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  1. Well done Philip.


    Any idea how far you walked - and how long did it take you?


    Trip distance on the GPS was 30.2 miles (I backtracked a couple of times, due to being on the wrong side ;) ) so I think 25 - 30 miles. Started about 9:30, finished about midnight.


    And then he did three of mine just for woodland relaxation, the day after. Well done. Hope you've not got too bad a case of chaffed chaps. <_<

  2. Wow! did a mod close a topic :ph34r: and all because of an off topic newspaper enquiry. No abuse, no swearing, no advertising, or anything.


    It just might get exciting around here. ;)


    Seriously, you mods must have the life of riley.


    If I were you, I wouldn't entertain the idea of a UK "lounge" or "off topic" forum, you might actually have to do some hard core moderating. ;)


    All in jest folks, all in jest.

  3. Lol. I'm sure everyone will eventually have an encounter with the Police whilst caching, I'm surprised more of us don't.


    I'm fortunate that I have my own warrant card to flash back at the Police ;)



    and if I'd been a couple of hours earlier at Heartlands, you'd have nicked me to get the FTF. ;)


    Sorry, we haven't met. Be nice to DHL drivers.

  4. As some of you may know I work in a school and I have been known to take the children out on small geocaching trails that I set up for them. They love this. So next week we are sending out 5 new travel bugs for them. Each year group have their own travel bug and the staff have one too. We have a display on the wall and maps of the world all ready for our race to begin. It is so exciting. Everyone is talking about it and they are really looking forward to it. All the bugs are hanging up on the wall side by side ready to go. It is a nice way to link to their Geography. I will keep you all informed as to how our race is going. The bugs are a squirrel called Nuts, a rabbit called Nibbles, a cow called Salisbury, an owl called Ollie and a hedgehog called Herbert. Keep an eye out for them.


    Nice idea. My daughter is teacher training for primary, specialising in Geography. I'm trying to encourage her to so something similar. Unfortunately she is still young, and is fond of the phrases "geowhat?, geonerd!" etc...


    She'll come round... :laughing:

  5. You have to connect your tomtom to you computer and upload the caches.ov2 file and the bitmap and place it in the map folder on the tomtom xl . you might then have to add the poi group and set alerts as suits.


    I am sure someone will be along in a minute with a more detailed explanation.


    See Rutson beat me to it lol


    Spot on.. I didn't know GSAK could do that. Thanks very much. (used TT for ages, but only just downloaded GSAK.)


    There's a geocache bitmap to replace the autogenerated one. You just need to make sure both the ov2 and bmp files are the same name.here

  6. I'm in the around 10% club, just about up to 50 finds. They were all there, and it wasn't particularly because I still am NooB. I think they were all nano's or micros, and I just can't be @rsed spending an hour looking into a wisteria to find a green painted 35mm can. (Especially when I've just done a 3 hour, 10 point puzzle. Thanks mate. B) )


    However, one recently placed cache has about 9 DNF's (inlcuding one from me.) and only one found. The owner is particularly @rsey about giving clues.

  7. I love my new GPS and have used it to find some traditional caches. I transfer files through MacCaching. However, I am not sure about multi caches, how can I check to see if all of the waypoints have transferred? I click on the long name and the first set comes up, once there and I click 'found' will the next ones come up? Are they in a different section somewhere? I don't want to set off for a multi cache and find that I don't have all the co-ordinates I need once I have done the first stage.

    Can anyone help please?


    Am I being dim :) The waypoints on my multi are declared when submitting the cache, but hidden from users, so I wouldn't expect them to be downloaded to anyones unit. That sort of defeats the object doesn't it?


    Most multi's contain all or part of the co-ords for the next stage, or a puzzle that results in some new co-ords don't they?


    sorry if I've misinterpreted your post.

  8. :) TomTom one from Argos is easy to use and setup look out for their special offers.


    I use TomTom one all the time for road navigation, but I wouldn't use it for caching. My unit gets me to the nearest road position to the co-ords, but I think the newer TT ones actually have an off road function. However, I think the battery life is still only around 2 hours. (non-removable re-chargable)


    I use an extrex venture HC, which has additional mapping. (The base maps on these things are truly abysmal.) It's great but I sometimes wish I had shelled out a bit more for a unit with a seprate storage card, as I can load the entire UK detail maps at the same time. It's not a big deal though.


    Depends what you want out of the thing really. Having now being more experienced (a huge 40+ finds) I could have coped quite easily with a b&w screen and the pointer screen.


    This is the one I might have bought, if you can bag one for around £100, get one.


    etrex legend on ebay

  9. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't go out in the pouring rain, unless it was a cache & dash. (Fuel here is $7.50 ish per gallon, thats a US gallon equivalent. Or around 110 pence per litre for 97 octane which is premium. 95 is the standard stuff which is slightly cheaper but not much.)


    This doesn't stop me though, as I'm very fortunate to have a company car that also comes with a fuel card. :)


    I have nearly lost my wedding ring a few times whilst caching as it's too loose.


    Mine went a few weeks ago, possibly whilst caching, but can't be sure. 24 bloody years, never been off my finger. Have lost a bit of weight, and it was cold.

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