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  1. Why on earth does this phrase get trotted out so often by reviewers, both in the distant past and now? What on earth does the payment status have to do with whether a job is considered to be done well or not? If reviewers find that they are not being appriciated when working for free, don't do the job. Please don't ask everyone to applaud your role and decisions just because you do it for free. Doing something for free is no excuse for doing a poor job. I'm not for one minute suggesting you are doing a poor job, I have no opinion on that. " "I'm not for one minute suggesting you are doing a poor job, I have no opinion on that." Doesn't sound like that to me mate. If you have a specific problem with a reviewer/cache, then post it. Otherwise <remark deleted>. Happy to help.
  2. Very funny, I liked that. Agree entirely with the topic sentiments, they do a great job. p.s. Do they actually do it for free, like, no money whatsoever? If they do, then good on 'em. p.p.s Do they have "proper" jobs as well? I'm just nosey really, I like to understand how folks earn a crust, 'cos there must be an easier way than mine, I just haven't found it yet. Yes we are Unpaid Volunteers who give our time freely for the benefit of our community's Free time whats that Oh you don't want my full time paying job, I'm paid by the Government, to be on call 24/7 365 days a year. I'm my wives full time carer, and I get a princely sum per week that's less than the cost of a tank of fuel YHM
  3. Very funny, I liked that. Agree entirely with the topic sentiments, they do a great job. p.s. Do they actually do it for free, like, no money whatsoever? If they do, then good on 'em. p.p.s Do they have "proper" jobs as well? I'm just nosey really, I like to understand how folks earn a crust, 'cos there must be an easier way than mine, I just haven't found it yet.
  4. I have a number of caches that I wish to put up for adoption, could someone explain the process for me please. Can it be done by the cache owner? i.e. is there a secret "let x cacher adopt this" on the cache page. Or, do you send out a message to potential adoptees, and they have to apply to the mods, then the mods come back to me and ask if this is allowed. Cheers.
  5. Seeing how I have at least one cache in Leicestershire (Sidetracked - Lufbra) you'd best count me in. Location, well I'd struggle if you went out East too far. Where do the big Leics finders/setters live (except PK, although Ashby would be good for me too), as they're the ones that would probably more likely attend. Paul
  6. Most excellent. I pride myself on having a majority of my caches as small/regular/large sized, decent swaps, nice location. But I probably have 6 or so micro's, mostly in nice locations, but nowhere to hide a box. (Two are sidetracked jobbies) I do deplore micro's in an area where a decent box could easily be placed. (Rushes off to check if any of my micros fall foul of this law......) Paul
  7. I did this one a couple of weeks ago with a group of friends, and the co-ords weren't great to be honest. One of our group e-mailed the owner asking "why a micro when a regular is so easy here?". It appears the owner was being true to a theme, that came from a seed>nano>micro>small type theme. Would have been OK if the clue or co-ords were a bit better. Unfortunately up there the only clue you can give is "near heather, or near rocks". That's all that's there. Cracking location, and I'm not having a pop at the owner either. Paul
  8. Hi folks, I've put three down in woods local to beehive Farm today, with another 3 to come. Webrats have put another two down. All of them in nice woodland with a bit of a walk, so great for kids and geomutz. We don't do rubbish micro caches round here, class caches only. (I think we are a a little spoilt being in the heart of the national forest though.) Pklong has an excellent puzzle cache near Ashby, if anyone cares to divert that way. Code 39. The Webrats have an equally excellent puzzle at castle gresley, Cretu's White Lady. Both puzzles can be solved on t'interweb in advance. Look forward to meeting you. Paul
  9. i struck lucky with mine. A tree stump about 8 foot tall, where it had rotted away at the front, but not the back. so pretty much a "wing back" armchair. dave looks out over the river on a terrain 4, so there are no paths in the direction he can be seen from. He's been camo'd up now.
  10. as above comments really. TT one for £120. Although I've just gone posh with a GO730, as my daughter wanted my old one. (I have even done a couple of caches with it) i have a garmin etrex venture HC, but my sister has a basic etrex H, which does exactly the same job (£65 new) in black and white. I have a gps pocketpc, and whilst it'll run TT6 no problem, it's fairly useless as a cache tool if it hasn't got a clear view. so I use it for downloading cache pages and spoliers. i got fed up with all the paper and planning. So I have a PoI file on tomtom with 14,000 caches on it, set to"boing" if there's a cache within 800 yards. Get the ppc to read the page, then the garmin to find it. It's a bit of a faff when you consider some phones will do all of that for you, but I aquired them all over time for different reasons, and i don't see a lot of sense in ditching them until they're broken.
