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  1. Interesting thread but I am sure to spoil that. We recently dedicated a cache day to Tree Quest finds. His caches are usually original but we did come across a few normal ammo hides, albeit in very nice locations. So I guess you might say there is balance, the more bland the area, the more unique the hide, and the more scenic of an area, the more regular the hide. I think I would generalize that the more convenient the area the more basic the hide will be, with expection of some urban micros. I think if the cache is going to take some great effort (long hike, special tools needed, etc.) the reward should be commensurate.
  2. I agree with Brian and Whistler. I saw a rock wall picked to pieces, shame it was likely very old. However, Humpty Dumpty is a well placed cache that makes it fairly intuitive where the hide is. I appreciate comments in the cache log telling me where not to search, like "no need to tear up the flora as it is not there". Overall, try to consider impact when placing a cache - including the parking and bushwack.
  3. Dude, I don't know where you've been caching but that's not right! It was an urban cache in Las Vegas. I usually go caching in my usual jeans and a sweatshirt (and winter beanie for the head) guess all the bushwacking is taking a toll on the old threads. I have routed around some urban back lots and have felt what the security guy was thinking.
  4. Plenty of fresh tracks in Waywayanda State park about 2 weeks ago. I do not think black bears hibernate in the classic sense that they sleep in winter. I believe they merely get sluggish, hang out close to their dens and keep a much closer radius to their den area (maybe a few miles at most). I have lived in West Milford NJ for 12 years. I have seen bears every winter, and last year I saw them on very cold days in heavy snow. However, I also think they had a den just up the road as my new neighbor was new to 'garbage detail' and they had a ready supply of food. Take care in the woods up this way for bears, but hunters as well. Sundays are better, but both bears and hunters may be out. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/gallery.asp...4e-bab1ce99ecd9
  5. You have been stopped by security and have been mistaken for a homeless person and were told "you cannot sleep or stay here"
  6. Lol - ...you consider getting a clip board and hard hat for certain urban micros ...before you cache in muggle territory you have a cover story planned..and with other cachers you actually discuss the cover story ....you actually pretended to be looking for a lost pet when muggles came near .....your co-cacher fakes a mental illness to explain why he has been looking at a metal pole far too long and you actually go along with it as his care-taker. Except your friend actually carries a burger king crown for just such occasions. ....even if you are not caching you start to see potential cache containers or hiding spots everywhere ......you now like going to the doctor or dentist for a chance to cache along the way ....your spouse says "you spent HOW MUCH on geocaching goodies???"
  7. Wow, nailed one for me - I get up early for caching and hunting, nothing else seems to work!
  8. I've seen horses walk all over West Milford Township. They walked right up Awosting Road one day. I was just in Waywayanda SP and they have some designated trails. Perhaps find some caches there or place a couple? I wouldn't mind another FTF from KR! I don't know much about horses but I know a few new cachers in town who might be willing to give you company on a cache mission. M.
  9. Got it, Thanks! Perhaps cache locations themselves will come at a premium in the future (a true cash cache). Thanks for the clarity.
  10. Ok, I am new so I could use some clarification. I undestand why a new cache should keep some distance from others (as I read .1 mile). However, does a multi with stages fall info this rule? I wanted to plan a multi in an area that had some, well let's say dead caches. I wanted my stage to come close (in the general area) so people can enjoy it during the multi. Do all of the stages need to be within a range of themselves, and a distance from the others? By the way, is there some sort of support group or counseling I can seek for cachaholics?
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