't heard of that though, so you probably just meant it was silver in color.



  7. I went back to a cache that had one of my TBs in it. It hadn't moved for months, so I went to get it and move it myself. When I got there the bug was gone, but there was a log entry that said who had taken it. I was going to e-mail the person, but they have not validated their account, or logged on ever. They have been a member since April 2001, and picked this bug up in May 2004, so I assume they are one of the many cachers that do not log their finds online. I'm hoping that he/she will place it in another cache at least.



  8. Whee! I grabbed my first YJTB today from a Show Me The Cache cache. One thing that I had a little trouble with was logging it, though. The 'zero' in the tracking number looks like a 'O'...


    Took my knife to it and etched a small line so that the next person won't keep getting the "No such tracking number" error. Now, where to put it?

    How about in a cache close to me. :lol:


  9. I think that if the owner of the TB would specifically like different people to move the TB then they can put that in their TB discription. I'm sure many may not realize this is something that may happen, and therefore don't mention it in their description. However, most people will most likely just be happy that their bug is moving and not just sitting in a cache for a days, weeks, months. I think as long as the person who has posession of the TB contacts the owner to okay his journey, and logs the bug to show activity, that this situation is perfectly acceptable. Just my 2 cents.



  10. There are only 24 caches withing 50 miles of me, and so I knew it would be a while before I got any notifications. Most of my caches nowadays are done more than 50 miles away from my home; however they are planned trips on weekends. I wouldn't be able to just drop everything to drive to Dallas to find a YJTB. Regardless of that, I still wanted to know when the YJTBs were starting to be distributed in Texas, so I picked a Dallas zip code and receive notifications for that area too. That way, if I am going down there one weekend, I'll know if there are any new listings that I can check out. I think this is the best way for anyone who wants a larger radius to get notifications. The only problem is, the e-mail doesn't tell you what zip code the notification is for, so you have to open the cache page. This isn't much of a problem for me, because I know the names of all 24 caches within 50 miles, so I can figure it out without looking at the cache page.



  11. McWeb:


    Thank you for the avatar :back: It's much better than anything I could come up with. Sorry I didn't post sooner...I'm on the road now for a couple weeks. AmishHacker said he has an idea for one for me also and I'd like to see what he comes up with before I decide which to use.


    Thanks again!



    I'm sure AmishHacker will do much better than I did. He has a lot more talent, and more skill at this than I do. And I won't feel the least bit upset if you don't choose the one I did. I'm just trying to help a little, since I've been helped on this page also. Even if my designs aren't great, they might lead to something great.


    McWeb :lol:

  12. Sounds like a good idea. It's also working as a log bug for you. Just a pointer, the retrieved logs can be deleted (you know, all the ones with A in the log). That's what I do with my log bug and it make the page a little less cluttered and looks nicer. Just an idea. The bug is great.



  13. Cloudchaser

    Here's what I came up with.  Nothing great, but it's what I thought of when I read your discription.  I can change the hair color if you're not a blonde.  That is of course, if you like it.  I had to basically freehand the GPS, because I don't know where to get an image of a cartoon Garmin Legend.  Maybe someone else could add a better GPS.  Other than that, I think I did alright with what little skills I have.  I hope you like it.




    Looks like Pig-pen from Charlie Brown.

    HaHaHa! It kind of does, huh? I'm not really good at this stuff, just wanted to help out. :rolleyes:

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