  11. I have a Shop dummy in a woodland he's 'armless, and dressed in a cammo shirt.
  12. That must be Dave - Looking out for his Brother . The reason it does not appear is it a member only cache. Only caches open to all appear on gcuk.com, this is to comply with GS requirements that member only caches are only available to paying members. If you want it to appear you will need to change the status. I didn't know that, thank you.
  13. Great site. I actually prefer the "my stats" map to a shaded county map, as it shows a truer picture (I get the whole of london shaded for a quick find at Heathrow). I have both, and you can clearly see a large cluster near home, but then you can also see quite clearly a line of cache and dashes on the M1/M6/M42/M40. However, I'm still waiting for at least one of my placed caches to be recognised after a couple of weeks. GC1BZJY any help appreciated. Paul
  14. My two are here and started here, but already on the move!
  15. Shot self in foot I think! If you're doing it for the "love of geocaching" why would you want to create a splinter group, that would enevitably split into another one or two groups. (Because even mild mannered geocachers will get power hungry) Take a chill pill, or a blue one, and go to bed early.
  16. I think we just need to calm down a little. For sure the two mods who "chose to close" did so for their own good reasons. Agree or not, GS will go on, and I think the notion of GSUK.com or otherwise, would be great for about a week. And folks wouldn't be able to find "Dave" Paul
  17. absolutely not the right idea at all in my opinion. Two moderators resigned with great dignity as has been mentioned, but to attempt to fragment the GC community because of it, is madness. I've seen it happen before with a different group. Was national, had a revolt and formed a relatively successful splinter group, which then broke off into another 2 or 3 groups. Nobody likes each others groups, you get immense troll traffic on the forums, and it's just not good for the community. GCUK is a great site, but we should should stick with GC.com as the main worldwide centre of excellence. Paul
  18. Very sad to see another one go. I suppose it happens over time, but there's something happening that I don't know about. Anybody care to PM me? Paul
  19. I must confess to not knowing the build up to this decision, but whatever you have to do Peter. Many thanks for the help and guidance you have given me with cache placements recently, I wish you the best in the future. Paul
  20. I think that's a very sound decision. so lets' summarise once again. 0. Road maps, & OS maps, an Austin A7, no sunscreen, and no boots. 1. Paper & an Extrex or equivalent, and probably a separate car SatNav unit. 2. Extrex and Palm with at least cachemate. 3. Pocket PC with GPS, that runs cachemate/beeline/Tomtom, downloads from GSAK probably. 4. GPS, Web browser Phone. N95, Iphone. Doesn't need GSAK interface. Although I have no experience of using these, I'd like to try it. I went from 1. to 3. but never really lost the content of 1. either. I have a Navman PiN with integrated GPS, that in theory can do everything once I've downloaded enough data from GSAK. However, I travel a lot and daily updates for the next probable 500 caches can be a pain. So I generated enough PQ's to create 13,000 caches (2.5's or less) for most of central England, and from that about 1,000 spolier photo's from spoiler sync. I also use memory map to pinpoint my position in relation to footpaths. However, I still find myself using the original TomTOm for the initial road navigation, (although the waypoints can be downloaded to the PPC also) because the signal acquisition is quicker, and I still use my Venture HC from the car to cache, as my Navman pings around all over the place in trees or near buildings. So, I think 1 to 2, to 4 might be a better route, when the tech storm dies down a little. Paul
  21. Hi, My name is Paul, I live in central England. My username is derived from a long used motoring forum(s) handle, when I had my 89 Camaro, although I have an '01 Mustang now. (Not that I'm trying to sway any US mods in favour of a limey ) I've been caching since mid-October 2007, and I only bought a Garmin so I wouldn't get lost whilst walking in a new area whilst on holiday (tracks and road maps is what I bought it for), I had no idea about geocaching at that time. Second day in the holiday I clicked on the "Find-Geocache", and just wondered what it was. I logged onto the site, download about 20 local caches, and did half a dozen with my family that week to compliment an end to a nice walk with the dogs in the Welsh countryside. Boy, have I a learnt a lot in 5 or so months. 1. Maps exist to show footpaths. (Painfull barbed wire, and wild horses) 2. Don't always follow the arrow. (see above) 3. Hints & spoliers exist..that took about a month. 4. Read the terrain and difficulty ratings before setting out...that took a little while less! 5. They have these things call Travel bugs...huh? 6. They also these nice shiney things called Geocoins. I found my very first coin in early November 2007, and passed it on to someone to take to the US. Now I own 9, and am desparately not wanting to delve into the depths of Geocoin collecting madness (If I won the lottery I'd buy them all, a lot are fantastic quality and would make a great show set). I have released all but one of my coins, as I believe that's what they're for. This hobby has taken me to 110 places I didn't know existed so far, most of which are less than 30 miles from home. The problem is, I've just started generating pocket queries only with TB's/Coins in them, just to get my found/discovered numbers up. Is that a sign? What are the 12 steps to geocoins anonymous?
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